The Reborn Witch Princess

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Unexpected Partner

“Are we close?”

Rara opened her eyes and asked the maid beside her with a tired expression.

“My Lady, we still have three hours left before we arrive at the destination.” the maid answered her for the nth time.

She took the water bottle in the middle of the car seat and opened the lid and drank to her satisfaction.

They have been in the car for five hours and only stopped to buy some food and relieve their bladder.

There are two black vans in front and two black vans behind them. The person who sat at the front car was Assistant Bear and his subordinates.

The second car in front is only a subordinate.

The same goes for the two cars behind them.

Since Chief Lisun can’t accompany her due to palace duties, the king ordered the left-hand Assistant Bear to help Rara on her journey.

Although Assistant Bear was unwilling, since the king made the order, he could only obey him.

Rara looked at Mayonne and couldn’t help but be curious about the young maid beside her.

In terms of age, she and Rara are of the same age. In terms of appearance, she looks maturer compare to the youthful looks on her face.

“Why are you working as a maid?” Rara spits out the curiosity in her heart.

Mayonne tensed up when she heard the question.


Rara could see the hesitation on her face and pursed her lips.

“Forget it. It’s not my business anyway.” Rara waved her hand.

“I...My parent’s sold me to the creditor to clear their debt.” Mayonne bit her lips and lowered her head.

“They brought me to the brothel to meet him. But, Prince Ariel saw me and ordered them to release me. He bought me from the creditor.” when she said this, Mayonne’s face turned crimson for a moment.

Thinking of the day when he saves her from the creditors, she couldn’t help but feel grateful for her knight in shining armour.

After he buys her from the creditor, he brought her to the palace and appoint her as his personal maid.

Rara raised her eyebrows in surprise. She didn’t expect the flirtatious and playful Prince Ariel have a soft heart as well.

She couldn’t help but took another glance in Mayonne’s direction.

Mayonne must have something special on her that made Prince Ariel save her.

But what could it be?

It couldn’t be that he likes her, right?

Thinking of this, Rara’s mouth curled up into a smirk. It seems like she had discovered Prince Ariel’s secret.

She couldn’t wait to go back and make that noisy prince turn shy and quiet.

On the other side, Mayonne shivered when she saw the smirk on Rara’s face.

She couldn’t help but feel a bad premonition in her heart.


“My Lady, we are here.”

Rara groaned and sat up straight before opening her eyes.

She looks outside and saw that they had stopped in front of the palace entrance.

The guards had gotten out of their cars and are now busy taking their things from the car to the palace.

“My Lady.”

Rara turned around and saw an enlarged face of Mayonne.

“Ah, Mayonne, what are you doing?”

“My Lady, please freshen up.” when saying this, Mayonne took out a clear wet white towel that she took from the square box on the middle of the car seats.

Rara looks at the wet towel with a hesitant look on her face.

“Do I really need to do this?”

“My Lady, you are the Chosen Lady as well as the envoy from Haguar’s Kingdom.” without waiting for Rara’s permission, Mayonne started wiping her face.

“Mayonne...but...I...” Rara tried to stop Mayonne as she repeatedly blinked, trying to avoid the wet towel from touching her eyes.

Mayonne finished wiping Rara’s face and open a treasure-like box. The box opens into three layers.

One for makeups, one for jewellery and one for perfume collection.

Rara looked at the things inside the box with her mouth agape.

“Mayonne, you...why did you bring these things?”

Mayonne applies the makeup on Rara’s face with the thunder’s speed before she picked suitable jewellery for her. After that, she sprayed a sweet perfume scent on Rara and made her sneezes loudly.

“My Lady, this is the queen’s order....”

Rara didn’t hear any of Mayonne’s words as she opens the car door and rushed out like a machine gun.


As soon as she got out, she sneezes loudly and forgets to cover her mouth. She rubbed her nose and shakes her head from the dizziness she’s feeling before focusing her eyes on the scenery around her.

However, the first thing that Rara saw when she looks in front of her wasn’t a scenery but someone’s angry face.

It was Prince Xavier!

He stood in front of her with his hands crossed behind his back, dressed like a king and covered his presence with immense power.

His sculpted face and body stood out and made all the girls fall down on the ground with weak knees.

At this time, Prince Xavier looks down on the girl looking at him in a daze and didn’t even feel the pain when she landed on the ground hard.

She didn’t even notice that her falling posture was so ugly and inappropriate to look at, especially for men.

“Are you done?” Prince Xavier asked with a cold voice.

When someone else falls like that after seeing him, he usually would feel disgusted to the bone. However, he didn’t feel repulsive at all when Rara did it.

In the opposite, he feels extremely smug and keeps gloating inside his head.

“Ah...not...yet...” Rara answered in a daze.

Mayonne saw the scene outside of the car and quickly supported Rara back to her feet.

“My Lady, are you alright?” she asked as she patted Rara’s clothes from the dirt.

“Mayonne...I...Am I dreaming? Can you see him as well?...” Rara kept looking at Prince Xavier in a daze.

Seeing her dazed look and remembering how Rara sneezes on his clothes just now, Mayonne frowned and patted Rara’s butt hard.

The pat was loud, and any person close to them could hear the slap clearly. Rara rubbed her butt and glared at Mayonne with a displeased look.

However, Mayonne only pursed her lips before going back to the car, retrieved another new wet towel and gave it to Rara.

“What?” Rara look at the towel and Mayonne with a confused expression.

Mayonne pointed her fingers at Prince Xavier’s white shirt that had a few wet patched on it.

Rara looked at it for a second when her brain registered what was happening.

Mayonne asked her to wipe her saliva that spits out from her mouth on Prince Xavier’s clothes.

Seeing the Prince ugly looks, Rara looked at him with an awkward smile on his face before she took the wet towel and wiped his shirt with crimson’s face.

When the wet towel landed on Prince Xavier’s white clothes, it leaves a bigger wet patch instead, and his muscles hidden under the clothes could be seen on the exposed damp patch.

Rara gulped and look up at him, shyly, “I’m sorry...”

Prince Xavier’s breathing had turned ragged the moment she started wiping his clothes, and with such a close distance, he could smell the sweet scene on her body that drives him crazy.

If it was another girl, they would be long gone before they could touch him, but this girl caught his interest.

He stepped back and glared at her before striding inside the palace, scared that she would discover his inappropriate reactions and scare her away.

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