The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Six

Vagon went to The Red Prince. “Tora and I will be heading towards The Fire Prince’s home.” Vagon told the Red Prince.

The Red Prince stared in disbelief.. “You can’t be serious. You know he kills our Traveling Performers.” But he had another reason for staring. Both he and Vagon had lived down in The Fire Lands during The Fire Prince’s father's time as ruler. They both had been trouble makers down there and had sworn never to go back down there.

Vagon nodded. “I know, but Tora is determined to find her father, and I promised Lorain I watch her.” He said. He knew what the Red Prince was thinking but it had to be done.

The Red Prince shook his head. “How do you know she’s even this prophecy child to defeat The Fire Prince?" He asked.

Vagon looked at The Red Prince right in the eyes. “There is a prophecy about her. It was made when the first Green Grass Fox began the legend. That is why they put magic on the mask, so when the child touches it, she would receive a shock that would affect her, her father, and their secret keeper. And even if she isn’t, she still wants her father.” He answered.

The Red Prince sighed. There was no way he was going to talk Vagon out of it. “Good luck then, old friend.” He said, giving Vagon a hug.

Tora was just finishing packing, when Vagon entered. “Are you ready?” He asked her.

“All except for the tent.” She answered.

“We’ll buy one in Loran’s village.” Vagon said.

“I thought we were heading south.” Tora said in a confused voice.

“We are, but we need to get horses, and a larger tent.” Vagon informed her. They had a journey ahead of them.

“Let’s go then.” Tora said.

As they were leaving The Traveling Performer’s camp, Demetrie appeared in front of them. “Where are you going?” He asked.

“On a quest. Top secret.” Vagon answered.

“Keep Tora safe then and return soon.” Demetrie told Vagon.

Vagon laughed. If only Demetrie knew where the two of them were going. “I will.” He told Demetrie in an assured voice.

Demetrie went to Tora. “I’ll miss you.” He whispered in her ear. He then kissed her on the cheek. He then ran off.

Tora looked after him. “You like him, don’t you?” Vagon asked.

“Yes. But not the way he does.” Tora answered, blushing.

As they were entering Loran’s village, a black cloaked figure entered as well. Tora noticed that the figure had a black sword, a silver bow and a silver quiver full of arrows. As the figure went by, its head turned towards Tora.

Tora saw it was a boy four years older than her. The boy quickly turned away and vanished into the crowd. When Vagon and Tora were deep in the village, Vagon leaned down to Tora. “You’ll want to keep the mask a secret.” He told her. The fewer people who knew, the better. Tora pushed the mask deep down in her sack.

As they went through the city, they stopped at a small shop that was selling tents. Vagon went in and came out ten minutes later, with a sack. Vagon stopped a boy that was running by and asked him where the closest horse stable was. The boy simply pointed north of the village. Vagon tossed him a small gold coin. When they got there, a fat man that was a bit smaller than Tora came out. “What can I do for you?” The man asked.

“I’m Vagon. This is my niece, Tora. We need two fast horses.” Vagon answered.

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