The Reborn Witch Princess

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Your Grace

Knock! Knock!

Queen Lustia frowned. Who is it this time?

“Come in!”

The door was opened, and Prince Ariel and King Magdon came in.

Seeing Prince Ariel and Consort Watelonu inside the room, Prince Xavier’s face turned ugly.

What are they doing here?

Upon seeing the flowers on the queen’s hands, Prince Xavier’s face turned even more unsightly.

How did this kind of trash come inside his room?

Not only that, his room was stepped on by so many people.

Prince Xavier felt extremely uncomfortable thinking of this and made him all the more agitated.

It seems like he had to change his room today.

On the other side, seeing so many people came to see her, Rara felt like she wanted herself to faint once more.

It was extremely touching to be taken care of by so many people. But, it put such great pressure on her to cope with their aura’s pressure.

Furthermore, the people who visited her was even an imperial family.

What a life she was enjoying!


“Your grace?”

The woman’s breath hitched when she heard his voice. Her heart felt a faint heartache upon hearing how he addressed her.

She lifted her face, and a graceful smile decorated her face.

“Chief Lisun, you’re here.”

She gestured for him to sit on the table opposite her, but Chief Lisun stood up at the side and bowed his head a little. His posture was like a polite and obedient servant that won’t dare to do anything disgraceful to his master.

Seeing this made the woman felt more uncomfortable. She looked at Chief Lisun’s face, which was extremely similar to the person buried deep in her memory and felt moisture building in her eyes.

“Your grace, what orders do you have?”

The woman shakes her thoughts away and blinked. She took a bracelet hidden in her waist belt and showed it to Chief Lisun.

“Do you recognize this?”

Chief Lisun glanced at the bracelet on the woman’s hand and couldn’t help but be stunned.

He looked at the bracelet blankly and thought of his ill father at home.

All of a sudden, the bracelet hidden on his sleeves felt like it was burning his skin.

He remembers that his father once told him that there’s a woman who could never be erased from his heart and memory.

He and that woman made a promise to live together for the rest of their life with the bracelet as the token of their love.

Who would have thought...

“Chief Lisun?” Hearing her voice and seeing her calm voice, Chief Lisun’s heart turn cold.

He stood up straight and look away with a stern look in his eyes. The respect that he once holds for her was gone in an instant.

“What are you doing here?” he asked with anger lacing his voice.

The woman look at her son’s face, who was facing away from her and sighed.


“Don’t call my name. You don’t deserve it.”

“Son...” the woman look at her son with helplessness in her voice.

“Your grace, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go out first.” Chief Lisun didn’t want to stay at the same place with her any longer.

“Son, let me make it up for you!” seeing her son leaving, the woman anxiously stood up and catch up with him.

Chief Lisun sneered and turned around, “How? How are you gonna make up for leaving dad and me for twenty years?!”

The woman trembles when her son shouted at her. She looks around her in panic, hoping that no one would hear what he had just said.

Looking at the woman’s anxious face, the hatred in Chief Lisun’s eyes intensified even more.

“Son, let’s sit and talk, okay?” she tried to grab his arms, but Chief Lisun easily dodged to the side.

“There’s nothing to talk about. You left me when I just turn two years old and even left dad with his illness.”

Hearing that the man was ill, the woman’s eyes turn blurry, “Son, where does he live? Let me see him, okay?”

Chief Lisun scoffed in disdain, “See him? You could find where he lives if you want to long ago. But why didn’t you go and visit him in the past?”

“Son, I...” the woman tried to explain, but Chief Lisun had enough of her and left with a big stride.

The woman look at her son, who left in a rage and couldn’t help but sob.

‘Son, it’s not like I didn’t want to visit him. It’s just, I really don’t know where you guys were living in the past....’

She wanted to say, but the words were stuck in her throat.

At the corner of the back garden, someone immediately left in a hurry upon seeing this scene.


“Your Majesty, I really heard and saw it with my own eyes.” the maid knelt on the floor as she reported the incident she saw just now to the king.

“Hmm...” the king waved his hand, and the maid stood up and bowed before she left the hall.

The head minister, Head Ragang, immediately went to his side. Now, there was only the two of them in the hall.

“Your Majesty, what do you think?”

The king looks in front of him with a faraway look on his face.

Concubine Beanilda.

He met her when he was on his way back from visiting his friend, King Locetag Lidu, in the Ropok Kingdom.

A woman who was cleaning up a table of her small shop caught his interest.

Along the way, he met many shop owners who had a partner beside them to help them around.

But, this hardworking woman was fast and efficient. What’s more, her beauty is captivating the customers. Even though she was wearing plain clothes, it didn’t lessen her beauty at all.

King Magdon asked his driver to stop and enter the shop.

Coincidentally, he was also wearing plain clothes.

He ordered a few dishes and tasted them. It was not better than the food cooked in his palace, but hers was the best compared to his two wives.

Point for her cooking.

She treated him equally, just the same as her other customer.

Thus, he ordered the driver and his bodyguard to hid at the corner of the road and waited for her to close up.

Then, he went up and greeted her again. He revealed his identity as the King of Haguar and couldn’t help but laugh when he saw her pale face.

She was about to kneel down on the ground when he stopped her.

He said that he had taken a fancy to her and wanted her to become his concubine.

She hesitated and seemed to be a bit unwilling for a moment, which made King Magdon feel a bit insecure.

Who wouldn’t want a position beside a handsome emperor?

This had become another plus point for her.

However, when she agreed, the flash of determination in her eyes didn’t escape his eyes.

He didn’t know that the flash of determination on her face was the determination to find her son and husband. No, it should be her ex-husband now.

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