The Reborn Witch Princess

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She lives with her ordinary family. She was coaxed by her best friend, Arabella, to go with her to a party that King Magdon made for his son, Prince Ariel. But, she ended up falling into trouble. After she was killed by her best friend, a new spirit hosted a body and acted in her stead. She becomes 'Queen of the day' after she drinks the wine in a glass which contained a 'Queen ring' inside it. She was the chosen girl, and she was caught in the middle of two princes. It was rumoured that the chosen girl will unite the two different worlds. The human world and the gifted. She must finish the task that will help her to find and control her power to avoid both worlds from declaring war against each other. The typical peace offering made her feel suffocated. She had to marry a prince. Will she choose the love of her life or the hate of her life? Facing many challenges to put herself on the right track, Chihara, who never believes in the gifted, began practising her own gift with the help from the new host on her body. And while doing it, they faced chaos by chaos.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Strange Day

Chihara dragged her tired feet up the stairs, “I’m home!”

Her mom, Adelia Joy, came out from the kitchen wearing an apron and a spatula on her right hand.

“Welcome back, honey! You hungry?” she smiled at her daughter.

“No, mommy. I’m tired. I wanna get some sleep.” she replied with a sorry look on her face.

“Sure,” Adelia went back to the kitchen, sighing and shaking her head.


Turning the doorknob of her bedroom, she went in before closing the door behind her.

She put her bag and books on her study table, which situated at the corner of the room before she sat down on her chair in a huff.

She was drained after dealing with the school stuff today.

Don’t misjudge her.

She actually has a high grade in her school.

Resting her elbows on the desk, she put her pounding head on her hands, closing her eyes.

She doesn’t know why, but she was extremely exhausted.

Her entire body ached.

It’s weird.

She didn’t feel like this yesterday.

She also didn’t do any heavy activities.

But, today was different.

Totally, different.

Shaking her head, she decided to not think about it any further.

After a few minutes of staying like that, she began to feel sleepy.

‘Maybe a little nap would help.’

She sat up and walked towards her bed, taking her clothes off along the way, leaving her half-naked in her underwears.

After setting herself comfortably on the bed, she drifted off into her sleep with ease.


“Hara! Wake up!”

Hara growled.

Gripping the pillow beneath her head, she throws it straight towards her bedroom door.

“Five more minutes, okay? Please?” she grumbled.

Her fogged brain was about to fall asleep once more but failed when the same voice came back.

“No! No! No! Hara! Five minutes for you are going to be five hours! Get your lazy ass out from the bed!”

...was all she heard before her blanket was yanked off of her body.

Growling, she pushed her legs out of bed.

Opening her left eyelids, Hara look up at the person who disturbs her sleep.

Mmn...she had her left hand on her hip.

Hara’s eyes popped open in awareness as she narrowed her eyes at the figure before her.

She’s wearing a pink silk dress that only reached her knee.

“Where are you going?” she yawned, still sleepy.

The girl’s bright face turns a little pink.

Maybe? Or is it red?

She rolled her eyes, “Maybe I should just cook her brain and feed them to the wolves,” she murmured.

“Hey! I heard that!” Hara glared at her.

The girl threw her blankets back to Hara’s face.

“You deserve to hear it and gosh! Can you please take a shower? You smell li-,”


Grabbing a towel, Hara walked into the bathroom before closing the door firmly in protest.


Closing her eyes, Hara let the water flow down her body.

Suddenly, a memory flashed on her mind, and her body shivered at the waves of shocks it brought.

Shocked, she opened her eyes and scanned every corner of the bathroom frantically.

Her heart pounded heavily on her chest. There was no trace of blood on her face when she caught a glimpse of her face on the sink mirror.

“...It’s okay...there’s no one here...” she whispered, trying to calm herself.

After a quick shower, Hara walked out of the room with the towel hanging on her left shoulder.

Don’t mind her. But, this is her worst-ever-habit every day.

Opening her closet, Hara chose a short black and white dress that reaches up to her knee.

[Wear the dress on your bed.]

Shocked, she screamed.

Covering herself with the dress, Hara scanned her room frantically but found no one else other than her inside the room.

‘Oh my god! I think I found my lesson.’

‘Don’t get naked even if you’re alone.’

‘What’s worse was that it was a male voice!’

“Who are you?!” she asked in a slightly panic voice.

Her eyes scrutinise the room frantically as she gripped the dress tightly with her hands.

[You’ll know soon. Go and wear the dress on your bed,′ the voice ordered.

“What if I don’t want to?” Hara gritted her teeth.

[I’ll make sure you regret it when we meet later,] his voice sent a warning tone.

Hara bit her lips in a dilemma.

‘Should I obey him?’

‘I don’t even know him!’

‘Right! Who is he to tell me what to do?’

She scanned the white dress that was covering her body.

[Don’t even think about wearing that dress you’re holding,]

Hara pursed her lips, unwilling.

After a few minutes, she no longer heard his voice and thought he was gone. But, he came back with a slight teasing on his voice.

[Nice body]

“Aarghhh! Pervert!” Hara shrieked.

She stomped towards her bed and found a beautifully decorated rectangular box on it.

A thought flashed through her mind for a second.

‘It couldn’t be Bella, right?’

Shaking her head, she opened the box and unwrapped a red silk dress.

Hara gaped in awe.

‘It’s beautiful!’

‘Fine. Let’s do this.’

She wears the dress, applied a light makeup on her face and put her foot on her black high heels.

Her nerves were getting antsy.

She subconsciously felt like someone was watching her all the time.

Looking at the clock on the walls, it shows 7:30 p.m. Hara glared at it with accusing eyes.

‘Why did the time have to move so fast?’

‘I swear I haven’t finished my homework that needs to be done.’

‘And I had slept for almost 4 hours!’

‘Huh...what a strange day.’

‘Well, let’s see what’s gonna happen to me...’

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