The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Five

Tora wasn’t the only one to have felt the shock. Down in The Fire Lands, The Green Grass Fox felt a shock. At that moment, Morgon appeared in front of him. “So you felt a shock, did you?” She asked him. He looked up at Morgon and stared. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Morgon said, and vanished.

In The Fire Prince’s throne room, Morgon reappeared. “Your Highness. Remember ten years ago, when I told you that the fox had a daughter? I just discovered a prophecy of the child made by the elves in the library.”

The Fire Prince frowned. “Tell me about this.” He demanded.

“The child is destined to destroy you.” Morgon said.

The Fire Prince leaned back. “Summon out two of The Shadow Warriors.” He ordered Morgon, referring to the witch's evil monsters.

Morgon turned around. “Warious monstrous.” She chanted. Two black circles appeared. Two black creatures rose from them. They looked like humans, only they weren’t humans. Their entire bodies were cover up except for their hands and heads. Their heads had two large black orbs for eyes. Their hands were large claws.

The Fire Prince stood up and went to them. “Hunt down the child of The Green Grass Fox.” He told them. They bowed to him and left. At the entrance, the guards opened the gates, and The Shadow Warriors rode out in the light of the moon on horses.

Back at the fire place in The Traveling Performers tents, Vagon felt a shock. He knew what it was. He had been expecting it for a long time.

“What’s wrong?” The Red Prince asked.

Vagon looked up. “She discovered her destiny.” He said.

The Red Prince and Strong Man looked at each other, then at Vagon. “Her destiny?” The Red Prince asked Vagon.

“She is to defeat The Fire Prince and his armies.” Vagon answered.

Tora woke up the next morning, to find Vagon sitting next to her. “What happened?” She asked.

“You blacked out.” Vagon told her.

Suddenly Tora remembered the mask and the shock. “Why do you have The Green Grass Foxes mask? Is it a replica or are you him?” She demanded.

Vagon looked at the mask, then to Tora. “I’ll tell you the whole story, but first sit down.” Tora sat. “I told you the first part of his story, so I’ll move to the second part. The part that was kept a secret, and why I have the mask.” Vagon told her.

Vagon began. “I am not The Green Grass Fox. He was my best friend. He lived in a place called The Green Grass Fox’s Mound. It was inside a giant hill. He did have a family. But it was destroyed when Warlock’s men attacked. I was trying to get his wife and daughter to safety, when Scar Face, the second hand man of Warlock, and four Dark Killers surrounded the three of us. She gave me their daughter. When I was vanishing with their daughter, I saw the mother being killed by Scar Face. I then joined The Traveling Performers.”

“What about his daughter?” Tora asked. Vagon looked at her. It suddenly hit her. “I’m The Green Grass Foxes daughter, aren’t I?” She asked him.

Vagon nodded. “You are destined to defeat The Fire Prince.” He told her.

Tora looked at the mask. “I’ll go free my father.” She said.

Vagon smiled in a grave way. “Even if you have to face The Fire Prince?” He asked. Tora nodded. “We’ll leave in a few minutes than.” Vagon said.

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