The Reborn Witch Princess

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<Rara, you are injured!> Hara stood up from the floor when she felt the space shakes.

<<Hurry and come back here!>> the old man urged her.

Feeling lightheaded, Rara spells a cast on the ground and wrote something on it before she fell down and fainted.

The strangest thing is that her body disappeared into her golden bracelet.


“Ugh!” Rara groaned when she regained her consciousness.

“You’re awake!” Hara’s worried face greeted her when she opened her eyes.

Grunting, she pushed Hara’s head away and glanced behind her. The old man sat crossed legged behind her and was treating her using his magic.

Rara closed her eyes and concentrated on treating her injuries with the old man’s help. This happens for a few minutes before the old man put his raised hands, down and before he stood up.

Rara opened her eyes and felt sweats sliding down her face and neck.

“You’re too reckless! Look what happens now!” the old man crossed his arm as he scolded Rara.

“Aiya! Old man, you are too noisy! You also know I did it because I’m angry...” Rara stretched her body and rolled her eyes at the old man.

“You-! Look at you! I’m you, elder! You should listen to me!” the old man roared.

Rara raised an eyebrow at this, “Then...I wonder who’s butt was it that I spanked decades ago...” she gave the old man a smug smile when she said this.

“You-!” the old man’s face turns red when Rara reminded him of those humiliating memories of his childhood.

“Old man, you should at least call me sister now!” Rara stood up and crossed her arms and look at the old man with a provocative look.

The old man gritted his teeth as his body trembled in anger.

Hara looks at the people in front of her who was busy fighting and bantering with a helpless look.

A small sigh escaped her lips before she let out a smile on her face. Well, it doesn’t seem so bad to die at all.

She met a witch princess and people from decades ago. Not only that, but she also benefited a lot from Rara.

Rara gained the attention of the king and queen. That was an honour for her.

Rara met the fogs fairies and experience everything that Rara did.


Meanwhile, at the guest yard...

“Pack everything. We will leave tomorrow.” Prince Xavier stood up and ordered before he walks upstairs to his room, followed by the goddess beside him.

As for the king’s vacant position in Loton, it would be handled by the prime minister first before a suitable candidate is picked.

Mayonne looks at the king and his family, who was carried out from the house and sighed as she holds her groaning belly.

But, looking at the meal on the table and recalling the people’s gaunt figure in Loton’s, she immediately lost interest and decided to go upstairs to look for Rara.

“My lady...My lady!” she knocked on the door repeatedly and heard no response.

Worried that something bad happened to Rara, Mayonne pushed the door and walk inside the room.

However, Rara was nowhere in sight at all.

Mayonne panicked even more when she saw the open window and thought that someone had kidnapped Rara.

“Lady Chihara is missing!” she went out of the room and shouted to the guards below.

Everyone was shaken to the bones when they heard this.

The Chosen missing?

However, what should they do?

Other than Prince Xavier, there’s no one else who could order them around.

But, Assistant Bear was the most trouble when he heard this.

Without waiting for Prince Xavier’s order, he ran up the stairs and barged into Rara’s room.

He walks towards the open window and looks at the forest. He was about to jump down from the window when a voice stopped him.

“What are you doing?”

Assistant Bear turned around and stiffened when he saw Prince Xavier.

“Your Excellency...the lady went missing. I’m thinking of looking inside the forest...” he lowered his head.

Prince Xavier walked towards the window, and before Assistant Bear could react, he had already jumped down the window himself.

“Your Excellency!” worried that something might happen to the prince too, Assistant Bear jumped down the window and chased after the prince.

A few minutes later, Prince Xavier stopped in front of a tree and look down at the blood as well as the golden bracelet on the ground.

He took the bracelet and look at the words written on the ground.

‘Don’t look for me...’

Assistant Bear arrived behind him as he gasped. He looks at the blood on the ground as well as the words written on the ground.

“Your Excellency, could it be that...“...she was kidnapped and injured...Assistant Bear didn’t dare to say the words on his mind.

“Let’s go.” Prince Xavier look at the bracelet and frowned deeply before he turned around.

“But...the lady...” Assistant Bear’s face was confused.

Prince Xavier only gave him a cold glance before leaving.

Assistant Bear clenched and unclenched his hand before he finally made his mind.

Prince Xavier is the military leader, he should know more than an assistant like him.

With that, he walked out of the forest and told Mayonne everything before they prepared to go back.


Back at the palace...

Inside Prince Xavier’s palace...

Prince Xavier had just taken a shower.

He walked out of the room with the towel hanging on his waist when his eyes caught something at the corner of his eyes.

“Who?!” he turned around and was shocked by what he saw.

A woman was laying on his king-sized bed.

“Chihara...?” he walked towards the bed and bent down to look at the sleeping woman.


There was a bloodstain at the corner of her mouth, and there was a frown on her forehead.

Not only that, sweats were forming on her forehead non-stop.

Sensing that something was wrong, he touched her forehead with his index finger and immediately pulled his hand back when he felt the burning sensation on his finger.

“Hey! Wake up!” Prince Xavier tried to shake her awake but failed.

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