The Reborn Witch Princess

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The Space

Chief Lisun finally let go of her waist and try to pull her claws away from his neck.

However, Rara’s eyes were bleeding red, and she had no intention to let go of him either. So, Chief Lisun was left with no choice but to use brute force to deal with her.

Gripping both of her wrists tightly, he gritted his teeth and pulled Rara’s hand away hard, leaving a five-line of scratches on each side of his neck.

By now, the tribe’s family had circled the stone and Bun Kukkinos with the tiger’s blood and was now playing the gong as they danced around out of the circle.

Both low and high cultivation could see the transparent shield that was now imprisoning him.

Seeing this, Rara was more agitated than ever. Before Chief Lisun could react, she had kicked him hard on his stomach and made him let go of her and step back a few meters away.

He was about to step forward to stop her again when he felt a dull pain below his ribs before he bent down and spat a mouthful of blood onto the ground.

His eyes were as wide as saucers as well as the people around them who were watching the show in shock.

He, Chief Lisun, the palace Head Guards was injured by a mere frail girl!

Impossible! This is impossible!

“Stop her!” he shouted to his subordinates that was stunned by what they saw.

Hearing the chief’s orders, the subordinates immediately pounced over Rara but was once again stunned when Rara dodged them like an agile snake!

However, no matter how fast Rara dodged a dozen subordinates, she was still reborn and the body she was hosting is a bit weaker base on energy.

Before she could reach the circle, she already had a few cuts on her body.

The king’s bodyguard immediately rushed to stop her but was stunned when she bent down on one knee, closed her eyes and palmed the ground while her other hand reach up as if palming the sky.

The moment Sword swing his sword on her, she had disappeared in front of their eyes!

The audience was tense when they saw this.

‘This...this is magic?!’

Chief Lisun lowered his head and sighed.

He had tried to stop her, but she was too stubborn!

Now, even if she begged him to save her, he could do nothing because what she did just now....was a crime.

The Crime of the crime.

Well, if she chose to be sacrifice and punished together with this prisoner, so be it.

The king’s lips were curled upside down when he saw her doing magic.

The ministers were even more shocked and shaken when they saw this.

‘ could this be?!’

‘The person chosen by the Gods is a person with magic! What does it mean?’

All of them were struck speechless.

The nation had waited for centuries to watch over this day. No matter how many parties were held in the past, no one was had ever received a Queen ring inside their glass.

It was said that the Gods would put the ring inside the glass of the chosen girl that would bless the empires.

The Gods also know that human and the supernatural creature had been an enemy for centuries.

Once upon a time, both human and those supernatural creatures live together in peace and even married the other parties.

But, the peace was broken when there was a rumour saying that the supernatural wanted to take the world as theirs and made the human fear them.

Thus, the situation now.

When human capture a supernatural, they would bring them here to be punished by the Fairies sent by Gods and vice versa.

Back to the current situation, even when Rara had interrupted the ritual, the tribal’s family didn’t stop and continue what they’re doing.

After a while, a strong wind whirled here and there and made the low-cultivated people sway back and forth in fright.

All of the audience watched in fright when they saw a white straight cloud, soils, fire and water from four directions shot towards the circle in the middle.

What shocked them more was that there were two people inside it!

Just now, they had thought that Rara escaped when she disappears and wasn’t expecting him to enter the circle.

When Bun Kukkinos saw that the fogs were coming, he looked up at Rara standing above him, shielding him with her body, in panic.

“Your Highness, just leave me! I’m an old man and my time has come! Leave me here and escape! Hurry!”

However, Rara ignored his shouts and waited as she put her palm on the stones and gritted her teeth.


The long pained scream was planted deep inside every audience heart.

Rara howled as the fogs enter her skin and bones. She felt as if her body was repeatedly crushed and assembled again and again.

Subconsciously, her fingers had gone deep into the stone from how hard she held onto it.

Even the black hair on her head had now changed to red and her eyes felt as if it was gonna burst out any seconds from the pain she was experiencing.

Red lines ran over her white eyes, and her brown eyes had turned to Scarlet red.

Prince Ariel clench and unclench his hand upon seeing this. He was even more regretful that he didn’t stop Rara just now.

However, even if he wants to save her, the king and queen wouldn’t approve of it, and if he did, they definitely would give him a harsh punishment.

No matter how hard he tried to train himself to grow stronger, he could never beat his brother, Queen Lustia’s son!

Closing his eyes, Prince Ariel turned his back on the scene, unwilling to see Rara’s dead body.

No matter how hard Rara tried to shield Bun Kukkinos, she underestimated the fogs.

The fogs are stronger and bigger than she had imagined!

Thus, Bun Kukkinos still receive his punishment in the end.

Seeing this, Rara was extremely unwilling to accept reality.

Before Bun Kukkinos breathed his last breath, Rara put her hand on his maple-leaf palm and closed her eyes.

Without being seen by human eyes, a scarlet light was flowing fast from Rara’s hands and stopped on her forehead before it was gone.

Seeing that Bun Kukkinos had turned into ashes in front of her, Rara was engulfed in sadness as tears slide down her cheeks.


A scarlet fog appeared around her body and expanded rapidly the moment she appeared and broke the transparent barriers as well as the big stone.

As if feeling the strong resistant from Rara, the fogs immediately retracted itself to where it belongs.

The audience was shocked when they witnessed this shocking incident.

‘ could this be?’

Even the king and queen stepped back in fright upon seeing the person standing in the middle of the field.

The king’s heart was thumping endlessly, and the queen was shaken to the bones.

‘The person in the middle of the field is chosen by the Gods. Does that mean that they have sinned for trying to kill her with a fog of punishment?’

But, the person who was shocked the most was Rara!

Even when she was standing, she had lost a lot of energy and her spirit was immediately drawn back to space.

However, what she saw inside the space was truly shocking.

She could see Rara and the old man chatting together!

The space was still dark, but there was a white floor underneath their feet and a white wall surrounding them!

“What are you standing there for? Come here and chat with us!” Hara waved at Rara.

Rara snapped out of her thoughts and joined them.

As for Rara’s body, Chief Lisun approached her carefully and found that she was snoring.

Amusement danced in his eyes as he bent down and carried her back to his spot, shielding her from the audience.

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