The Reborn Witch Princess

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Blue Fire Sword

The prince was stunned when he saw a woman who had blue lightning eyes. Her hair was striped with red and blue.

Realization struck him. A paranormal was living in the Haguar Kingdom.

This must be the Chosen Lady who was the topic of talk everywhere.

“Witch! Die!”

A crazed look appeared on his face as he twisted the sword. His crazed laugh boomed through the sky when he saw the pained look on her face.

He was thinking of how his father, King Sudu Noops, would be so proud of him when he went back home. He had eliminated Haguars Kingdom, Chosen Lady.

After that, maybe his father would promote him to be the War General.

His father had been waiting for ages to took over Haguar’s Kingdom. It looks like that day has finally come.

Prince Coi Sudu was still in a state of bliss of his victory and didn’t even notice the oncoming slaught from Prince Xavier.

One punch from him weighs ten highly skilled soldiers punch. Thus, Prince Coi was thrown back a few feet away from the force, losing his grip on his sword.

Haguar’s special guards surrounded him and pointed a gun towards the prince who was laying on the ground.

From the looks of it, his soldiers were finished and he was the only one left.

“Hara!” Prince Xavier rush towards Rara who had fallen on the ground and was leaning on Prince Ariel who had the same pained look.

Rara’s eyes no longer contained bolt of lightning. It has turned into a normal blue instead.

Prince Ariel wanted to pull the sword off of her but Rara stopped him.

He was human. He would turn into ash if he tries.

“Pull it out!” she looked at Prince Xavier who was kneeling beside her.

“But...” Prince Xavier look at the sword with a conflicted look.

What if he pulled it out and Hara loses more blood? What if-

“Do you want me to die?!” Rara snapped.

She had been holding on until Prince Xavier push Prince Coi away. She had covered herself with a magic barrier to control her body form from disappearing.

Queen Lustia was a descendant of a witch and Prince Xavier must have some essence of magic as well. Thus, he could pull the sword out without any problems.


Prince Xavier gripped the sword and breathed in and out before pulling it out from Rara’s stomach.

“Ugh!” Rara gritted her teeth as she gripped her clothes tightly from the pain.

Her blood entered Prince Xavier’s nostril as his eyes turned red. Her blood was tempting him.

Rara closed her eyes and chanted healing magic. She was not aware of the primal look on Prince Xavier’s eyes.

Prince Xavier fangs came out as he leaned over trying to get closer to the source of blood. However, it was soon covered by Prince Ariel’s mantel.

His eyes snapped towards Prince Ariel who was looking at him with caution.

Prince Xavier was snapped out of his thoughts. Shame overwhelm him for a second before he put the sword in his hand down and disappear.

“My lord, what shall we do with Prince Coi?” Assistant Bear move forward and whisper towards Prince Ariel.

“Take him to the dungeon.” Prince Ariel looked at Prince Coi who was forced to stay unmoved before looking away.

“Understood, My lord!”

However, Assistant Bear did not move away. He only gave a signal to his comrades to take Prince Coi to the dungeon.

Prince Ariel look up and saw that he was not moving away, “Why are you still here?”

Assistant Bear open his mouth with a hesitant look on his face, “My lord, your injuries...”

Prince Ariel looked down at the wound on his stomach, his hand trying to stop the blood from flowing, “Call the doctor’s over.”

“Yes, My lord!” he then waves one of his comrades to come over before ordering him to call the imperial doctor.

Rara opened her eyes after feeling much better and pick the sword up before she stood up with difficulty.

Prince Ariel was about to help her when Assistant Bear beat him to it.

He waved at another comrade and signalled them to help Prince Ariel before he and Rara walk towards Rara’s palace.

The king had ordered the servants to clean up the empty palace beside Prince Xavier’s palace for Rara.

“Where’s the king and queen?”

Rara sat on the couch in the living room with her slightly pale face. Only now did she remember that she didn’t saw them.

“Chief Lisun and Assistant Panda sent them to a safe place.” Assistant Bear answered as he came out from the kitchen with her previous brewed medicine.

Rara took the glass from him and sipped before putting the glass back down on the table with a grimace on her face.

“What kind of medicine is this? It’s smelled and tasted are terrible,” she complained as she looked at the black liquid on the glass.

“Haven’t you heard? Medicines that smell and taste terrible are the best medicine.” Assistant Bear’s mouth curled up with amusement.

“Where did you hear this nonsense? No wonder you’re still an assistant. It’s because you listen to nonsense every day.” Rara said with dismay in her tone.

“You-! Hum!” Assistant Bear crossed his arm with dissatisfaction.

Rara tilted her head a bit with a frown on her face before she looks up at Assistant Bear, “How’s Prince Ariel?”

Assistant Bear raised an eyebrow, “Are you concerned about him?”

“Shut up and answer!” Rara glared at him.

Assistant Bear scratched his chin, “He looks fine. Except for his injuries.”

Rara frowned before she looks down at the sword on the table. It was no longer engulfed in a blue flame and look like a normal sword at first sight.

She took the sword in her hand, running her hands on it.

Blue Fire Sword.


In the past, she owned the sword. However, her sword killed her amid the flood of fire.

That could only mean that someone from her family was a traitor and the traitor decided to die together with her just to kill her.

Rara scoffed.

Who could be so loyal to her enemy?

“What’s wrong?” Assistant Bear saw the fierce look on Rara’s eyes and asked in caution.

“It’s nothing. I’m just wondering how Prince Coi got this magical sword.”

“Why don’t you ask him?” as soon as the words came out from his mouth, Assistant Bear instantly regretted it.

Rara glanced up towards Assistant Bear with glee on her eyes, “Good idea!”

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