The Reborn Witch Princess

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“So what? I’m just taking back what’s mine!”

“The wine is mine!”

“No! It’s mine!”

“This is daylight robbery! Also, why did you put your mouth on mine? Where’s your dignity?” Prince Xavier paced back and forth as he argues with Rara.

His face was blushing red and the tip of his ears was overheating too.

Rara watched him walk back and forth with her hands crossed as she sat on the sofa.

She frowned when her head began to throb in dizziness, “So what? It’s not like it’s your first kiss anyway! What are you shy about?” Rara scoffed.

“Also, can you please sit down? I’m having a headache seeing you pacing back and forth!”

“Shameless! You’re shameless!” Prince Xavier stopped pacing and sat down on the couch.

He ran his hands on his hair as he closed his eyes in frustration.

Well, this is the scene that the king and queen saw when they open Rara’s supposed-to-be room.

They watch as the two-person inside the room shouting and arguing without noticing the people standing at the door.

Rara was about to open her mouth and argue with him further when they heard a voice from the door.

“Xavier...what did you mean by Rara putting her mouth on yours?” the queen walks inside the room and immediately sat beside Rara.

Prince Xavier’s face went red when his mother and father look at him with a serious expression on their face.

He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at the situation.

He was the one who was wronged. Why did it feel like he was the one at wrong?

“Mom, it’s exactly what you think. She...she forced herself on me.”

Prince Xavier touched his neck and look anywhere but them when he said this.

“Mom, it’s not my fault. He stole my wine first.” Rara tugged on the queen’s sleeve and pouted.

Seeing her pitiful look, the queen and the king immediately felt heartache. Queen Lustia caressed Rara’s head dotingly and threw a glare towards Prince Xavier’s direction.

“You! Apologize to Hara this instant!” the king chided in.

Prince Xavier glanced at Rara and just happen to see her wicked smiles. He felt like an outsider while Rara was the biological child.

“What if I don’t want to?”

The king was livid when he heard this. He took the small cushion on the sofa and immediately beat Prince Xavier’s back with it.

“Humph! Take this! You don’t want to apologize, huh?”

Seeing Prince Xavier’s ugly face, Rara was extremely smug about it. To fuel his anger further, she even leaned into the queen’s embrace with an obedient look on her face.

“Hara, don’t worry. Mom and dad will avenge you.” the queen smiled dotingly at her.


Prince Xavier’s eyes went red with jealousy. He gave Rara a death glare when Queen Lustia brought Rara out of the room.

The king stopped beating him with the cushion when there was only the two of them inside the room.

“Son, tell me. What happened?” the king sat down with a huff on the couch.

Prince Xavier once again blushed when his father asked him about that embarrassing matter.

“Dad, I...” his eyes flickered, trying to find a way out of his father’s embarrassing question.

“Tch! It was just a kiss! Why do you have to be so shy about that? It’s not like you’ve never kissed anyone before!” the king scoffed at his shy son.

“Dad, first...first kiss...” Prince Xavier complained aggrievedly.

The king’s elbow that was resting on the sofa’s arm slipped when he heard it.


Prince Xavier played with his hand and didn’t answer the king.

“Aiya!” the king slapped his thigh and looked at his son with exasperation.

In baffles, he couldn’t help but stand up and look condescendingly at his son who had his head lowered.

“You-! You’re old are you now?” the king pinched the bridge of his nose as he frowns.

“Dad, I’m 25 years old.” Prince Xavier answered innocently.

“It’s good that you still remember your age! Have you seen Prince Char Locetag? Humph! Many girls lined up to marry him! What about you? Don’t tell me you don’t have a girl in your heart?”

“I don’t know.” Prince Xavier pursed his lips when his father compared him with Prince Char.

“You-! You’re helpless!” the king was outrage when he heard this.

How could his son be so stupid?

He recalls that many pretty girls were lining up to marry him when he was the same age as Prince Xavier.

But, looking at his son, King Magdon couldn’t help shaking his head.

His son was too cold and heartless when he went outside of the palace, thus, no girls were brave enough to approach him.

He was about to walk out of the room when he recalled something, “Hara is the Chosen Lady. Don’t embarrass me.” with that, the king walked out and closed the door behind him.

Prince Xavier’s ears perked up when he heard this. Why does it look like his father was giving him some hint?

But, what does he mean?


“Hara, you fainted a few days ago. What happened?” the queen asked Rara before sipping on the glass of tea on her hand.

Rara frowned, “It may be because I use up the limit of my power. It’s nothing much.”

Queen Lustia raised her eyebrow when she heard this, “Are you sure you’re fine? I don’t mean to pry but the doctor who checked on you said that you had an internal injury.”

Hara furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, “I...I’m not aware of this. I’ve never been injured internally before...“, the old man helped me recover my energy...

Rara added in her heart.

Queen Lustia saw that she truly had no idea that she was internally injured and sighed.

“So, I take it you don’t feel any pain at all?”

“I don’t feel it at all.” Rara scratched her head in confusion, “I could try detecting it when cultivating later, though.”

“What if you truly have an internal injury?”

Rara pondered over for a second, “I’ll try to enquire about this with the fairies later.”

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