The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Forty Three

The three ran to the bottom of the wall where the watch tower was. When they got there, Jorith asked, “How will we get to the watch tower?”

Carver pulled rope from the sack on his horse’s saddle. Jorith and Nectar looked amazed. Carver smiled. “Learned to keep things that can help you.” He told them.

“Nectar. I need one of your arrows.” He told her. Nectar took an arrow from her quiver and gave it to him. He tied one end of the rope to the arrow and tied the other end to his horse’s saddle. He gave the arrow back to Nectar. “Fire it.” He told her. Nectar nodded and shot it. The arrow went right through the window at the top of the tower. After making sure it was tight and wouldn’t fall, the three began climbing.

When they got into the room, they saw why the arrow had stayed. The arrow had gone right through Lady Stelmaria, keeping her against the wall. Carver poked her with his sword. She was dead. Nectar took a knife from her belt and cut the rope. She laid Lady Stelmaria on the ground and closed the woman’s eyes. She then said, “May you rest in peace." She told the dead woman.

Jorith looked surprise at what she did. “Why did you do that? She sent an army to wipe us out. She is as bad as her husband.” He told her.

Nectar looked up. “She may be evil, but she is no different from us.” She answered him.

Carver cleared his throat. “Nectar, stay at the door. Jorith, help me here with the wheel.” Carver told them. Nectar ran to the door. Jorith and Carver began pushing the wheel the opposite way then what The Shadow Warriors had done. They began closing the gates.

Outside, the two sides watched as the gates began closing. The Shadow Warriors were forced into two groups. One inside the castle, the other outside. The group outside began fighting again, while the group inside, began going towards the tower.

Nectar saw them coming. She began shooting at them. Carver and Jorith closed the gates the rest of the way. “Carver, I need your help.” She called to him.

Carver turned to her then to Jorith. “Let’s go.” He said. Carver ran out towards the group of Shadow Warriors and began slicing them and hacking them while still moving in. Nectar turned towards the courtyard where the rest of The Shadow Warriors were.

Jorith appeared next to her. “It’s my turn now.” He told her. He jumped into the courtyard and began hacking with his ax. By this time, The Shadow Warriors had fallen in chaos from being outnumbered outside the castle. The Shadow Warriors inside had fallen in chaos for being limited in space. Son there was none left.

Carver and Jorith ran back up to the tower. “Time to open the gates and to let our army in.” Carver told them. The three ran to the wheel and pushed it and the gates opened.

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