The Reborn Witch Princess

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Black Figure

During dinner, Rara still sat beside the queen but turned her attentiveness to the king instead.

Of course, she didn’t ignore the queen!

However, because of the matter in the morning, Rara only focused her full attention towards the king like a filial daughter.

What if the tiger’s mother suddenly roared at her again?

She can’t let that happen!

If the queen roared at her, she would definitely lose her face. But, if she tried to curry favour with the king, she would have a shield to protect her.

The queen sat still on her seat with a sour look on her face. The fierce gaze she was throwing at the king could have killed him several times already.

The food in her mouth also taste sour like vinegar and made her lose appetite.

The rest of the person on the table was in a daze as they looked at the show before them.

When Consort Watelonu saw this for the first time, she was unhappy that Rara approached the queen and tried to favour her.

She wanted Rara to be on her side.

Think about it. If Rara was on her side, they might be a chance for her to sit on that seat!

Seeing the queen’s displeased look today, Consort Watelonu was marvelling.

She sipped on her wine as she watched the show before her.

Anyone with clear eyes that Rara is trying to curry favour with the king with some intention.

Anyone could read the emotions brewing in her face and eyes.

However, the king did not mind it at all.

As long as he could revenge the queen for ignoring him, he would be fine with Rara flattering him.

He did not know what the little girl is planning to do. However, at the end of the day, if she tried to negotiate with him, he would still be the one who would approve of her request.

Prince Ariel watched her at amazement and a little bit of jealousy. He had never seen his father look at him like that. He was always stern towards him and his brother since birth.

Right now, the king was looking at Rara as if he had a gem worthy of being treasured.

Prince Ariel was shocked at his thoughts.

Was he jealous of an ordinary girl who was trying to curry favour with his dad?

However, he can’t deny that Rara was truly daring to approach the tiger’s dad and mom.

Was she not afraid that she would make mistakes and be punished for it?

Seeing the gentle look on Prince Ariel’s face, Concubine Beanilda was depressed.

If she wanted to rise up, she needed to do something fast before Consort Watelonu, and her son made a plan.

Concubine Beanilda is not a fool. If the king was blind, the queen was not.

Only women can indeed understand women. Their species could only detect the depth of their desire.

Concubine Beanilda could see the interest swirling in Consort Watelonu’s eyes and the longing look on the queen’s face.

If she didn’t make any move now, she would be in this situation forever.

Looks like, it’s time for her to meet him.


Standing on the balcony, Rara enjoyed the night wind as she hugged herself and looked at the bright moon and stars in the sky.

The images of Hara’s mother and father appeared in her eyes. It has been a week since she last saw them.

Arabella may have told her that the chosen lady would stay in the palace for three days. However, the real truth was that she had to live in the castle until her purposes of existence come to light.

Although Rara possessed Hara’s body, their memories and feelings are the same. Thus, she couldn’t help but teared up when she thinks about them.

The past few days, she had tried to pour her longing to them by treating the king and queen as her own parent’s.

However, even if the longing faded a bit, the feeling is still not the same.

No one can compare the feelings of being in their parent’s arms.

It was still the safest and most comfortable haven for her.

Suddenly, she felt a sudden warmth engulfing her.

Startled, Rara wiped her tears quickly, turned around and saw Prince Ariel behind her.

“What are you doing here?” she noticed that he had draped his thick coat on her and tried to remove it when he stopped her.

“Wear it for a while. I saw you standing here for so long without any coats on. Do you want to freeze yourself?” he frowned.

Only now did Rara felt the freezing coldness on her fingertips. Since he had offered his coat, she would wear it to save her life.

“Thank you...” she looked at him with a grateful smile.

Prince Ariel noticed that she wanted to be alone for a while. Thus, he left and went to the next room.

A balcony connects their room. That’s why, when she got out of the door and stood beside the railing, Prince Ariel could saw her.


“Chief, just now, I received a report that two guards overslept and missed their patrol time.” Assistant Bear reported to Chief Lisun.

“Listen to my order. Tomorrow, all guards will run 100 laps around the palace for one week.”

Hearing this, Assistant Panda felt like he had lost half of his life. His body turned weak, and his shoulder looks like it was dislocated.

“Chief, I...I don’t feel good. I will go back to the dormitory and take a rest first...”

Chief Lisun turned to him with an indifferent look on his face, “200-”

“Chief, I’m fine! I’m going to patrol the palace gate first!“...with that said, Assistant Panda immediately runs away as if chicken’s blood injected him.

Assistant Bear chuckle and glance at the Chief for a second.

Noticing something wrong, Assistant Bear look once more and saw a black figure coming at Chief Lisun from above.

“Chief, be careful!” he tried to push Chief Lisun away but was still a bit too late.

The black figure crashed on Chief Lisun body and laid on top of him.

Assistant Bear was about to push the figure away when he saw the person’s face.

His whole body went tensed as he retreated a few steps away in caution.

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