The Reborn Witch Princess

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Let Go of Me!

“Enough!” Chief Lisun scolded him.

Assistant Panda lowered his head as he hid his tail between his legs and looked at Chief Lisun with a wronged look.

“Who are they?” Rara nodded to the people scattered on the field.

Some of them was chatting happily while others stood like a frozen statue and observed everything.

Chief Lisun pointed towards a group of people dressed in the same uniform with Birds Feather Hat on their head and white line marks of tribals on their face and other visible parts of their body.

“They are the one who will perform the ritual today, The White Tribals family. Other than them, there are also The Black Tribals, The Red Tribals and The Green Tribals. They would take turns on performing the rituals by red, green, black and white.”

“Beside them are a bucket of tiger’s blood to circled the stone and the prisoner to build a barrier between him and us. Other than that, they also brought some gong to accompany the ritual as well as the four sacred dagger.”

“The sacred dagger is used for completing the ritual and not to stab the prisoner. They believe that lifting and swaying the dagger around during their dance ritual would bring the fogs of punishment to the circle and punished the prisoner.”

Rara shivered and immediately looked away from The White Tribals family’s six-person when they swept their eyes over her. Feeling the stare, they are receiving.

After that, Chief Lisun pointed to the group of people who were chatting happily.

“The one who had three dots of red on his head is the court’s head, Head Ragang, and the one beside him, who had a black lip was his assistant, Assistant Black.”

“The other four-person is the representative that would witness this punishment. The man dressed in black with a Golden Lined Mantle is Prince Ing Sudu from Kaca’s Kingdom, the woman who was wearing a White Snow Fur Dress is Princess Devure Locetag from the Ropok Kingdom.”

“The man who wears a Golden Mask and Golden Robe on his body are Prince Pangaman Pose from the Sitaga Kingdom, and the person who’s wearing a red blindfold with a red robe on his body is Prince Liron Sarun from the Bohung Kingdom.”

By now, Rara’s mouth was gaping wide in awe and admiration.

She had just read about them a few hours ago, and now she was staring at a real person.

“Although, they look like they were chatting; happily, no one is foolish enough to make a mistake on trusting the others.”

Then, Chief Lisun nodded at the statue group.

“As you can see, King Magdon and Queen Lustia as well as Prince Ariel and the four black-clothed man and also the six minister behind them.”

“The black-clothed man is the king’s personal guard. Although their face is covered, you can still distinguish them using their features.”

“Look, the long-hair man who had his hair tied is called Sword. He had a blue sword on his hand. The short hair guy is called Dagger. He had one dagger on his left waist side and one on the right side.”

“The person who had a whip tied to his belt is called Whip. Lastly, the person who didn’t carry anything is called Fist.”

Rara’s forehead wrinkled in frustration.

“So many people and so many names. How am I supposed to remember them?” she mutter.

‘Hara, you better remember all of this!’

<Why me?>

‘You’re idle, and I’m busy.’


“There are six ministers, and to identify them, shaped pendants will be given to them according to their responsibilities. The Rice Pendant for Agriculture Minister, Takano Lin. The Money Pendant for Commerce Minister, Ged Tusin.”

“The Phone Pendant for Communication Minister, Hipun Kilin. The Shield Pendant for Defence Minister, Erisai Judy. The Book Pendant for Education Minister, Belaja Duntu. The Hammer Pendant for Justice Minister, Lukut Teddy.”

Chief Lisun then pointed towards the last group who was scattered around the field.

“Six of them represent the Middle-Kingdom, and the other six are from the Small-Kingdom or commoners. The Middle-Kingdom have to wear half decorated clothes, and half plain clothes and the commoners have to wear the least good clothes that they have.”

Rara nodded and cracked her neck subconsciously. She stretched as Chief Lisun, and Assistant Panda watched.

Assistant Panda was immediately enraged when Rara yawned. But, Chief Lisun didn’t say anything so he could only shut up.

“It’s the time!”

The leader of the White Tribals family stepped forward and shouted.

The four black-clothed men behind the king and queen immediately lifted the black cloth covering the big rectangle wood box beside them.

Rara squinted, they were a bit far from them so she couldn’t see properly. However, when the person inside the box was dragged forwards to the stone in the middle of the field, Rara finally had a glimpse of that person.

Her eyes widen in horror as she gasped.

She was about to step forwards when Chief Lisun blocked her. Not caring about him, Rara pushed his hand aside harshly as she ran forward.

All she can see in her eyes is the white-haired old man.

Bun Kukkinos!

However, she soon was stopped when once again, she felt a strong arm pulling her back. The force was so strong that she couldn’t dodge or resist it. Her body landed on a strong body and made her squeal in pain.

She resisted the pain on her nose and jaw as she struggled to push Chief Lisun’s away from her.

“Let go of me! Let go!” she punched his chest as hard as she can as her panicked eyes look back at Bun Kukkinos who was now tied with the metal chain on the stone.

Her movements caught everyone’s interest in her.

Rara lifted her and stepped hard on Chief Lisun’s leg with her boot as she screamed. Chief Lisun holds onto her waist as he gritted his teeth.

He was quite surprised when he felt the hard punch and kicks she throws at him. But, what he couldn’t stand is her long-nailed hands that were flailing around and scratched his left cheeks once.

Immediately after, his cheeks were bleeding. Seeing this didn’t faze Rara at all. But, only fueled her attacks.

She gripped the back of his neck and leaned into his neck before revealing her sharp teeth.

That was until something flashed on her eyes and she stopped. But, what she did next was too unexpected.

She was choking him with her clawed hands!

Seeing this, Assistant Panda immediately sprang into action and tried to pull her hands away from him.

But, he was kicked far away by her!

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