The Reborn Witch Princess

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When Rara entered the dining hall for breakfast, she was stunned when she saw a male figure standing beside the queen.

The queen had a doting smile on her face, but the king had an indifferent look on his face.

When the queen was talking, the figure only nodded his head and reply with a short answer.

“What are you standing there for?”

Rara, who was in a daze, turned around, startled when heard a voice behind her.

Seeing that it was Prince Ariel, Rara awkwardly stand aside and let him walk past her before following him in.

Her eyes flickered in panic. She had gotten used to sitting beside the queen the past few days that she had almost forgotten her place.

Seeing Rara comes in, the king’s eyes shone. It was as if he wanted to pull her by his side and talk to him.

However, since his eldest son had returned, Rara would have to sit beside Prince Ariel again in which she would be far away from him.

The king sulked when he realized this fact.

“How did your hunting go?” the queen asked her son.

“Not bad.” Prince Xavier answered.

“I see that you had become thinner than last time. Tell me, did you eat on time? Is the servant treating you badly?” the queen looked at her son from head to toe with a worried look.

“Mom, I’m good. Really.”


Hearing this, Rara wanted to laugh out loud.

She didn’t know what the tiger mom means. In Rara’s eyes, Prince Xavier looks very healthy.

It’s possible that not only he eats on time. He also must have eaten a double or triple of the food in one meal.

His body is emitting a high and mighty aura. Anyone could see the muscle bulging on his body.


Rara turned her head away from looking at the eldest prince and look at Prince Ariel with a dazed look.


Prince Ariel look at her with an unsatisfied look on his face.

Prince Ariel leaned over and whispered to her, “You’re drooling!”

Rara subconsciously lifted her hand, wiped the corner of her mouth and realized that she had been tricked!

She looks at Prince Ariel with an embarrassed look on her face.

However, when she turned around to look at the eldest prince once more, her embarrassment double over.

Everyone was looking at her. Perhaps, they also heard Prince Ariel calling her name just now.

Didn’t that mean that when she was ogling Prince Xavier, everyone saw it?

Rara felt like running away to dig a hole and buried herself when she saw Prince Xavier’s mouth curled into a playful smirk.

Seeing her red face that was spreading down her neck and ears, Prince Ariel felt sympathy for her and handed her a glass of water and said, “Drink this to cool down...”

He felt a fierce pinched on his waist and grimaced for a second before he continued to smile.

Rara looked at him as if saying, ‘Why didn’t you warn me sooner?’

‘What do you mean, drink the water to cool down?’

‘Damn you! You’re the one who needs to cool down!’

On the other side, a certain someone was extremely smug when he saw the dazed look on Rara’s face.

He had gotten used to that look ever since he was born. But, when he saw Rara looking at him like that, his heart was jumping happily inside his chest.

Of course, he also knows that he had a god-like face, a perfect male figure packed with strong muscles, domineering aura and full with male hormones.

He was like a bee that is extremely enchanting that every flower couldn’t help but anticipate for him to come and land on them.

“Serve the food!”

The breakfast went smoothly.

After this, Rara went back to her room and spent her entire morning to read books before she went to lunch.

In the afternoon, around four o’clock, the king suddenly asked to see her.

“Your Majesty.” she greeted him.

“You’re here.”

The king glanced at her for a second before he filled the bow on his hand with an arrow.

He pulled the bowstring and aimed at the targets in the middle of the field before releasing it.

It hit the bull’s eye!

Rara was amazed. Even in his old age, the king never slacked off.

Maybe, that was why he was the ruler of the top five kingdoms.

It seems like the saying, ‘the older, the more greasy’, is true.

“Do you know how to use an arrow?” the king asked her.

Of course, he didn’t miss the astounded look on her face when he hit the target’s just now.

He was like a proud father seeking appreciation from her daughter.

“No...” Rara replied and rubbed her hand.

Her eyes glinted with excitement. It had been a long time since she holds a bow and arrow in her hand.

The king explained to her how to use the weapon on his hand to Rara before stepping back.

Seeing that the king permitted Rara to hold his personal bow and arrow, the butler and guards behind him were stunned.

None of his sons had gotten a chance to hold his bow yet, and a simple unknown girl already got her hands on it.

She’s not simple!

Rara failed to hit the targets on her first five trials.

‘Hara, if I can’t hit the target this time, I’m gonna cripple your hands!’

< Don’t you dare! It’s not my fault that you decided to host my body!>

<Tch! Hara, don’t mind her. Let me tell you, this woman is extremely vicious and pretentious. She intentionally missed it so the king could teach her again...>

‘You old man, shut up!’

Fired up, Rara inhaled and exhaled before spreading her legs apart, raise the bow and arrow on her hand, aim, inhale, exhale and...released!

Rara lowered the bow on her hand and looked at the target a few meters away.

Her eyes widen before she jumped in excitement, “Hahaha! I did it! Dad, I did it!”

At the same time, the queen stepped into the field with the two princes and the consort and concubine.

Seeing the bow on her hand, the two princes faces look solemn.

They glared at the childish girl who was still jumping around as the king smiled and nodded his head in acknowledgement.


Their own father was smiling to the little girl as if she was his only daughter in this world.

“Tch! What’s so good about you hitting the target once? Watch this!”

Prince Ariel walked over with a jealous expression on his face.

Prince Xavier didn’t want to be left out. He also walked over and stood a few meters away beside Prince Ariel.

The guards handed the bow and arrows on their hands to them.

The king raised his eyebrows and seeing both of his sons showing off in front of them.

Unknown to the boys, their old man was gloating in his heart.

‘Humph! What are you showing off for? If you are not my son, do you think you could handle a weapon?’

If they were to hear it, they would definitely vomit blood.

The princes pull the bowstring and released it.

They watch as the arrow landed on the target smoothly.

But that was not all.

They continue to shoot all of the arrows towards the targets. None of it missed the mark!

When they finished the arrows, they looked at Rara as if challenging her.

Rara’s face was extremely ugly. She only had a few practices while they already had multiple experiences.

Doesn’t this count as bullying her?

“Dad...” she looked at the king with a wronged look on her face.

When the princes heard this, their heart immediately bleed.

Little girl, what do you mean, dad?

That is our father!

The king patted her head dotingly and glared at his son, “If you don’t want to, there’s no need to force it.”

As if she had found her backer, Rara’s wronged look immediately lit up.

She returned to her posts and took an arrow and shoot.


Fired up, she pulled two arrows and shoots it at the same time.


Her eyes shined when she realized that she had gotten back the skills she had decades ago.

She pulled three arrows...inhale...exhale...shoots!


The king was surprised at this and was extremely pleased as he laughed with content.

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