The Reborn Witch Princess

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King of Loton

Upon arriving at the Meeting’s Hall, Rara raised her eyebrows in a momentary shock when she saw Prince Xavier sitting on the throne while the king of Loton stands beside him.

She couldn’t help but rolled her eyes and shake her head at his rude behaviour.

King Loton’s was obviously and elder. Furthermore, he was probably around 60 or 70 years old by looking at the wrinkles on his face and how his back was slightly bent when he stands.

On the other hand, Prince Xavier saw Rara rolling her eyes and shaking her head at him.

“Lady Chihara?”

Rara’s heart jumped when Prince Xavier called her name.

“Yes, Your Excellency!” Rara immediately stands to attention and fall in line with the team of guards from Haguar’s Kingdom in the middle of the hall.

The King of Loton looked at Prince Xavier with a fawning look on his face.

“Your Excellency, the matter this time, I would like to thank you on behalf of my peoples. This time, we owe you a favour. If you need anything, you can tell me.”

Prince Xavier raised one of his eyebrows and look up at the king, “Oh?”

The king’s eyes twitched for a second when he saw this.

“Then, how about giving your kingdom to me?” Prince Xavier smiled at the king.


The king and the ministers behind him were all shocked by this sentence to the point that their had face turned ashen.

“What? You are unwilling?” Prince Xavier raised his eyebrows as he asked the king with a provocative smile.

Down below the hall, Rara tsked when she saw this scene.

Such a pretty face, but it was ruined by his cunning appearance.

Assistant Bear elbowed her, “Mind your manners in front of outsiders. Don’t let other people see your bad manners.”

Rara hissed and glared at him as she rubbed her pained waist.

She looks back in front of her and observes the people of Loton inside the palace.

The king and his ministers look perfectly fine without any sign of sickness or suffering from famine at all.

The same goes for the guards guarding the palace except for the two maids standing behind the ministers.

Their face was pale, and their eyes look sullen. No matter how thick the makeup they wear, anyone could still see their poor appearance.

Sometimes, they would even cough from time to time and cover their mouth with trembling hands.

Rara frowned even more when she saw how bony their hands and fingers are.

From afar, anyone could easily mistake them as a walking skeleton.

“Hahaha...Your Excellency, you must be kidding. How could I refuse your request? Your Excellency, if you want my kingdom, you can just have it. We are just a small kingdom, after all.” the king replied.

“So, you think I’m bullying you?” Prince Xavier’s face was no longer playful.

He asked the king with a cold tone and looked at him with a sharp gaze.

The king was stunned when he heard this and immediately bowed 90 degrees with his hands in front of him, “Your Excellency, that...that’s not what I mean...” he trembles as cold sweat appeared on his back.

Prince Xavier stood up and look at the bowing king before he lefts.

All of them followed Prince Xavier’s out, leaving the king and his ministers inside the hall.

They went to the left yard of the castle, the guest yard using the bridge.

There was a three-story house in the middle of the yard, and it was surrounded by four small houses. In front of the main house is a large pond.

The arrangement was the same as the prince’s castle back at Haguar’s Kingdom except for the land’s size, which is slightly smaller.

The guards were arranged to sleep on three small houses while Prince Xavier, Rara, Assistant Bear and Mayonne went to the main house.

The other small house is a kitchen.

The first story of the main house had a dining hall and meeting hall.

The second had a study, libraries and rooms for servants while the upper floor is the rooms for the main guests.

Prince Xavier stayed at the room at the left side while Rara took the right side.

Assistant Bear stayed opposite of their master’s room.


“My Lady, it’s dinner time!” Mayonne knocked on Rara’s door for the third time.

“Yes, yes! Your lady is coming! Stop shouting!” Rara had just gotten out of the shower when Mayonne started knocking on her door.

She chose her dark blue starry long-sleeves dress and wore it before brushing her long red hair down her back.

She was yet to get used to her new hair colour.

“My lad-”

Mayonne’s hand was suspended in the air when Rara came out of her room.

Her eyes look at Rara up and down before nodding her head in appreciation.

“Hmmm...not bad. My lady, I thought you were a princess just now...” she squinted her eyes with her palm’s clasped together in front of her chest.

Rara awkwardly smiled and stepped back when Mayonne pushed her back into the room with an evil smile on her face.

“Ma-Mayonne, what are you doing?” Rara looked at Mayonne with a confused expression when she sat her on her makeup table.

Mayonee curled her lips but didn’t answer her question.

She went to Rara’s wardrobe and retrieve the same box back in the car, putting it on the table.

Rara looked at the box in front of her and couldn’t help but shivered in fright as her face turned green.

She looks up just in time to catch Mayonne’s shining eyes and an evil smile.


5 Minutes later.

“Mayonne, it’s just dinner. Why do I have to put makeup on?” Rara grumbled as Mayonne pushed her out of the room.

“You are a Chosen Lady, and the queen said that your face is her reflections,” Mayonne explained as she dragged the unwilling Rara towards the stairs.

Simultaneously, the door next to Prince Xavier was open, and both of them was rewarded with a shocking sight!

They watched as the curly-brown hair girl walked out of the room with a white and black princess dress. A black transparent shoulder coat hanging on her shoulder.

She walks towards them with a mature and elegant posture like a noble princess.

Rara openly gazed at the lady with admiration written on her face.

A goddess! Such a beautiful goddess!

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