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Annalea is somewhat a normal teenager. Just graduated high school and ready for college. There is an air of mystery around her that she quite can't shake. It doesn't help with the little world in her small town is wanting a piece of her. No one could prepare, Lea for what she unearths about herself. Join her on this ride of twists and downfalls. *This may or may not be a series, as of right now it will be....

Fantasy / Mystery
Sam Chain
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The sound of birds is all I hear. Slowly I wake up, no dream, if I did have a dream I never remember it. I feel the sun kissing my skin with warmth. Sighing, I open my eyes and instantly I squint. Turning my head I stare up at my white ceiling, pulling my ink blue sheet up more snugly around my shoulders. Today is a typical day for me, its July 21st just six days away from my eighteenth birthday. I just graduated from high school last month and am ready to get out of this small town. My name is Annalea Drakelia.

With all the unnecessary stress and drama caused from high school out of the way, a ton of weight has been lifted off of my chest. All I have to worry about now is getting ready to leave for college in August. Okay almost there, just a two more weeks and I’m gone. No more small town drama. With another sigh, I pull away my sheets and I sit up with my legs over the side of my bed. My room is simple, no bright green paint on the walls or plain white but a calming greenish blue on one wall. My bed is raised off of the floor, making my feet dangle a couple of inches above the plush carpet. I heave myself off my bed with a soft thud and I head towards bathroom.

Turning on the bright light I see a pair of oval eyes that are green swirled with blue; framed by long slightly curled thick black eye lashes staring back at me. These eyes, my eyes are part of why people look twice at me. See, around the irises is a ring of gold that sparkles; yes I said gold and no I am not pulling your leg. Around the pigments of my eyes is a ring of smoky deep blue. People always stare into my eyes as if they see nothing else, which creeps me out. On that note my eyes change colors in two ways actually. One is when they are hypnotizing green mixed with a little bit of light blue with the smoky blue outline standing out while the gold outline blends in. Another way is when my eyes are an alluring blue with a hint of green where the gold around the irises is at its brightest. Yes I know that my eyes are freaky, I’ve accepted that a long time ago.

I used to be an active gymnast since I was five, and I competed for my last five years. My body is toned and smooth, even though I’ve stopped gymnastics at the beginning of my senior year. My body is slim and curvy in the right places, my friends and mother tell me all the time that I have a body that a lingerie model will need to have fifteen surgeries to achieve half of what mine is. I’m proud to have my body, but I hate the jealous glares I receive from other girls and guys looking at me like I’m some Goddess or a piece of meat. Which is why I dress in clothes that are a size too big to fit nicely. For two years now I have been five feet and two inches tall and apparently my body isn’t growing in height anymore. I have long auburn hair that falls just past my shoulder blades. I attempt to curl it from its normal straight look every now and then but it doesn’t agree with me. In the winter my skin is milky white and smooth, and in the summer it’s a nice golden color. My face is a cross between circular and heart shaped with naturally red tinted full lips and a straight small round nose. Across my cheekbones and over the bridge of my nose are light brown freckles. I had braces for about a year in seventh grade and my teeth are pearly white, apparently I have a contagious smile.

Turning away from the mirror, I turn the shower on. In the shower I have my toothbrush, tooth paste, face wash, body wash, razor and two in one shampoo and conditioner. A normal shower would have been about forty-five minutes but with all my things in there, it’s now only fifteen minutes tops. I wait until the water is luke warm to jump in and begin my routine. Smooth legs, clean teeth, face and body I turn off the shower and I run back to my room to throw on a white shirt and jeans. I skid to a halt in front of my closet and I open up the door. Quickly I grab my black two-piece bathing suit and I stuff it into a black duffle bag along with a blue towel. One quick look in the mirror I decide to just let my hair air dry, just as I’m deciding that, I am already putting my hair up into a messy bun. My cell phone buzzes loudly on my nightstand; I look at the screen and see that I have two new text messages from Rob. Running down the stairs I grab pop tarts and the special mixture of what I call strawberry juice though it’s better than anything I have ever tasted. I can’t stop drinking it; my mother always puts it in an ink black Eco friendly canteen that I call bullet. All my life I’ve learned to never leave anywhere without it or to let anyone try it.

