The Reborn Witch Princess

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Queen Lustia walked back and forth inside Prince Xavier’s room with anxiety in her heart.

She couldn’t help but think about King Magdon’s reaction if Prince Xavier told him to find a witch to heal Rara.

She glanced at the pale girl on the bed and wondered how she got injured in the first place.

From what they had investigated, Hara never had any conflict with anyone since birth.

Of course, unless the person she offended were from that world...

Queen Lustia shuddered when she thinks about it.

She had thought of asking the fogs fairies about her but recalling how cold they were to her at the Fogs of Punishment Field, she immediately shakes the thoughts out of her head.

After all, if they wanted to communicate with someone, the fogs fairies would only cooperate with Rara.

Queen Lustia realized that it has been a long time since Prince Xavier went out, and he hasn’t come back yet.

What if King Magdon went into a rage and decided to punish him?

Feeling anxious, Queen Lustia was about to open the door when someone beat her to it.

“Where is she?” King Magdon barged into Prince Xavier’s room and didn’t even notice the dazed Queen Lustia, who was standing beside the door.

“My daughter...” King Magdon grabbed Rara’s hands with an aggrieved look on his face.

Queen Lustia glanced at Prince Xavier and saw her son’s smirking at her with triumph in his eyes.

Queen Lustia was a bit unhappy when King Magdon walk past her as if she was air.

She walked over to King Magdon and pouted, “Your Majesty...”

Hearing her voice, King Magdon lifted his face and frowned, “Dear, our daughter was injured. How come you’re not aware of this?”

“My dear husband, I was waiting for you to come and see her. I came to see her earlier than you. But, didn’t even see me...” the queen tugged at his sleeves with an aggrieved tone in her voice.

When King Magdon heard his wife complains, he looks at Prince Xavier who’s body was shaking with laughter and immediately look away awkwardly.

He coughed and took the queen’s hand onto his own as he consoles her, “Alright...It’s my fault...I was just too worried about Hara...So, I didn’t see you...”

The queen pouted but didn’t say anything else.

Afraid of disturbing Rara’s rest, they move to Prince Xavier’s living room.

“Dad, what do you think? Should we find a witch to heal her?” Prince Xavier asked as soon as they sat down on the couch.

King Magdon’s face turned ugly for a second before he sighed, “Let’s wait for her to wake up first and ask about her injuries. Let’s decide after that.” he waved his hand.

Prince Xavier and Queen Lustia went tense for a moment.

The answer was obvious. Even if King Magdon favours Rara, he was still unwilling to seek help from that world.


Somewhere inside the palace...

“Is this news reliable?”

The woman stood at the balcony, facing the clear blue sky in front of her.

A maid and servant lined up behind her, and a middle-aged woman stood with her head lowered beside her.

“Yes, Your Grace. I saw it with my own eyes.”

Hearing this, a scheming smile appeared on the woman’s face.

“Have you done the task I gave you yesterday?” she asked.

“Yes, Your Grace. He said he would meet you this afternoon.”

A satisfied smile graced her appearance once more.


“Why are you here?”

“I heard that the Chosen Lady was injured. So, I came to take a look.”

“No need. It’s enough with me here.”

“Your Highness, my apologize. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

“My ladyship, what do you mean?”

Rara frowned at the voices around her.

‘Why is it so noisy?’

‘Can’t you just let me have a good sleep?’

Unable to bear it any longer, Rara groaned and open her eyes slowly.

The first thing that she saw when her blurry eyes came to focus was two woman standing face to face with fire in their eyes.

Hearing Rara’s groan, both of the woman snapped their head at her.

Queen Lustia was the first to react.

“Hara, lay down. You are injured. You need to take a rest.”

“I’m thirsty...”

Hearing this, Consort Watelone immediately reached for the glass of water that was already prepared on the bedside table.

Rara sat up and took the glass from her hands before downing it one gulp.

“Thank you...” she thanked the consort naturally.

Queen Lustia was a bit unhappy, but it was better to care for Rara more in the current situation.

A knock rang at the door.

Queen Lustia frowned. Who would come in at this time?

“Come in.”

Someone pushed the door open, and Prince Ariel stepped into the room with flowers in his hand.

“Your Highness, I heard from mother that Lady Hara was sick. So, I came over to visit.”

Queen Lustia’s face turned ugly for a second.

Why does it feel like they were trying to curry favour with Rara?

She even felt like they were teaming up against her.

“Hara, I brought you flowers.”

Rara was enlightened. She was just a commoner that got lucky to be chosen.

But, when she was sick, there were may people worrying about her.

What a good feeling!

If this were the case, she wouldn’t mind getting sick a few more times.

Being taken care of by the imperial family was like an illusion.

“Thank you,” she responded with a smile on her face.

She was about to reach out to take the flowers in his hand when Queen Lustia took it.

“Hara just woke up. She can’t carry too many things.”

Prince Ariel was shocked for a second before he stood beside his mother with an awkward smile.

Rara’s lips twitched. She can’t carry too many things?

She looked at the ugly expression on the queen’s face and immediately understood.

She doesn’t want to give any face to her rival.

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