The Green Grass Fox

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Tora and The Green Grass Fox followed Nectar and Jorith to the throne room. When they got there, they joined the leaders, and the few captains that had helped lead and Dr. Napoleon and Lisa. Tora couldn’t help notice there were thousands and thousands of creatures, dwarves, and humans assembled. Quite a few of the humans were the people that lived in The Fire Lands.

Suddenly someone shouted, “Here he comes.”

Tora looked down the throne room into the hall way and saw Carver coming. He wasn’t in his usual black clothes. Instead his hair was combed dead and he was wearing blue clothes and a blue cape. Behind him were ten Fire Soldiers. All ten had the emblem of The Fire Lands. Carver smiled quickly when he went by her. When he got to the throne, The Prince of Loran approached him.

The Prince of Loran looked down at Carver, even though Carver was a few inches shorter. “Do you, Carver, promise to keep The Fire Lands at peace with the other three kingdoms?” He asked him.

“I do.” Carver answered.

“Do you promise to be kind to your people and to keep the laws of your lands?” The Prince of Loran asked.

“I do.” Carver answered again.

The Prince of Loran smiled. “Then with the powers of the leaders, we name you: King Carver.” He said. Denor approached the two. In his hands, was the crown on a silk pillow. The Prince of Loran took the crown and put it on Carver’s head.

At that moment, everything changed. The emblem of The Fire Lands, turned to green grass. The rocky lands in The Fire Lands grew grass.

Carver smiled. “That is the power of this crown. It can change the land due to the ruler’s heart.” He explained. He then turned to Tora. “The Fire Lands are not completed with out a King and Queen. So Tora, daughter of The Green Grass Fox, will you be the queen?” He asked her. Tora smiled and looked at her father.

There was a great feast in the dining room which was a giant room after Tora and Carver became rulers of The Fire Lands. In the years that passed, Carver and Tora got married. The Prince of Loran married Brianna. Dr. Napoleon became the official advisor to Carver. Lisa stayed with The Traveling Performers as their story teller. Nectar became the new queen when her mother thought she was ready. Carver did keep his word and all four realms were at peace.

Twenty years later, Carver and Tora, both adults, went to The Green Grass Fox’s Mound. The Green Grass Fox was going to die. As they went in, they saw Jorith, who was the new king of the dwarves and Nectar. The dwarf and the elf smiled when they saw Carver and Tora. Tora ran to them. “He’s in his room.” Nectar told her.

When she got in there, she saw her father in his bed. When he saw her, he smiled. “My dear daughter, promise me that you’ll keep the legend of The Green Grass Fox going on as a legend?” He asked her.

“Yes father.” Tora answered.

“Good. I love you.” He said. His eyes closed and he died in peace. The funeral was the next day, hundreds of people, creatures, and dwarves had come. Tora did keep her word after it. The legend was passed down through the generations. And that is the end.

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