The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Forty Four

Denor was in his throne room on his throne in fright. His father was dead, his mother was gone, and his army was destroyed. He only had four Shadow Warriors left and they were trying to keep the door shut. Outside a giant boom happened. One of the four ran to the window next to the throne.

“The gates have been reopened and the enemy is rushing in.” The Shadow Warrior told Denor.

Denor starred at the door. “Keep the door shut.” He ordered in a shrill voice.

In the hall way that leads to the throne room, Carver was leading his Fire Soldiers. “Break down the door.” He ordered them. The Fire Soldiers ran to the side of the hall and grabbed a statue of a past king and charged at the door.

Inside the room, the doors burst opened. The four Shadow Warriors were thrown back. One fell out the window and fell to the ground in the courtyard. The last three Shadow Warriors ran at The Fire Soldiers and Carver. The Fire Soldiers raised bow and arrows up and shot the three down. Carver ran to the throne room.

Denor threw his hands up. “I surrender. Don’t kill me.” He cried.

Carver put his hand on Denor’s shoulder. “If you surrender and give the crown to the rightful heir, then you will be spared.” Carver told him.

Denor nodded and took the crown off his head. Carver smiled and turned to The Fire Soldiers. “Tell the armies of the four kingdoms and go through out the villages in The Fire Lands and tell them they all can assemble here.” He told them.

The next day, early in the morning, Tora was in the watch tower, when The Green Grass Fox came to her. “We need to talk about the ten years when we were separated.” He told her.

Tora turned to him. She was in a green dress that was the same shade that The Green Grass Fox was in, with her hair brushed back and smoothed down. She began telling him all that had happened.

When she was done. The Green Grass Fox sighed. “So Vagon’s dead. That explains why I haven’t seen him.” He said.

“Did you know he could use magic?” Tora asked him.

“Yes. Though he had only little knowledge of it.” The Green Grass Fox replied.

“Why did he say that my tears would only work on the one I’m destined to fall in love with?” She asked.

“He knew only that your tears can heal. He guessed the rest.” The Green Grass Fox answered.

There was a knock at the door. It was Nectar and Jorith. “We’re ready.” Nectar told them.

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