The Reborn Witch Princess

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“Doctor Fred...?” Queen Lustia was taking a walk around the castle when she saw Doctor Fred and Assistant Panda rushing over to Prince Xavier’s palace.

A bad premonition arose in her heart.

Is Prince Xavier injured?

Without further ado, Queen Lustia followed them along with the maid and servant behind her.

She arrived at Prince Xavier’s door and met Assistant Bear, holding a folded paper in his hands.

Assistant Bear immediately bowed 90 degrees when he saw her, “Your Highness,“.

“Assistant Bear, what happened to Prince Xavier? How did he get injured?” Queen Lustia asked with a worried tone.

Although she knew that her son was different from ordinary people, she couldn’t help but think of the worst.

What if he met ‘those people’?

She didn’t even dare to imagine it.

Assistant Bear’s legs tremble when he saw the queen’s flustered look.

How should he explain the unexpected situation?

He contemplated for a second before responding, “Your Highness, please come in...” he led the queen up to Prince Xavier’s rooms before he left in a hurry.

The butler at the door bowed 90 degrees when he saw her and knocked on the closed door, “Your Excellency, Her Highness is here!”

A while later, the door was open from the inside, and Prince Xavier walk out with a complicated look on his face.

Queen Lustia anxiously walked over to him and started inspecting from head to toe, “Xavier, I heard that you are injured!”

Prince Xavier holds her mother’s arm with an awkward expression on his face. His mother was pushing him round and round. Not only that, but she also tried to raise his shirt a few times to inspect his skin.

He looks at the rows of servant and maid who lowered their head with an ugly expression.

He is a prince and an adult. This scene is too embarrassing!

“Mom, I’m fine!” he grumbled as he led his mother inside his room before closing the door with a bang as a warning to the people outside as to not talk nonsense around.

At Prince Xavier’s bedside, Dr Fred and his two assistant gave a check-up to the person lying down on Prince Xavier’s bed.

Queen Lustia frowned.

Who dares to sleep on Prince Xavier’s bed?

Dr Fred had just finished checking on Rara when Queen Lustia walked over, “What’s going on here?”

“Your Highness,” Dr Fred and his assistants quickly gave way to her, stand aside and bowed to her.

When the person’s face on the bed was revealed, Queen Lustia was shocked to the bones.

“Hara? Hara!” she rushed over and held Rara’s hand anxiously.

Prince Xavier pursed his lips.

Just now she was worried about him, but upon seeing Hara, she immediately forgot about him.

“Xavier, what happened to her? Why is she in your room? Did you bully her?” Queen Lustia looked at Prince Xavier with a fierce look on her face.

Hearing this, Prince Xavier’s twisted face turned even uglier.

He didn’t want to answer her initially, but upon seeing his mother’s fierce look, he reluctantly answered, “How would I know? She’s the one who appeared here all of a sudden!”

He looked away in nervousness upon seeing his mother’s inquiring gaze. She didn’t trust him at all.

“Dr Fred, how is she?”

Dr Fred came out of his trance and immediately answered, “Your Highness, she had a fever and...” he glanced at Prince Xavier and unconsciously swiped the sweat on his forehead.

“...and what?” Queen Lustia looked at him with a warning in her eyes.

“Your Highness, she...she had internal injuries...” Dr Fred trembles from head to toe.

In his mind, his thought of Prince Xavier being a gentleman had vanished completely.

He actually dared to injure the Chosen Lady!

So, even if he didn’t dare to offend him, he was even more afraid of offending the queen.

Seeing Dr Fred accusing gaze and the fury in Queen Lustia’s eyes, Prince Xavier was about to driven crazy.

He didn’t do anything to her!

“Xavier Magdon! Explain yourself!” Queen Lustia stood up and glared at Prince Xavier.

Prince Xavier looked at Dr Fred. Dr Fred saw his look and immediately understood his meaning.

He signalled his assistants to pack the bag, “Your Highness, I’ve already handed the herb and instructions to Assistant Bear. If there’s nothing else, we’ll leave first.”

Then without even looking back, Dr Fred and his assistants run out of the room like a chicken being chased.

Prince Xavier walked over and sat on the chair beside the bed and sighed heavily.

Queen Lustia also sat on the bed and waited.

Prince Xavier narrated the whole story about what happened in Loton.

“I’m not sure about her internal injuries. I guess that she had probably used her magic excessively and thus it hit her back.”

Queen Lustia’s frowned, “How could Hara get injured just because she uses too much magic? She’s a witch. I believe Hara had much more experience after she had used it for more than twenty years. Unless...” her eyes flashed.

“Unless she was injured before...” Prince Xavier looks at the pale face girl on the bed.

Queen Lustia sighed deeply, “She had internal injuries. It’s fine if this was a normal injury. But, if she was injured by magic...I’m afraid...”

“Mom, what do you mean?”

Queen Lustia looks up with helplessness in her voice, “If she was injured by magic...even if we use all the rare herbs in the world, there’s nothing we can do...”

Prince Xavier frowned, “Why?”

“...because...magic can only be healed by magic...”

Prince Xavier was silent for a moment before his eyes lit up, “How about we find a witch to heal her?”

Queen Lustia’s gaze widens upon hearing her son’s words. She gazes at the close door with a slight panic in her eyes.

“Watch your words! You know your father won’t approve of this!” she hissed.

Prince Xavier shakes his head, “Mom, you underestimated Hara too much.”

Seeing her son’s smirk, the queen suddenly felt a bad premonition.

“What do you mean? What are you trying to do? I’m warning you, don’t act recklessly!”

“Oh, mom! Wait for me!” Prince Xavier stood up and walk out of the room with mischief in his eyes.

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