The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Eight

That night, they stopped at a little clearing a few hours away from The Traveling Performers camp. “Tomorrow, we’ll try to get to the secret cave.” Vagon told Tora, referring to the place were Traveling Performers could hide at in case of troubling times. He began setting up the tent.

As Tora began collecting wood for the fire place, she noticed that on top of her sack was a dagger who's blade was one hand long. She took it off her sack. “Vagon. What is this?” She asked him.

Vagon took the dagger. “This was your mother’s dagger. I found it at the spot where your mother died. Its’ name is Invincible.” Vagon answered.

“Why? It doesn’t look invincible.” Tora said. It couldn't have been that invincible if her mom had died.

Vagon just smiled gave her the dagger, and finished setting upthe tent. “Open it.” He told her.

As Tora took the dagger out of its sheath, she gasped. The handle was blood red, with a pure gold lion’s head on the end. The blade was pure silver. She could even see her reflection in it. She looked at Vagon. “I still don’t understand.”

Vagon gave her a fist size rock. “Slice that in half.” Tora looked at him. “Just try it.” Vagon told Tora.

Tora put the dagger down on the ground. She then put the dagger half way down the rock. She then pulled back and swung. She expected it to be stopped by the rock. To her surprise, the dagger went right through the rock, cutting it neatly in half.

Vagon smiled. “That’s why it’s called Invincible. It can cut anything.” He said.

Tora put it in its sheath. “Am I allowed to keep it?” She asked.

“Yes. Your mother would have wanted you to have it.” Vagon answered. He had put it in Tora's sack for that reason.

During the middle of the night, Tora woke up in the tent, to find it completely dark. After struggling a bit, she untied the ties that held the tent’s door. She crawled out to find it completely dark outside as well. Vagon must have put out the fire. She thought to herself. “Vagon?” She whispered.

“Keep quiet.” Vagon told her.

“What is it?” Tora asked in a quiet voice. She was suddenly scared.

“The black armored servants.” Was all Vagon said.

Suddenly there was a shriek coming towards them. It was followed by another one. Their two horses began neighing with fear, then where suddenly silenced. “Tora, run for it!” Vagon shouted.

Tora got up and began running. As she was running with difficulty in the dark, she could hear the clanging of swords, then a thud. She then heard someone running after her. She tripped on a root and fell to the ground. As she was getting back up, someone stepped up behind her and knocked her out.

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