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Princess Chihara Hargard She is a gorgeous girl that lives with her ordinary family. She was coaxed by her best friend, Arabella, to go with her to a party, king Magdon made for his son, Prince Archer. But, she ended up falling into trouble. She becomes 'Queen of the day' after she drinks the wine in a glass which contained a 'Queen ring' inside it. She was the chosen girl, and she was caught in the middle of two princes. It was rumoured that the chosen girl will unite the two different worlds. The human world and the gifted. She must finish the task that will help her to find and control her power to avoid both worlds from declaring war against each other. The typical peace offering made her feel suffocated. She had to marry a prince. Will she choose the love of her life or the hate of her life? Facing many challenges to put herself on the right track, Princess Chihara, who never believes in the gifted, began practising her own gift. And while doing it, she faces chaos by chaos.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Strange Day

Dragging my tired feet up the stairs, I shouted in a tired voice,

“I’m home!!”

My mom, Adelia Jall, came out from the kitchen wearing apron and a spatula on her right hand. She smiles sweetly while looking up at me.

“Welcome back, honey. You hungry?” She asked.

“No. I’m tired. I’m gonna get some sleep,” I said in an exasperated voice.

“Before that, how about lunch with me?” She looked hopefully at me.

“Sorry, mom,” I sigh heavily.

“Sure then, go on,” She said with a slight disappointment on her eyes.


Turning the doorknob of my bedroom, I got in before closing the door behind me. Putting my bag and books on the table in front of me, I sat down with a huff.

I felt drained after dealing with school stuff today.

Don’t misunderstand me. I actually have a high grade in my school.

Resting my elbows on the desk, I put my pounding head on my hands while closing my eyes. I don’t know why, but I felt exhausted. My whole body ached.

It’s weird, though. I didn’t feel like this yesterday. I also didn’t do any heavy activities.

But, today was different. It felt different.

Shaking my head, I decided to not think about it any further.

After a few minutes of staying like that, I began to feel sleepy. Maybe a little nap would help.

I sat up and walked towards my bed, taking my clothes off along the way. Leaving me half-naked in my bra and panties. After setting myself comfortably on the bed, I drift off into the darkness with ease.


“Harrrraa!! Wake up!!”

I growl. Gripping the pillow beneath my head, I throw it straight at the door.

“Five more minutes, okay? Please?” I grumbled.

My fogged brain started to fall asleep once more but failed when the same voice comes back.

“No! No! No! Hara!! Five minutes for you are going to be five hours! Get your lazy ass out from the bed!!”

...was all I heard before my blanket gets yanked.

Growling, I push my legs out of bed. Opening my left eyelids, I look up to the person who disturbs my sleep. She had her left hand on her hip.

My eyes pop open in awareness as I narrowed my eyes at her. She’s wearing a pink floral dress that only reaches her knee.

“Where are you going?” I yawn, still sleepy.

Her bright face turns a little pink. Maybe? Or is it red?

She rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“Gosh! Seriously! I’d love to cook her brain and feed them to the wolves,” She murmured.

“Hey! I heard that!” I glare at her.

She threw my blankets back to my face.

“You deserve to hear it and gosh! Can you please take a shower? You smell li-,” Her words were cut short when I interrupted her.


Grabbing a towel, I walk into the bathroom, before closing the door firmly in protest.


Closing my eyes, I let the water flow down on my body.

However, A memory flashed on my mind like an electric shock wave through my whole body. Shocked, I open my eyes and scan the bathroom frantically. My heart pounded on my chest. It was like the blood on my face drained as my body trembles with fear.

“It’s okay. There’s no one here,” I whisper, trying to calm myself.

After showering, I dry my body using the towel and walk out of the room without any robe to hide my body.

Don’t mind me. But, this is my worst habit every day.

Opening my closet, I pull out a short dress in black and white that reaches only up to my knee.

‘Wear the dress on your bed.’

Shocked, I screamed.


Covering myself, I scan my room which only contained me.

Gosh! I think I found my lesson. That is, don’t get naked even if you’re alone and what’s worse, it’s a male voice!


“Who are you?!” I ask no one in particular, getting panic.

My eyes search the room frantically as I grip the dress tightly on my hold, covering my body with it.

‘You’ll know soon. Just wear the dress on your bed,’ The voice echoed in my room.

“What if I don’t want to?”

‘I’ll make sure you regretted your decision when we met,’ His voice sent a warning tone.

It takes me a while to think about what just happened.

Should I obey the voice? I don’t even know him, and who is he to tell me what to do?

I bit my lip and scanned the white dress that was covering my body.

‘Don’t even think about wearing that dress you’re holding,’

I close my eyelids and balled my hands into a fist.

I thought the voice had gone, but it came back with amusements in his tone.

‘Nice body’,

“Aarghhh!! Pervert!!” I shrieked.

Whoever owns that voice, he’s such a jerk.

Grabbing the red dress on the bed, it was beautiful.

Fine. Let’s do this.

I wear it and applied a thin makeup on my face. Grabbing my black high heels, I felt nervous. It felt like I’m being watched all the time.

Looking at the clock on the walls, it shows 7:30 p.m.

I gaze at the clock with accusing eyes.

Why did the time have to move so fast?

I swear I haven’t finished my homework that needs to be done today and I had slept for almost 4 hours?! Seriously?!

Huh..what a strange day.

Well, let’s see what’s gonna happen to me.

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