The Reborn Witch Princess

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Master's woman

“Chief, are you alright?” Assistant Bear asked as he touched the handle of the gun on his waist.

“Ugh...” Chief Lisun groaned as he sat up and pushed the person lying on his body aside.

He stood up and patted his clothes from dirt before he looks down on the cross-legged figure on the ground.

The person glanced at him once before looking away and began to draw a circle on the ground.

Chief Lisun didn’t know whether to laugh or be angry. She’s the one who landed on him with such a heavy body.

But why does she look unsatisfied?

“Get up.” Chief Lisun ordered coldly.

The person ignored him and continue to draw fiercely on the ground.

“Are you deaf? I said, get up!”

The person stood up abruptly and threw the stick in her hand onto the ground fiercely. She crossed her arms, and her face was extremely ugly when she glared at him.

“Speak, why did you try to attack me?”

“Do you know that is a crime of harassing a Head Guards and could get yourself in jail?”

She didn’t answer him, but in her heart, she was cursing him repeatedly.

‘Damn you!’

‘So, unromantic!’

‘I want you to catch me when I’m falling. But, you...’

‘Humph! Let me see if you could handle my temper...’

‘I felt that my body is smaller than the other girls. But, you make it as if I was an elephant...’

She was too busy cursing that she didn’t even notice the amused smile on Chief Lisun’s face.

Assistant Bear stood aside and felt like his intestines were about to burst out from his stomach.

He felt like laughing but recalling what she did last time; he forced his laughter down his stomach.

In the end, he couldn’t help the laugh bubbling in his entire body and bent back with his hands on his stomach as he laughs loudly.

In the end, he lost control of his body and fell on the ground. But, he didn’t care at all. He just continued to laugh.

Rara was dumbfounded at first. But, when she saw the amused look on Chief Lisun’s face, she finally understood what was happening.

She spoke her thoughts out loud!

What the hell?!

Right now, looking at Chief Lisun’s face, she didn’t know whether to cry or to burrow herself onto the ground.

Her face went red with embarrassment, and the redness spread to her neck and ears.

Her whole appearance right now was like a shy but charming girl.

She nervously tucked her hair behind her ears as she turned to look around to distract herself.

At this moment, she didn’t realize the look Chief Lisun was giving her.

He gazed at her with a soft look and gentle expression. If not for Assistant Bear calling him, he would of look at her longer with that expression.

“’s so funny...haha...I can’t believe she wants you to catch elephant...” Assistant Bear struggled to breathe as he laughs at her.

Rara gave Assistant a fierce look, and his laughs immediately died down.

Chief Lisun cleared his throat and shook his head lightly.

What the hell.

He felt a strange feeling in his heart just now.

There’s no way he possibly had feelings for his master’s woman, right?

However, no matter if the feelings in his heart are true or not, he should never crossed the line.

His only duty is to protect her as per his master’s orders.

As for other things, he should not wish for something that doesn’t belong to him.

His gaze turned cold once more as he turned his attention towards her.

He didn’t know how she managed to land on top of him.

Speaking about it, he looked back at the second floor of the second prince’s balcony, and his face immediately went black in rage.

The balcony on the second floor is so far from the ground, and she jumped down without any hesitations at all?

Does she want to die?

Rara suddenly felt a chill down her spine, looked beside her and found Chief Lisun glaring at her as if he wanted to hit her.

What the...?

What did she do? Why is he so angry?

“Ch-Chief...what happened to you?” she asked and couldn’t help but stuttered as she took a step back in caution.

“What do you mean what happened to me?!”

“Chihara Hagard! Let me ask you, do you have a death wish? Do you think you’re a superman? The second floor is so high like the sky, and you jumped down just like that!”

“Do you even care about yourself? What if I dodge just now? You would of meet the reapers by now!”

With that, he left with a storming cloud above his head.

Assistant Bear didn’t dare to stay alone with Rara and immediately got up from the ground and ran to follow Chief Lisun.

Rara was left with her mouth gaping.

‘Well...I don’t have a death wish, and I’m not a superman. But, I have magic, right?’

‘If you dodge, I would still be alive with some broken bones, but that wasn’t a problem. Anyway, I could find hoodie guy to heal me...’

She muttered as she entered the second prince palace and went back to her room.

Sighing, she sat down on the bed and began thinking about talking to the king to let her learn how to call the Fogs Fairies.

Thinking back to how the four of them kick her out of the Fogs Floor, she was extremely unwilling to let go of her grudge.

But, what if the king didn’t approve of her request?

What then?

Speaking about it, she hasn’t seen Prince Xavier, Queen Lustia’s son at the palace at all.

She was extremely curious about him.

There was no war at the moment.

Prince Xavier should be back at the palace if he were not garrisoning.

Her eyes lit up.


She could try approaching the eldest prince!

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