The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Seven

The man whose name was Duke went pale. “You won’t be the only ones wanting fast horses.” He told them in a scared voice.

Vagon got interested in that. “Who was the other one?” Vagon asked. He wanted to know what made the man scared.

“There were two of them. They came during the middle of the night. Then before the sun rose, they hid in the forest. They both looked the same. Both in black armor and black hoods." Duke told Vagon.

Tora noticed that Vagon went pale at this bit of news. “We’ll buy the horses and leave.” Vagon said. As they entered the stable, Vagon saw two horses he thought they should take. “How much are those two horses?” He asked Duke.

“Cadet is twenty gold coins. But Salty is very valuable. He’s the fastest horse in all four kingdoms. I hope to start a generation from him for The Prince of Loran’s Calvary.” Duke answered.

“If you would part with him, how much would he cost?” Vagon asked.

“Fifty gold coins.” Duke answered, positive that no one would pay that much for a horse. Tora looked at Vagon, wondering if Vagon would actually pay that much. Vagon just smiled and brought out fifty gold coins. Duke sighed. “He’s your.”’ He said. Vagon brought out another twenty for Cadet.

When they were done buying the horses, Tora looked at Vagon. “Why did you say that I was your niece?” She demanded.

“It seemed to be the most reasonable answer. A nearly fifty year old man and a ten years old girl that are not related would seem to be odd and suspicious. Especially with the two black figures.” Vagon answered, looking around as he spoke.

When they had left the village, Tora noticed that Vagon still looked a little pale. “What’s wrong?” She asked.

Vagon looked at her. “It’s the two black armor figures.” He answered in a grave voice. “I’ve met their kind before. When I went back to get the mask years ago. They’re servants of The Fire Prince. They attack anyone that The Fire Prince tells them to attack. They are ten times worse than Warlock’s forces.” He explained.

“Why were they here in Loran though?” Tora asked.

“The Fire Prince must know about the prophecy and that the child, that is you, is here. We’ll have to be extra careful.” Vagon told her. But at that moment, with out even knowing it, they were being follow.

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