The Reborn Witch Princess

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All the soldiers who were guarding the dungeon shivered when they heard the same screams that rang on their ears for the past half an hour.

It seems like this prisoner is a tough nut to crack. The person who was torturing him must have tried every means to get the answer from the prisoner.

Anyway, the prisoner’s nightmare had just started.

If he persists until the end, no one will know the truth of the matter today.

“My lord.”

“My lord.”

When the two soldiers guarding the door of the screaming prisoner saw Prince Ariel step out from the room, they immediately bow down in respect.

Prince Ariel nodded at them before he leaves the dungeon with an indifferent look on his face, not caring about the stares he received because of his clothes that were painted red with blood.

The two soldiers were still watching the back of Prince Ariel who was leaving when Rara and Assistant Bear appeared in front of them.

One with glee on her eyes, while the other had an anxious look on his face.

Seeing that the two soldiers were still in a trance of thought, Assistant Bear cleared his throat.

“My Lady, Assistant Bear, why are you here?” the soldier asked in surprise.

Are they here to question the prisoner?

“We want to ask the prisoner about a small matter.” Assistant Bear said with a forced smile on his face.

The soldier nodded and asked again, “Do you have approval?”

“Aiya, big brother, it’s just a small matter. It only takes a few minutes for him to answer. Furthermore, I’m the Chosen Lady. Who says I cannot help the military to investigate?”

Rara waved her hand and pushed the soldier aside before taking the soldier’s key and push the dungeon door open.

“My Lady-”

The soldiers were about to pull her back when Assistant Bear stopped them.

“If anything happened, just blame her.” He whispered to the soldiers.

The soldiers were startled, he looks at Assistant Bear with wide shocked eyes, “But, she’s the Chosen Lady...”

Assistant Bear rolled his eyes, “I’ve warned her several times not to get involved. But, she insists to be stubborn until the end.”

Assistant Bear said this but there was a little feeling of guilt inside his heart. After all, he was the one who had a loose tongue.

Along the way to the dungeon, he tried several times to persuade Rara to forget the idea but she was as stubborn as a mule.

So, he just gave up and followed behind her quietly. After all, Rara hasn’t fully recovered.

What if Prince Coi come up with a trick and injured her again?

If that happens, he could only pay with his head. However, would he want to lose his head now?

Of course not!

He was still young and haven’t found a girlfriend. It would be a pity if he died when he still had a healthy body.

Furthermore, he still hasn’t got promoted to become a Head Guard. If he died now, he would surely become an evil spirit with grievances in his heart because he hasn’t fulfilled his dreams.

An ancient also said that; If he becomes an evil spirit, he won’t be reincarnated in his next life. This fate is pure torture in his minds.

The soldiers hesitated for a second before nodding. However, he also gestured a few of his brothers to come inside to protect Assistant Bear and Rara.

He wasn’t as stupid as to leave them inside without protection.

Five of the soldiers came in and stood behind Assistant Bear and Rara.

“Prince Coi is it? I just have a small question for you. If you failed to give me the right answer, don’t blame me, an ordinary people, to be rude.”

Rara crossed her arms as she studied Prince Coi. His look before he came to the dungeon was indeed attractive. However, all she could see on his beautiful face now is scars and blood.

His hair was a mess and his clothes were torn and she could also see the torn flesh beneath his clothes.

He was almost unrecognizable.

Prince Coi looked at Rara with one of his good eye and smirk, “Witch, how’s your wound?”

The soldiers behind couldn’t help but took a sharp intake of breath when they heard his words.

This guy is courting death.

How dare he called the Chosen Lady a witch?

Yes, she’s a witch but you don’t have to call her like she’s a bad person, right?

Rara raised her eyebrows calmly, “Oh? I feel perfectly fine. But, I don’t know? How about I show you instead? I’m bad with words but I’m good with actions.”

Assistant Bear saw Rara approaching the tied up Prince Coi anxiously.

However, Rara only stopped two meters away from him before she lifted her right hand and pointed her sharp fingernails at him.

Buzzing light-blue crackled from the tip of her fingertips before it shoots out and hit Prince Coi’s chest.


The soldiers shrunk back in fright when they saw Prince Coi’s body trembled from being electrocuted.

Rara stopped for a second before she resumed and was rewarded with his scream.

She did it again and again for at least 10 minutes before she stopped. By now, Prince Coi’s body had turned black and there was a burn skin smelled in the air. Even his hair had turned straight and some turned grizzly.

“How is it? I should be fine right? Are you ready to answer my question now?”

Prince Coi breathed fiercely before he let out a mocking laugh, “The Haguar Kingdom is the country who ruled the world. But, their Chosen Lady is trash and an abomination. What a shame!” he spits the blood on his mouth towards her.

It landed on her long skirt.


Assistant Bear was enraged when he heard this, he stepped forward and was about to punch him when Rara stopped him.

“Aiya, Assistant Bear, you’re too agitated. What did he say again? Trash? Abomination? Very good! Since you gave me this title, I should prove myself. Otherwise, I would be embarrassed. Prince Coi gave me such a good title. I should not let him down!”

The soldier was confused.

Why is the Chosen Lady so calm? Prince Coi gave her a good title? What good title? Didn’t he just insult you? He insulted you and you still want to prove yourself?

Had she gone crazy?

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