The Reborn Witch Princess

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Queen Lustia

The expression on the prince’s face was priceless.

Their father never smiles at them like that and never acknowledged their skills but this little girl actually...sigh.

Forget it.

There’s no need to argue with some unknown girl.

After dinner, the queen and king brought Rara to walk around the garden to digest the food on their stomach.

“Chihara, right?”

Chihara stiffened. This is the first time the king called her by her name. It seems like he wanted to say something to her.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” she answered.

“It’s been a week since you tagged along with us and I’ve noticed that you intentionally approached us to get something, don’t you?” the king asked.

They stopped below the Tree Lamp in the middle of the garden.

People call this Tree Lamp because it was shaped like a tree, and it only lit up at night with golden colour light.

Rara gulped and clenched her hands since the king has asked, there’s no need for her to hide her intentions.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Hearing this, the king nodded as the queen sighed.

Queen Lustia rubbed her forehead, knowing what Rara wanted to say.

“Your Majesty, please, let me learn how to communicate with the fogs fairies from the queen.” Rara holds her hands together in front of her and bowed 90 degrees.

The king tensed up, and he looked away with his hands behind his back. He looked far into the dark night as if considering something before he turns to look back at Hara.

It was true that the nations had waited too long for the Chosen Lady to appear. They believe that the lady would be of help in the future.

Nowadays, the world of humans is calms without war. The same goes for the world of the supernatural.

However, change of heart is unpredicted. After all, there could be a traitor in every kingdom’s and these traitors would not stop until they got what they want.

It would be better if they could eliminate this traitor once for all.

Speaking of this, the fogs fairies had never given them any trouble before. It was said that the fairies listen to the Gods arrangement.

Looking at the teenage girl in front of him, the king was helpless and clueless.

What could a little woman like her, who had not really grown up yet, do?

What is so special about her that the Gods chose her?

Aside from her cheery personalities and scheming mind, what else could she do?

Aside from her archery skills, what else could she do?

The king didn’t know, but he was curious.

If he could have her by his side as a strong backer in the future, not only would his kingdom be safe.

His entire family would live thousands of years on this earth without worries. : worries of the supernatural coming back to conquer the world.

Compare to the humans, the supernatural are smaller in number but if they teamed up, who could fight against them?

His wife, Queen Lustia, was a woman who had her owns skills considering she was a princess from the fallen kingdom.

One of the kingdom that human had destroyed but never lives in it because of the strange aura inside it.

The queen could gather beasts just by communicating with them using her mind’s waves.

Not only that, but she was also the descendant of one of her vampire’s ancestors.

This skill was also inherited by her son, Prince Xavier.

However, they live by one rules.

They could feed using humans, but they cannot kill them.

At night, the queen would...

The king cleared his throat, realizing that his mind had wandered so far away.

He glanced at the queen with a sly look before he focused his attention towards Rara.

“Fine. You can learn it but in one condition.”

Rara’s eyes lit up. Finally!

The queen looked at the king with an unconvinced look.

“Your Majesty, please say it.”

“First, in the future, if I need any help, you would help me.”

Rara thinks it through before answering, “I will help, but it will depend on my ability to do it.”

“Second, you must be loyal to Haguar’s Kingdom.”

Rara nodded, “No problem.”

“Lastly, you are not allowed to fall in love with the princes,” he said with a serious look on his face.

The queen grabbed him and pull him a bit far from Rara and asked him with a displeased expression,

“Humph! Old man, what do you mean by that? Do you think that your sons are so amazing that she would fall in love with them? Don’t you want her to be our daughter?”

The king’s heart was gloating, “My sons are good looking just like me when I was still young and vigorous. Of course, I want her to our daughter. But, if she married one of them, she would definitely pay more attention to them and ignore us.”

The queen pondered for a moment and agree before returning to their original position.

Rara was stunned at this for a second before she let out a chuckle, “What if it’s a guard?”

The king raised his eyebrows in surprise, and he immediately went into alert mode.

‘A mere guards can attract her attention? Hmph! This won’t do. I have to find out who was it and immediately eliminate him!’

“Who is it?” the queen asked with a frown on her face.

Rara smiled, “Ah! I’m still in the process of chasing him. When he successfully become my boyfriend later, I would bring him to see you.”

Hearing that she was still chasing the boy, the king and queen were relieved.

It seems like they still have time to investigate who that person is and eliminate him as quickly as possible.

“So, can I learn how to communicate with the fairies now?”

“It’s late. Why don’t we do it tomorrow afternoon?” the queen asked.

“Yes, Your Highness!” Rara jumped to the queen’s side and hugged her arms coquettishly as they walk back to the palace.

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