The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Forty Two

Tora was very busy after the war. She was saving people’s lives, until her bottle ran out. She then had to refill it with her tears. It was very easy for her to cry. The memory of Carver would do the trick. Sometimes she would have to be reminded of her task.

By the middle of the night, she was finally on her last person. It was Carver. She used the last bit of her tears in the bottle on him. As she was doing that, tears came to her eyes and fell on him. Two minutes later, Carver began breathing again. As he sat up, Tora hugged him tightly.

The next morning, Carver and Tora went to The Fire Soldiers prisoners. “I’m your king now. Accept it and you’ll be spared.”

One of the soldiers stepped forward. “You bring back our men to life and we will.” He said.

Carver turned to Tora. “Should we?” He asked her.

She nodded. “They were forced to serve The Fire Prince.” Tora said. Soon they were all alive.

Carver then went to the leaders. “There is one more quest that I must do. I must claim the king’s spot before my brother does.” He told them.

The Green Grass Fox stepped towards him. “I owe you a debt. So I will go with you. We all will.” He told Carver. The other leaders nodded with him.

“Let us be off then.” Carver said.

Carver and the leaders got onto their horses. “Soldiers group together.” Carver ordered. As soldiers got together, Nectar and Jorith appeared on a horse together. Tora was with them on her own horse.

Jormond and a man appeared. The man was a Fire Soldier. “This man wishes to speak to you.” Jormond told Carver.

The Fire Soldier walked up. “I’m Captain Ganders. I have information for you.” The man said.

Carver rode over to him. “What information?” He asked.

“The Fire Prince had sent five thousand Shadow Warriors to the castle to protect it.” The Fire Soldier told Carver.

Carver nodded. That was helpful. “You’re to ride with me. You too Jormond.” He told the two soldiers. Soon they were all moving out.

When they got to The Fire Castle, Carver turned to the group of riders that were in the lead with him. “Let’s go to the gates.” He told them. Jormond, Ganders, the leaders, Nectar, Jorith, and Tora followed him to the gates. When they got to the gates, Carver looked up at the watch out tower.

“Tell the Lady Stelmaria, Queen of this castle, that The Fire Prince is dead, and that Carver is the new king of The Fire Lands. Also tell her that she is to surrender and her forces are to leave!” Carver shouted up to the watch tower.

Inside the watch tower was none other then Lady Stelmaria. She listened to Carver, and then ran to the throne room. Inside was her son. The boy’s name was Denor. At the age of four the boy looked a lot like his father.

“My prince, you are now king. Your father is dead. Unfortunately, your older brother says he is king.” She told Denor.

Denor turned to The Shadow Warrior. “Have your forces take the enemy down. All of them.” He told him.

Up in the watch tower, two Shadow Warriors began pushing a wheel in a way that pulled a chain that opened and closed the gates. The gates opened to reveal The Shadow Warriors.

Carver turned around. “Go back.” He told the riders. When the riders got back to the army, Carver turned towards the enemy. He saw that they had begun marching out at the three kingdoms and the true warriors of The Fire Lands.

Carver turned back to all of the forces that had followed him. “Warriors! Together we will start a new age with the end of the last evil force! We will destroy all who fight us. We will make this the greatest legend in history next to the prophecy!” He announced to them. “Spear men in the front. Archers in the back.”

The Shadow Warriors began running at them. “Archers fire.” Carver shouted.

The archers began firing at The Shadow Warriors. As The Shadow Warriors were being shot down, they began raising their shields over their heads. “Spear men, lower your spears towards The Shadow Warriors.” The spears were pointed at The Shadow Warriors, who were too close to be shot down with arrows. The rest of the Carver’s warriors took out their swords and axes. The Shadow Warriors collided with them.

As the fighting began, Carver rode to Jorith and Nectar. “I’ll need you two to help me.” He told them. The two nodded and rode with him. They went to The Green Grass Fox. “We’ll have a better chance if we split their army in two. The three of us will go in and seal the gates, with half of them in there.” Carver told him.

The Green Grass Fox nodded. That made sense. “Good luck then.” He told Carver.

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