The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Forty One

Tora watched in horror as Demetrie killed Carver. Tora eyes began watering. Demetrie had broken her heart. As Demetrie began laughing, Tora’s anger began growing. She then turned towards the soldiers running away.

“Stop!” She shouted at them. All of the soldiers turned towards her. “You came here to defeat The Fire Prince and yet here you all are, running away.” She took her dagger out. “We will fight for our families. We will fight for those who have died. Now follow me!” She shouted to all of them. As she ran down towards the enemy, her forces ran after her. They were soon followed by the armies of the three kingdoms.

The Fire Prince saw Tora leading his enemies at his armies. “So that is my enemy.” He told himself. “Morgon. Kill that child.” He ordered her. Morgon nodded and began shooting energy at Tora from her hands. Tora raised her dagger in front of her, knowing she was going to die. Her eyes were closed tightly. She then realized that the energy did not touch her. She looked at the energy and saw it entering the knife. She looked at her knife and threw it at Morgon. It went right through her. Morgon fell down, dead.

As Demetrie reached for Carver’s sword, someone else grabbed it from Carver’s dead hand. Demetrie looked up to see Tora with the blade. “Tora. Give me that sword.” He told her.

“No. You’ll have to kill me first.” Tora said, raising it to fight her former friend.

Demetrie shrugged. “If that is what you want, so be it.” He said. He wasn't planning to kill Tora. Just disarm her long enough to get her away from the battle so he could get her to fall in love with him.

As the two began fighting, The Fire Prince began approaching them. He would have no problem killing Demetrie. The boy was just a tool. It was Tora he would have trouble with. That’s when he decided to use his bow and a few arrows.

Tora saw The Fire Prince coming. She then saw him bringing out his bow and two arrows and pointing them at Demetrie and herself. “Demetrie! Get out of the way.” She told him, dropping to the ground.

Demetrie looked behind him just in time to see The Fire Prince fire his arrows at them. The arrows pierced him in the chest. Demetrie ran at The Fire Prince.

The Fire Prince shot another arrow at him. It pierced Demetrie in the stomach. Demetrie continued running at The Fire Prince. The Fire Prince took two more arrows and shot Demetrie, taking him down. Tora learned then that The Fire Prince used his own people to get to others. She got back up and began running towards The Fire Prince. The Fire Prince dropped his bow and took his sword out.

Tora began fighting The Fire Prince, when The Fire Prince grabbed Demetrie’s sword. “This sword will now give me energy.” He said grabbing the jewel.

Tora saw Morgon lying near her. Her dagger was next to Morgon’s body. Tora ran to her dagger and grabbed it.

The Fire Prince began laughing. “You think you can defeat me with that knife?”

Tora looked at the dagger. “Let see.” She said. She then sliced the hand that had the jewel off. The Fire Prince dropped his sword and held his wounded hand. Tora took the moment and sliced his legs off with Carver’s sword. She then sliced his other hand off.

The Fire Prince fell down. Tora held her dagger to his throat. “I guess you are the child to defeat me.” He said. He then died.

The Fire Soldiers closest to Tora began running. “The Fire Prince is dead.” He announced. All The Fire Soldiers began running away. The three kingdoms surrounded The Fire Soldiers. When The Fire Soldiers surrendered, the three kingdoms began cheering.

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