The Reborn Witch Princess

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The next day, the queen and Rara meet once more at the garden in the afternoon.

The queen explained and showed to Rara how it was done before Rara tries it by herself.

For beginners, they are required to sit cross-legged with their index fingers and pinky fingers at the side of their head, above their ears.

‘Inhale, exhale, concentrate...’

Considering that Rara had magic’s in her body, she was able to catch up quickly.

Not long after she sat cross-legged on the ground, her state of mind enters an unfamiliar space.

Looking at the displeased look on the fogs fairies faces, Rara was extremely proud of herself.

‘Humph! I got chosen for a reason!’

At the same time, the fairies were looking at Rara with an extreme unwillingness in their heart.

This girl was not simple.

In just a week, she managed to get the queen to teach her how to communicate with them.

Thinking about their interaction in the future, the fairies face turned ugly.

However, they are the Gods bridge to the human worlds. So, they could only obey the Gods order and do their job well.

“Sisters, I’m here!”

Rara stands in front of them with a grin on her face.

She speaks as if she was reporting to her superior.

The fire fairy sighed and step forward, “Since you’re here, let me tell you the rules of a Chosen Lady. First, you’re deemed as holy and could not have any evil thoughts in your mind. Second, you are required to help the peoples and the nations during tough times. Third, you’re required to make sure that the human and supernatural get along.”

The water fairy spoke next, “Of course, they are other small rules, but we’ll inform you about that along the way.”

“Along...the way?” Rara tilted her head and look at them with a confused look.

The wind fairy scoffed, “Young lady, do you think you’re gonna stay in Haguar’s Kingdom forever? Remember, you are a chosen lady of the entire worlds. You are not allowed to have any selfish thoughts at all.”

Rara blinked and stood in a daze for a long time as she tried to register their words into her mind.

She’s not allowed to have any evil thoughts? Then, what about her revenge?

She will not be staying in Haguar’s Kingdom forever?

What about her parent?

“So, what am I going to do next?”

The earth fairy answered her, “Next, you’re gonna be tested. It was said that the small-kingdom of Loton is facing famine. You’re required to go there and found out what caused the famine and help them to overcome the problem.”

With that, Rara was kicked out of the space.

“...Hara?...” the queen waved her hands in front of her face and made Rara snap out of her dazed expression.

She stood up and bowed 90 degrees to the queen, “Your Highness, thanks for the lesson. The fairies had assigned me for a mission in a small-kingdom of Loton to help them overcome the famine.”

The queen hurriedly grabbed Rara’s hands and put it down and asked Rara to stand up straight.

“Then, when are you leaving?” the queen asked with a worried look.

She was truly worried over Rara and had treated her as her own daughter. Thinking about her daughter going over to a small kingdom in the west for a long journey, she was aggrieved.

“It seems like I have to move as soon as possible. The people can’t wait any longer. If they don’t get any help soon, they will all die from hunger.” Rara said with a deep look.

The queen was silent for a moment and thought that what Rara said was reasonable.

“Then, let me ask the king to order Xavier to tagged along with you.” the queen suddenly said.

Rara was stunned for a moment when she recalled the beautiful face she saw yesterday and couldn’t help but feel her heart thumping hard against her chest.

“Ah, Your Highness, there’s no need to trouble Prince Xavier with this small problem. I can solve it by myself.” she immediately refused.

An unknown girl like her going through a journey with Prince Xavier?


After all, the king also had warned her not to fall in love with his the princes.

“Are you sure?” the queen frowned.

“Yes, Your Highness.” then she recalled something in her mind and looked at the queen with a hesitating look.

The queen saw her hesitation, “What is it?”

Rara rubbed her neck, awkwardly, “Um...Your Highness, is it possible for me to meet my parent’s before I went for the journey?”

Hearing this, the queen chuckled, “Of course.”

Rara’s eyes lit up, “Really? Then I’ll go now! Thank you, Your Highness!” she bowed once more before she sprinted off towards the castle gate.

“Hey! The car...” the queen’s words stopped mid-way when she no longer saw Rara’s back.

Sighing, she smiled before heading back towards the castle.


Rara went out of the gate with a grin on her face before she realizes something.

She didn’t have a car!

She was too excited when the queen approved of her leaves that she forgot to ask if she could borrow a car!

With a sullen look, she turned around and coincidentally bumped with a hard wall.

Stepping back, she rubbed her sore nose and look up at the wall in front of her with a fierce look.

However, when she saw that it was not a wall but a sturdy chest, her eyes immediately lit up.


“What are you doing here?” Chief Lisun asked with a cold voice.

“Ah! I want to go home! Chief, please lend me your car!” Rara jumped onto his side and grabbed his arm with hopeful eyes.

In front of the gate, the guards felt that their eyes were about to burst out from their sockets, seeing a girl harassing their Chief.

Clearing his throat, Chief Lisun glared at them before pulling Rara inside and to the left of the castle, heading towards the guard’s cars parking lot.

He brought her to his black BMW car and drive out of the mansion.

Rara who sat on the passenger seat look at him with a questioning look on her face.

Can he really drove off just like this? Did he get permission from the king?

As if he could read her mind, Chief Lisun opened his mouth, “The queen asked me to drive you home.”

Rara nodded.


“Mommy, daddy!” Rara hugged Hara’s parent’s tight as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Thinking that she was gonna be away from them for a long time, she couldn’t help but tear up.

Her parents invited Chief Lisun into their house before asking Rara what happened a week’s ago.

Hara’s parent was extremely nervous when they heard that their only daughter, Chihara, was the Chosen Lady.

They were excited but worried about her at the same time.

Thinking about their daughter, who never travels far before, they were extremely worried as if they wanted to go together with her.

However, Rara assured them that she would be fine on her own and said that she would be accompanied by people from the castles.

As for her studies, the queen already said she would hire a tutor to teach her at the palace.

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