The Reborn Witch Princess

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In the afternoon, King Magdon and Queen Lustia went to Prince Xavier's palace to visit Rara.

The king's heart was trouble when he heard that Prince Xavier wanted to keep Rara inside his palace.

However, the queen doesn't share the same trouble heart like him. In fact, she would be more than glad if Rara could be together with her son.

Such a good girl.

It would be a shame to hand her over to marry someone else.

"My queen, you should persuade Xavier to move Hara out of his palace." the king said as they walk along the path to Prince Xavier's palace.

The queen's face immediately sunken, "My king, why would you want her to move out from Prince Xavier's palace? If she stays there long enough, we would probably hold a fat grandson on our hands soon." she said this in a displeased tone.

The king sighed, "I do want a fat grandson but..." the king hesitated, "...Hara...she's just an ordinary girl..."

Hearing this, the queen stopped and made the king stop altogether with her.

Seeing the displeased look on her face, the king felt helpless, "My also know...Prince Xavier would be the next king after me. It would be best if he could find a partner that could support him and help him grow in power."

Seeing that she was still unfazed by his words, the king continued, "Just like us. What do you think?"

The queen turned around to look at the servant behind her and ordered, "Turn around and step back ten times!"

Seeing the livid look on the queen's face, the servant immediately turned around and step back ten times and even added an extra step for precautions.

Immediately after, the queen turned to look at the king and grabbed a hold of the king's waist and pinched it 360 degrees.

The king's face twisted in pain but he couldn't bear to push her aside and could only grit his teeth, "My queen, what did I do wrong?"

"What do you think?"

"My queen...maybe you could reduce...ah! I guess no...what did I do wrong?" the king asked helplessly in a grievance.

"You still didn't know your wrong! Didn't you say that Xavier needs someone powerful to help him grow in power? You even said that he should be like us!"

"Of course, I would also want that. I'm also very happy that you described me as a powerful lady. But, am I really a powerful lady?"

Being attacked by the queen's anger, the king was speechless. Now, he knows that there was something wrong with his words.

Yes, Queen Lustia was once a daughter of an imperial family and she holds military power before. However, her family and her kingdom were destroyed in one night.

How could he say that she was a powerful companion?

He grabbed the queen's hand and patted it gently, "Yes, yes. My queen, I know I'm wrong. I shouldn't have said that. After what had happened, I married you..." ordinary woman...

The king looks at the queen and couldn't bear to say the last few words.

Back then, when he heard about the fall of the Lumiere Kingdom, he was gloating in his heart.

However, a few days after that, he saw a woman dressed in plain clothes and a black cloth on her face.

At that time, he was sitting in his car, waiting for his bodyguard to buy food for him.

She was carrying a bag full of jewellery and was heading towards a shop.

It seems like she was trying to hold her jewellery to the shop owner.

The shop owner was elated at first but when he studied the rare jewels, he was immediately scared and told the woman to scram.

In an instant, people swarmed over and surrounded her.

Some were brave enough to pull the black cloth on her face and pushed her around.

She looked baffled when she saw the crowd scolding and insulting her.

When King Magdon saw her face for the first time, he was stunned.

Immediately after, he took the folder beside him and look at the content inside it.

There was a few papers and also one photo of a dazzling woman.

The woman on the street looks just the same as the woman in the photo.

He got out of the car and wanted to take her away but before he could do that, he was shocked by the wave of electricity hitting his body.

In an instant, he felt his whole body turn limp and fall onto the ground. He also saw numerous body in front of him limped down on the ground.

He looks at the black-clothed woman who had her fingers on her forehead and finally understood something.

She can use her mind to spread shock waves withing five kilometres away.

Unfortunately, she too felt down on the ground with a thud.

At the same time, King Magdon's bodyguard showed up and helped him get inside the car and under his instruction, the bodyguard also brought the unconscious Queen Lustia back to the castle.

When they arrived, King Magdon had recovered enough energy and brought Queen Lustia to the bedroom beside his and asked for a doctor to treat her.

When Queen Lustia woke up, she noticed that she was handcuffed to the bedside.

Looking at the beautiful woman in front of him, King Magdon was extremely unwilling to let her go.

The folder that he just opens clearly stated that Queen Lustia was to be killed at first sight. However, King Magdon had a changed of heart.

During those few days of her 'staying' in his palace, all he could think of was her.

Until one night, he heard a loud thump at the other room and immediately rush over.

That was how he found out her vampirict's behaviour.

Queen Lustia was hungry and thirst for blood. However, the handcuffed on the bed was restraining her from going out to drain people.

King Magdon was terrified at first. However, seeing the pained state she was in, he gritted his teeth and offer his wrist to her.

Queen Lustia didn't waste time. She leaned over and latched on his wrist and was reluctant to let him go.

When he felt light-headed, King Magdon retreated his wrist and left to recuperate.

This happens every night until their heart slowly beat into one.

King Magdon uncuffed her and let her explored the palace freely. However, he would only allow that if she was by his side.

He was still overly cautious that she might drain the whole place dry of blood.

Day by day, after staying together for so long, their affection grew stronger before the king finally asked her to marry him.

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