The Green Grass Fox

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Chapter Nine

Tora woke up to find herself tied up. She turned her head to find Vagon tied up next to her. Vagon wasn't awake. “Vagon.” She whispered.

“The girl is awake.” A voice said. Tora turned her head to look in front of her to see two black armor figures in front of her. She wondered if they were the same to that were in Loran’s village.

The first one began talking to the second one, when Vagon began groaning. They both turned towards him. “The old man is waking up.” The first one said to the second one.

“Let’s kill him. Remember The Fire Prince only wants the girl.” The second one said.

The first one turned towards Vagon. He was really no use to them. “Good idea. We’ll use his own sword against him.” He said. The second one took Vagon’s sword out.

Tora noticed that Vagon’s sword looked exactly like her dagger. As the first one went up towards Vagon, there as a whiz, followed by a thud. The black figure turned towards its companion to see it dead with three arrows in its neck.

The black figure began looking for the attacker. At that moment, the sun began to rise, shining on the black figure. It began screaming. “I need to get to a cave or somewhere to get out of the sun, but first.” He looked at Tora, then at Vagon. He smiled wickedly. Tora watched in horror as it sent the blade into Vagon's body. She then began screaming as the figure picked up his companion’s club.

The figure began moving towards Tora. “If I can’t bring you to The Fire Prince, I’ll just have to kill you.” It said.

Tora began screaming no over and over again but it kept coming towards her. Just as it was about to kill her with its club, the sun shone directly on it. It screamed and vanished. The club fell down, right into some ones hand. Tora didn’t see who it was because she fainted.

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