“Don’t forget to call me when you’re on your way home! Oh and don’t forget-”

“About bullet, yes, I won’t mom!” I finish for my adoring mother who was at her computer checking her emails; I grunted and walked out of the house to meet Rob at the street. My mom, Barbara, is five foot five and she has curves but that doesn’t stop her from any challenge presented to her. She has dark brown that is cut to her chin or if it’s longer then its cut to her shoulders. Her hair is normally curly but she likes it straight, for business or for a special occasion; her skin in fair and she has small green eyes framed with a heart shaped face. We are two different people; she is so warm and friendly that people gravitate to her. My mother is a military brat, moving from one place to the next, I think that she has OCD with how she organizes the fridge by color but she never got tested. We bud heads constantly, about the stupidest things too but we are best friends and I love her to death. She is very caring and helpful a trustworthy friend that will love you through the end. My mother calls me her open book; she knows what I’m thinking about and how I feel about anything. I can never lie to her without her knowing but I don’t like lying I prefer honesty. On my mother’s desk is a photo of the three of us, me my mother and my father.

My father is Alexie Patterson, my mom decided to keep her maiden name Drakelia, and she has also gave me the same last name. Dad has a deep soothing voice and he is six foot two inches, with a strong round face. He has white grayish short hair and my dad has big blue eyes framed with thin round glasses. Covering his jaw, chin and wrapping around his thin pink lips, is a nicely trim light grey beard. Dad’s skin is sun kissed and smooth, which makes his grey beard and hair look even whiter. He is full of life and humor but he can also be very serious and stern especially when he is at work at his company that is medical devices that is world wide. My dad is also like a child, but he shows it to anyone, unlike my mother who tries to hide that trait of hers. My father likes to make people laugh, and he can in any situation just by telling a joke, a story or even by looking a person. His laughter is a deep booming laugh that goes deep in his chest and gut, filling up an entire room with warmth. When he first starts laughing, he chuckles making his whole body shake, and his smile stretches across his face, creating little wrinkles at the ends of his eyes, no one can resist laughing and smiling in response. Being around my dad is easy, fun and peaceful but he isn’t like me, just like my mother he isn’t on the same page as me, it doesn’t ruin our time together don’t get me wrong…it’s just in the back of my mind I remind myself to speak carefully.

In front of my house is a small black Honda with Rob behind the wheel, I open the passenger door and we drive off. Rob and I are on the back roads stuck in traffic; he blasts the radio, which I’ve been used to for years now. The cars moved slowly inch by inch, I tune everything out and think about my world. Bari, New York is a small town that seems like a quiet, normal community. I’ve lived here all of my life. We do the best at keeping it that way; it’s amazing how no one knows about my world. My mind wanders to the basics of my world, how there are ten different crews of kids from freshmen in high school to seniors. It may seem stupid and childish but it’s how businesses get their money, the crews get internships at large businesses, or some shady crews deal on the wrong side of the tracks. Our town/crew families takes it seriously. these crews have been going on for forty years now (or so I think maybe longer) and the older members are important people to the town. It’s pretty much a secret cult. The fight for power and respect, old traditions, laws; treaties and boundaries everywhere for years is a constant in my life. We all stay hidden so it can be peaceful for everyone and to protect our families. For me it is a special case along with two others in my crew, my parents don’t know about it since they didn’t grow up in the town. The police think that we are gangs though they only know about a few crew members. We’re more civil than silly gangs and our traditions are much older.

Originally there were nine crews to start with however long ago and it now has grown to ten. The crew name depends on who is the leader, and mine is Picascaro’s crew, Rob is the leader. But each crew chooses their name, though for the last six years the last names of the leaders have been used. I’ve been in this crew for a little bit more than five years now; I was the youngest to join out of any of the crews, ever. My mentor, and former leader, Sadie, knew who I was and knew about my extra ‘abilities’. I am able to see if someone has a pure heart and soul, to know when he or she are lying, and to know how they’re feeling. Also along with my abilities I have memories of an old life as a queen I think, no one but Sadie knew and that I was great full for. If anyone else found out then they can try to use my memory to become the most powerful crew throwing our little world off balance. Causing fights, threats and exposure, which is something no one can afford. Can you imagine the headlines with something like that?

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