The Reborn Witch Princess

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At the long dinner table, there was an extreme silence. Everyone was looking down at the menu on the table with a priceless expression on their face.

Who was it that said small-kingdom of Loton is suffering from famine?

The common people’s lean figure is a piece of hard evidence that the kingdom is indeed suffering from famine.

But, the meal in front of them looks very sumptuous. It could even feed hundreds of people!

At the head of the table, a pair of cold eyes stared at the sumptuous meal.

Everyone could feel the temperature inside the dining room turned colder and colder every second.

“Go and drag the king here now!” Prince Xavier ordered his guards.

“Yes, Your Excellency!” The guards standing at the door immediately moved to carry out their mission.


Prince Xavier looked at Rara, “You go and help them.”

Rara looked at him with disbelief. She pointed at herself and glance at the goddess beside him.

“What? You don’t want to go?” his head tilted to the side as he looked at Rara with a warning on his eyes.

Mayonne saw the dangerous glint in Prince Xavier’s eyes and pinch Rara’s thigh and signalled her to go out.

Rara hissed and glare at Mayonne before standing up and gave Prince Xavier a dissatisfied look before storming out.

She was a girl, and he wanted her to drag the king to him?

She was a delicate girl!

How could could she do something like dragging a king?

That was too rude!


Not gentleman at all!


Rara lifted her gown as she stormed to the king’s palace while cursing Prince Xavier again and again in her heart.

At the entrance of the king’s palace, the guards were stopped by King Dan’s guards.


Rara stopped a few feet away from them and released her gown.

She lifted both of her hand and gathered the creeping flowers on the palace’s wall around her.

Prince Xavier’s guards retreated behind her as King Dan’s guards watch what was happening in fright.

Some of them were either too scared to move while others are preparing to attack.

One guard was brave enough to open the palace door’s and wanted to run inside.

But, fast as he ran, he can’t surpass Rara’s creeping flowers that she throws at them.

Within seconds, all of them were either laying down on the ground or standing on the wall with the creeping flowers tied around their body, immobilizing them.

Rara moves past the tied-up guards followed by the guards behind her.

Inside the palace, they were once more confronted by a team of guards.

“Anyone who dares to block the way will suffer,” Rara warned them.

“Humph! You are just a girl, and there were only a few of you. Why should we be afraid of you?!”

Rara sneered.

These people don’t know what’s good for them!

Sensing that the bunch of guards behind her was not moving at all, she turned and snapped at them, “What are you waiting for? Waiting for me to make a move for you? Hmph! Like masters, like servants!”

The guards lowered their head, hiding their tomato cheeks!

This is so embarrassing!

They were actually waiting for the pretty girl to protect them!

They immediately rushed forward and fought with Loton’s Guards, making way for Rara to walk with ease around them.

One of the Loton guards saw that she had walked passed them and immediately launched an attack behind her.

Rara sensed the oncoming danger and turn around, nimbly dodging the oncoming attack.

She raised her hand and made the guard floated on air for a second before pushing him onto the wall and made him stuck onto it before looking back at the Haguar’s guards behind her.

“Hurry up! I’m hungry!” she stomped her feet and made the palace felt an earthquake.

Seeing the Loton’s guards lose their footing, Haguar’s guards immediately went into action and knocked them down.

Seeing Rara’s displeased look, they were ashamed.

The beauty helped them again!

They rushed in and search the entire palace, but they didn’t found the king at all.

As if on instinct, they immediately reported to Rara.

Rara frowned when she heart their reports. She looked around before walking into the throne room.

She knelt down on one knee in the middle of the room and put her left hand on the floor before closing her eyes.

Blue light spread like wildfire onto the floor, walls and ceiling, covering the entire palace.

Using her ears, she focused and try to hear any movements inside the palace that the magic touched.

She furrowed her eyebrows when she heard some faint voices. It seems so far away, but where?

She opens her eyes and stood up.

“Check the palace again!” Rara instructed.

Rara looked around the room as the guards rushed out to check the palace once more.

This King Dan is surely capable! He could lie with his eyes open!

She went up the throne chair and sat down on it and cast her gaze all over the place.

She doesn’t believe that King Dan can run away that fast!

She leisurely tapped her fingers on the chair’s hand when she heard a click.


At the same time, she caught a movement on the left side of the floor.

She stood up and looked down at the staircase leading to the basement.

She raised her hand and pointed her palm at the staircase. An orange light flowed down the stairs and spread through the area in seconds.

This light contained fire powder that could make a damp place dried fast and made people’s whole smell it felt like their body is burning.

Five minutes later, a few figures rushed out from the basement while coughing.

The Haguar’s Guards returned to the throne room at the same time and immediately dragged them to the guest yard.

They made King Dan and his family and the ministers, kneel in front of Prince Xavier.

“Explain to me. What is the meaning of this? Hmm? King Dan?” Prince Xavier raised his eyebrow as he looked at him.

“Your...Your Excellency...We...prepared these dishes especially for you. You...You’re our esteemed guest. could we treat you to a simple meal?” King Dan lowered his head.

Rara glared at the king and raise his head using her magic.

This King Dan is truly shameless! He still wanted to sell excuses!

“Where did you get all of this food?” she asked.

King Dan’s face turned even paler at this.

“ lady...This is the food we saved up for the people.” his eyes darted for a second, but it couldn’t escape Rara’s sharp eyes.

She increased her power and made King Dan’s head look like it was about to turn into a swan neck.

“Still want to lie?”

Rara raised her other hand and grabbed hold of the queen and their two sons before floating them on the air.

The queen and her sons scream out in fear.

King Dan’s body trembles at sight before him. Sweat poured down on top of his head onto the floor.

“My Lady, please, let them go!”

“Speak!” Prince Xavier roared.

King Dan saw a white glint and his eyes were wide open in fear when he saw the knife on Prince Xavier’s hand.

“I’ll speak! I’ll speak! I saved up all the food planted by the people inside the palace’s store. I just wanted my family to have good food!”

Rara was enraged when she heard this, without further ado, she lifted King Dan into the air before slamming him down onto the floor.

A crack rang throughout the room, and it was extremely piercing to the ears.

King Dan fell unconscious.

The queen and the son received the same treatment before Rara stormed upstairs and into her room.

She opened the window and jumped into the forest for a few minutes before she leaned on a tree and cough out blood.

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