The Reborn Witch Princess

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Sudden attack




Rara woke up from the sound ringing in her ears and head. Groaning, she sat up and squinted her eyes around her.

Bright orange colour enters her line of sight. She felt a wave of heat swept over her for a moment.

Momentarily stunned, Rara who had been leaning on the wall stood up with difficulty. Her eyes following the people running here and there in panic as fire flooded the place.

“What…what’s going on?” Rara asked no one in particular as her eyes struggle to fight the blurry images in front of her.


Rara turned around in confusion upon hearing a familiar voice. She frowned when a man dressed in a bodyguard suit appeared in front of her.

“Princess, we need to go!”

“What’s going on? Who are you?” Rara supported her swaying body on the wall as she frowned at the man before her.

“Princess, I’m Derek. Your bodyguard. Our palace was burned when we’re having a party.” Derek looked at Rara with suspicion and anxiousness.

Why is her highness not making a run? Does she want to die here?


Rara touched her head that was in pain as memories surge up from the depth of her mind.

This is the incident that happened decades of years ago. How could she be back here again? Is she dreaming?

Rara pinched her arms and felt no pain. She must be dreaming.

She plopped back onto the ground as she watched the scene unfold before her with sadness in her eyes.

“Princess! Watch out!”

Rara eyes went wide when she saw a blue-flamed sword flying fast towards her. Within seconds, pain enveloped her body as darkness clouded her vision.

“My lady! Wake up!”

Rara woke up, startled by the shouts as the person continue to shake her awake. She looked at the veiled woman in front of her in confusion.

“Who are you? What’s happening?” Rara slowly sat up and leaned back on the headrest. Her hand rubbing her throbbing headache.

“The palace is on attacks! We need to move!” the woman stood up and grabbed Rara’s wrist, trying to pull her up but ended in futile.

Rara pulled her wrist out of the woman’s hand as she closed her eyes, “I’m dreaming again. When am I going to stop dreaming?”

The black-veiled woman gritted her teeth seeing Rara’s indifference to the situation.

“Fine! Just stay here and get burn! I’ve already done what Prince Xavier ask of me anyway.” the woman turned around and went out of the door before slamming it shut.

Prince Xavier...burn...

Rara open her eyes in fright when her mind registered the woman’s words.

She punched the wall beside her and cry out in pain, “Ah! Damn it! That fucking hurt! I’m not dreaming!”

Rara scramble to her feet and ran out of the door when she finally heard the shouts and clash of swords around her.

It was almost dawn.

Using the lightness of her body, she jumped onto the roof as she observed what was happening below.

Some parts of the palace were caught on fire.

The Haguar’s soldiers are in black and blue clothes while the other party was dressed in red and black.

She jumped from roof to roof as anxiousness surge up from her chest.

Finally, she saw Prince Xavier who was fighting with a few red-clothed soldiers.

She was about to jump down to lend a hand when she saw Prince Xavier’s hand shot up towards one of them with a murderous look on his face.

A gasp escaped her mouth when Prince Xavier’s hand pierce through the soldier’s chest before he pulled his hand back with the soldier’s heart in his hand.

The other soldiers who saw this were shaken to the bones as they stepped back in frights.

They exchanged glances between them before they all attacked him at the same time and ended up receiving the same fate with the comrade.

Blood splashed on his face, Prince Xavier moves between the enemies with ruthlessness written on his face as he killed a quarter of them in less than 3 minutes.

Bodies were shredded, hearts were pulled out, some of them had their blood sucked out of their body.

Rara trembled at the sight. She had seen some ruthless move before but not as ruthless as this.

Her brain went numb as her body froze. She felt like she doesn’t recognize him anymore.



Her attention moves from Prince Xavier to another familiar voice.

Prince Ariel leaned on the pillar behind him as blood spurt out from his mouth.

Rara’s eyes went wide when she saw the red-clothed man in front of Prince Ariel.

It looks like this man came from Kaca’s Kingdom and he may be one of the princes.

His body was big and there was a sword in his hand that was dripping with blood. That sword had clearly taste Prince Ariel’s blood.

The prince lifted his sword and Rara’s eyes widen when she saw blue flame engulfed the sword.

If Prince Ariel was a half-human like Prince Xavier, he might survive. But, he’s human. How could he withstand the blow from a magical instrument?

Fear gripped her in an instant as the past pain throbbed in her chest. She could still feel how the sword burned her entire body to ash.

“Prince Ariel!”

The blue-clothed soldiers immediately launched an attack on the prince as some of them surround Prince Ariel to protect him.

The soldiers have yet to touch the prince when the prince flung the sword towards them.

Rara watched with fright as the soldier’s body burned into ash and swept by the wind.

Her fist clenched and unclench as cold sweat rained her body. She closed her eyes and saw her family’s calling out for help as the fire surrounds them.

Tears slipped down her eyes. Why is this happening again? Why do people want to hurt the people close to her even after decades had passed?

Why can’t just they leave her and her loved ones alone?!


A phenomenon broke out. The nearly bright sky turns black as a storm rang through the sky. The wind blow harshly and swayed the people on the ground. Earthquake shakes the earth as parts of the palace crumbled to the ground.

Prince Xavier’s heart pounded rapidly inside his chest when he saw the person on the roof. Tornado surrounds her as her eyes shined blue.

She disappeared in a flash before she reappeared in front of Prince Ariel, right before the sword touch him.

“No!!!” Prince Xavier ran towards her in fear.

Prince Ariel was shocked when a familiar figure appeared in front of him. His eyes widen in fright when he recognized her, “Noooo!!!”

However, they were too late.

Blood spurt out from Rara’s mouth as the sword pierces through her stomach.

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