The Reborn Witch Princess

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Mom and Dad

Queen Lustia had just stepped one of her foot out of the door when she saw a red-haired girl leaning back on a chair with her back on the queen.

Gulping, Queen Lustia silently withdrew her foot and retreated from the pond patio.

“Your Highness, the fish food is here.”

Startled, Queen Lustia turned her head around and glared towards the maidservant behind her.

Upon seeing the fierce look on the queen’s face, the maidservant lowered her head and trembled in fear.

‘My god! What had happened when she was gone? Her Highness was in high spirit just now...’ the maidservant sighed in her heart.

Cautiously, Queen Lustia ushered the maidservant to leave the place with her quietly.

“Mom! You’re here! I’ve been waiting for you since morning and even skip breakfast to meet you.”

Queen Lustia froze in her place before she bit her cheek and controlled her temper.

She turned around and looked at the grinning girl before her and immediately felt like slamming her head into the wall.

Ever since they got back from the Fogs of Punishment’s place, Rara had been bugging her nonstop.

When she woke up in her room the next day that she fainted, Queen Lustia saw her peeling an apple for her on the chair beside the bed.

“Ah! Your Highness, you’re awake. Wait here! I’ll call the doctor to come over!” then she ran outside to call for the doctor.

“Your Highness, there’s no serious problem with your body. Just take some rest, and you’ll be fine...” the doctor said before he left.

Queen Lustia was about to call for a servant to help her wash up when Rara jumped and sat beside her on the bed.

“Your Highness, no need to call them. What do you want? I’ll do it for you.” Rara said as she grabbed the queen’s arms and started massaging her arms.

The queen was speechless when she saw this.

What is this girl doing?

Why is she here?

“Why are you here? What do you want to do?” she asked.

“Hehehe...Your Highness, I just came to take care of you. There’s nothing else... there’s really nothing else...” this time, Rara could only wipe the sweat on her forehead mentally and let out an awkward smile.

“No need! Call the servant over!” the queen immediately refused her.

The queen shivered in fright, seeing her shining eyes that were looking at her with hope.

This poor-mannered girl was too terrifying!

“Your Highness...” Rara tried to curry favour with the queen, but she was kicked out of the room by her.

Hara didn’t give up, the next day on breakfast, Rara was waiting for her at the dining hall’s door.

Upon seeing her, Rara immediately smiled, held the queen’s arms, and helped the queen to her seat.

Not only that, but she also sat beside the queen!

The king was unhappy and was about to reprimand her when Rara leaned on Queen Lustia coquettishly.

“Mom...just let me sit here today and serve you...”

The whole table was looking at Hara as if she has grown two heads. daring!

She dared to sit on Prince Xavier’s chair!

She dared to touch and speak with the queen so intimately like a mother and daughter!

The queen was helpless and could only forcefully agree with her.

During the meal, Rara’s smile was never-ending and was so bright that it almost blinded everyone.

She sat beside her and served the queen like a filial daughter.

The king was unhappy when he saw this. He tried to distract the queen several times to give him some attention but failed.

Rara was determined to rob the queen’s attentiveness for herself!

Moreover, Rara called the queen ‘mom’!

What a brat!

Since when did she become the queen’s daughter?

Why didn’t she call him ‘dad’?!

Thus, the queen received a cold shoulder from him for several days.

The queen did not understand why he was angry with her, but she was so busy avoiding Rara that she didn’t have the time to console the king.

“Mom...? Mooooommm!!” Rara waved her hand in front of the queen’s face.

Queen Lustia snapped out of her thought and glared at her, “What do you want?”

Rara gave the queen an awkward smile before pulling her to the pond patio and sat her down on the chair.

“Mom....” she looked at the queen with a coquettish look and pouted like an adorable child.

For the past few days, Rara had noticed how the queen would weaken against her pouty face.

Unable to withstand her adorable expression, the queen crossed her arm and closed her eyes, “Fine...fine...stop calling me that. I’m not your mom. Hurry up and tell me what you want.”

“I...I want to learn how to communicate with the...with the fairies...” Rara lowered her head and peeked at the queen as she said this.

Hearing this, the queen stood up in shock.

Her face changed, and she looked at Rara with an ugly expression, “No!”


“Don’t call me that!” the queen snapped.

Rara lowered her head and looked at the queen with a wronged expression.

The queen felt a faint heartache seeing this. She couldn’t believe that she let herself dreamed of having a daughter by her side.

If Rara kept doing this, she would have believed that she had truly given birth to a daughter.

“Your...Your Highness, please let me learn it. Just this once! After this, I won’t bother you anymore...” Rara looked at the queen with hope in her eyes.

“No!” the queen turned her back and started walking away.

“Your Highness, please...” Rara runs forward and tries to stop her.

“What’s going on here?”

Rara turned around when she heard the king’s voice.

“Your majesty, I...” Rara bit her lip, unable to find an excuse.

<Why don’t you try your luck with the king?>

‘Old man, I won’t fall for your trick anymore!’

<Fine. I’ll see how you could finish the mission by yourself...>

Rara gritted her teeth before she looks up at the king, “Dad!”

Shocked, the king and queen watch as Rara pounced over the king and held his arm as she guided him to the pond patio.

“Dad, the weather today is very good...” Rara blabber all along and didn’t forget to grab the food fish from the dumbfounded maid.

The king felt as if he was dreaming, the girl a few days ago who call the queen as ‘mom’ is now calling him ‘dad’.

Ah! What a great feeling!

He grew even smugger when he saw the dissatisfied look on the queen’s face as if she had been robbed.

Of course, he knew that the queen longed to have a daughter. It just...the Gods only blessed them with a son.

With a proud look on his face, he followed his newfound ‘daughter’ to the pond patio.

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