The Reborn Witch Princess

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Prince Party

“Hara! Come on!”

Arabella shouted outside the house.

“Coming...!” Hara reply, rolling her eyes.

She watched her figure for the last time in the mirror.

‘Red strapless silk dress..hmm?’

‘Which stranger is so kind as to buy this dress for me?’

‘Right, that pervert stranger!’

‘Maybe mom knows about it.’

Hara grabbed her white purse.

Grabbing the doorknob, Hara walked down the stairs and saw her mom waiting downstairs.

“Heyo, mommy...” she greeted her.

“Hi, honey. Ahem! Where did you get this dress? I’ve never seen you wearing this dress before.” she looked at her daughter with surprise and adoration in her eyes.

“Mommy, did someone came to our house today?” Hara didn’t answer her question but asked back.

“Other than Bella? No. Why?” her mom gave her a confused look.

Hara sighed with relief silently, “Oh, its nothing.”

“And about this dress, a friend gave this to me as a gift.”

‘sorry, mommy...I hate lying but...’

“Okay. It would be best if you go now. Bella will be mad if she waits much longer.” she hugged me.

“Bye, mommy.” she kissed her mom’s cheek lightly.

“Be careful, honey.”

“I will, Mommy.”

Hara walks to the waiting car before turning back to wave at her mom.

“You’re so damn slow girl!” she frowned before she slid inside at the backseat of the car.

“Oh, please. I’m a girl just like you.”

She almost blurted the word in her mouth. Fortunately, her tongue held her back.

Hara followed her actions before the driver went off.

“I’m sorry for making you wait, Bella. I-”

“It’s fine. I’m not mad.” Bella smiled.

Hara let out a sigh of relief, “That’s good.” her reply came out in a whisper.

Just then, a few questions came to her mind.

“Where are we going?” Hara asked while looking out of the car.

The night view is lovely.

She didn’t know where Arabella is taking her. But, she did promise to go with her.

But, at the cost of sacrificing her homework. Hara doesn’t even know if she can finish it after this.

“...Hara! Are you even listening to me?” Arabella grabbed her shoulders, shaking her out from her thought.

“Huh-oh! I-I’m sorry...What did you say just now?” Hara asked back, startled.

She bit her lips guiltily for zoning out when Bella was talking.

“We are going to the prince party.”

My eyes bulged off, hearing this, “What?!”

‘Oh. my. god.’

’This is bad!”

‘I never-no-I will never go to the prince party!’

‘I’m dead if dad knows where I’m going!’

‘I’m done! I’m done!’

Hara instantly regretted promising to go with Bella.

“But, Bella, I-”

“I know you never went to a party like this. But, I promise you that I’m not leaving you at the party and I will go home with you, okay? Trust me. Also, I got two invitations card.”

She pulled two red invitations card out from her pink purse.

“But, I-I don’t even know who else is going to the party...” Hara stated with worry.

“The rich and also a few friends that got invited. There will be many royal family attending. Plus, there’s guard everywhere. So, our safety is secure.” she smiled.

“Why do you have to bring me with you?” Hara complained.

“I didn’t. You promise to go with me.” Bella retorted.

Hara rolled her eyes.

‘That didn’t help.’

“But, still. It would help if you had at least tell me where you would be taking me.” Hara pursed her lips.

“That’s why I didn’t tell you. If you know, would you have agreed?” Bella raised an eyebrow, successfully making me regretted this more.

“Who gave you the invitations card?” Hara looked away.

Because if she looked at her, she can’t promise that she can control the anger that was starting to boil inside her chest.

“I know you’re mad, but at least thanks to me, you would experience what it would be like to attend a prince’s party.”

Hara felt that she would have a headache any seconds from now.

“And Aryan gave me the invitations card.”

Hara almost gasped when she heard his name.


She immediately shakes her head to get out of her dazed self and recall what Bella had just said.

Her heart sting and couldn’t help but feel jealous of her friend.

She has a crush on Aryan.

He’s a tall guy, green orbs, brown hair, and always helped Hara with her homework at school.

He’s rich. Maybe that’s why he got the invitations card. Not to mention, he’s hot and charming.


That’s the only word that came out from her mouth.

Then, the car went silent once more.

Hara didn’t know if Bella is in a relationship with him. But, the mere thought of it made her throb in pain.

“When you reach the guards, you’ll have to show them your invitations card. Inside the ballroom, a waitress will give every single girl a glass of red wine. All of the glass is the same size and colour. There is two special glass.”

“One has the clone of a Queen ring inside it, and the other one has a clone of the King ring. The King ring will always be claimed first by the prince, whereas the Queen ring will be given magically to someone...the chosen one, an extraordinary lady.”

“The prince will have the title, ‘The King of the day’ and the lucky lady, ‘The Queen of the day’.”

“Whoever had the Queen ring inside their glass, they will have a chance to dance with the prince and live with him in the castle for three days. They believe that the lady will lead them to something big.” she stopped for a while, before continuing her speech.

“You know how to dance, right?” she raised an eyebrow at Hara.

“Umm...a bit?”

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