The Reborn Witch Princess

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Fogs Fairies Wrath

Chief Lisun stopped at the big tree trunk that had been modified into a bench. He removed his coat and covered Rara with it before sitting down on the bench with her leaning on his shoulder as she continued to sleep.

Seeing this, the king was enraged, but he was tongue-tied with the incident today, so he just gave Chief Lisun a glare.

Assistant Panda standing beside Chief Lisun was wiping the sweat on his forehead when he saw the king’s unsatisfied glare.

He really couldn’t figure out why Chief Lisun was so daring as to approach this wild girl.

No, not any wild girl but a serious country offender!

Haguar’s kingdom and the other kingdoms have sworn to kill any supernatural that appeared in their country.

However, no matter how many times they tried to hunt down the supernatural’s main base, they couldn’t find it.

Seeing that the ritual was completed, everyone was ready to leave.

The king gave Chief Lisun a glance and a murderous intent appeared on his eyes for a second.

His kingdom has been on top of the others for several centuries. There’s no way a magic practitioner and a mere Head Guard’s would obstruct his reign!

As for Chief Lisun, he could only endure the multiple murderous gazes aimed at him silently. In his heart, he could only complain and curse continuously.

He just acted according to the order given to him! He was only a mere Head Guard. How could he reject an order?

Sighing, he looked down on the rugged girl beside him and complained in his heart,

‘Master, why did you ask me to protect such a wild girl? I’m a Head Guards, not a babysitter!’

He was also concerned about his Master. Why would he take a fancy on such a wild girl?

Everyone had just turn around, ready to leave the place when suddenly a loud whirlwind swept over them!

The wind was howling like an angry beast, and it kept on circling them like a hurricane.

Anyone who had low cultivation was immediately thrown into the ground and was swept over here and there like a rag doll. While the others were swayed back and forth by the wind.

By now, everything was in chaos, and people were shouting in panic and fear.

The White Tribal’s family who had seen this tremble from head to toe and immediately kneel down with their head on the ground.

It seems like the fairies were truly angered by what had happened. If it wasn’t for that girl who interfered with the punishment ritual, the fairies wouldn’t have been this angry!

The king held the queen in his arms as he gritted his teeth. His heart was about to burst out from his chest from the fear he’s experiencing.

They had offended the Gods!

“Your Majesty, what should we do?” Queen Lustia hold onto King Magdon’s arms, shaken.

King Magdon tried to control his fear and think for a second before his gaze landed on the queen’s face.

“My Queen, this matter... I’m counting on you to solve it...” his face was ugly when he said this, but he had no other choice.

The queen was puzzled for a second before she finally understood what he means.

However, she hadn’t done it for ages. So she didn’t know if she still could remember how to do it.

“Yes...Your Majesty...”

The queen let go of his arms and walked a few steps forward before taking out her hairpins holding her hair.

Everyone was confused about what the queen was trying to do, but they couldn’t help but be mesmerised by her beauty when her long black hair swayed back and forth because of the wind.

Raising the hairpins on her right hand, the queen opened her left palms and drew a cut on her palms. Immediately after, a strange blue blood drip down onto the ground.

Using her middle and index finger, Queen Lustia touched the blood and drew three lines on her forehead and one line on each side of her cheeks using the blood.

After that, she put her index finger and pinky finger on her head with both hands as she closed her eyes.

The king watched this from the side as he clenched and unclenched his fist in worry.

However, since the queen stood like a statue, it has been a while, but the wind never stopped howling and attacking them.

If possible, the field was now covered in thin fogs, and the temperature was falling rapidly and made everyone hugged themselves, shivering.


The king was shocked when the queen opened her eyes and coughed a mouthful of blood. He immediately rushed forward to support her and asked what had happened.

The queen shakes her head slowly, “The fairies of fogs...are angry...“...was all she said before she fainted.

The king was truly helpless at this time.

Even if they wanted to escape, walking inside the thick fogs out of the circle would definitely drive them crazy.

The Fairies of Fogs would definitely entrap them here for a lifetime.

Gritting his teeth, he turned to his four bodyguards behind him, “Go and kill that girl!”

Maybe if he kills her, the fairies anger would be appeased.


They rushed towards Rara. While the other three was fighting with the guards, Sword had already stood in front of Chief Lisun.

Assistant Panda immediately went cover Chief Lisun behind him as he looked at Sword with gritted teeth.

Sword curled his lips, seeing this.

“ I come...”

Within seconds, he had pushed him far away from them.

Chief Lisun laid Rara down on the bench and stood up.

He and Sword gaze at each other with hatred before they launch forwards and start fighting.

However, Chief Lisun was unaware of Whip who had slipped behind and was now standing beside the bench.

A sinister smile appeared on Whip’s face before he grabbed Rara from the bench and started strangling her with his whip.

The space on Rara’s head was shaken when he did this.

“Damn it! My body is in danger!” Rara stood up and cursed.

“That’s my body!” Hara argued.

“Stop arguing!” Bun Kukkinos shakes his head and crept behind Rara before kicking her off the floor and into the dark space.

“Ah! Old man! Why did you kick her out?” Hara asked, terrified, as she tried to search for Rara on the dark space below them.

“Oh, shush! I just kick her to wake her up...” the old man said before he laid on the white floor and yawned with his legs crossed and his hands behind his head.

Hara looked back at the old man with black lines on her forehead.

‘Did he need to be so cruel?’

Back into her body, Rara opened her eyes and found that she couldn’t breathe.

Thinking back to how the old man kicked her back to this body, she was immediately enraged.

‘Old man, see how I will deal with you later!’

<... he’s asleep...> Hara answered.

Rara was fuming. However, she still needs to settle the matter at hand.

If the body was killed, the three of them would wander in spaces for a long time. She didn’t want to experience that boring time again!

She tried stomping her foot on Whip’s foot but failed and no matter how hard she tried to pull the whip’s away, she couldn’t.

Gritting her teeth, she brought her index finger and bit onto it fiercely. Immediately after, blood started flowing from her fingers and onto the ground.

“How dare you?!”

A loud growl was heard before four figures of Fairies floating above their head appeared.

They were looking at Rara’s direction with an angry face.

Whip was scared shitless. However, he needs to obey the king’s order. Therefore, he did not let go of Rara, but he also tightens his grip on her.

Seeing this, the four of them put their palms forward. Immediately after, the four fog of Punishment appeared and was shooting straight towards Whip!


Whip’s loud roar rang throughout the field and within seconds, his body had turned into ashes.

Rara stepped back and sat on the bench with a relieved expression on her face.

She rubbed her sore neck as she grumbled on how it would leave a mark on her skin, ignoring the fairies behind her.

Seeing her ignorance towards them, the fairies face was full of black lines.

They had unleashed their wrath for her, and yet she was ignoring them?

“What an ungrateful little brat!” the wind fairy whisper.

“How did the Gods choose her?” the fire fairy gritted her teeth.

“I know! They must have chosen her randomly!” the earth fairy answered with a thoughtful expression.

She was thinking of a lucky wheel being spun by the Gods!

“Grrr! How come she’s more powerful than us?” the water fairy glared hatefully at Rara as she bit her sleeves.

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