The Reborn Witch Princess

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When the noise stopped, the soldiers squinted their eyes to look at the bloody spectacle in front of them.

A few minutes before this, Rara decided to remove the chain that was holding Prince Coi’s wrists and ankles.

Before Prince Coi could even get used to the feeling of freedom, Rara had activated her magic, lifted her hand a few meters away from Prince Coi to grasp him and make him float in the air before slamming him down onto the floor and walls repeatedly.

The soldier’s knees quiver when they witness this. They had never seen this kind of torturing method before.

Alas, forget about torturing. Rara looks like she wanted to kill Prince Coi.

“How is it? You are the prince and I am an abomination. How come I can trample on you so easily?”

Assistant Bear felt chills running down his back. He felt that Rara was such a scary woman.

What he saw just now was just too ruthless! No human can withstand her blow!

He was pretty sure that Prince Coi’s bone is no longer intact and there was no way that he could walk on his own two feet anymore. To be precise, his days are numbered.

If Assistant Bear were to be him, he would rather die than withstand this pain and humiliation.

What Assistant Bear said was indeed true. Prince Coi tried several times to get up but failed. There was endless pain searing through his body and he could only lie on the floor helplessly.

Blood trickled down his wounded body and he felt as if his spirit was about to separate from his body.

“” he looked at Rara with horror in his eyes.

At first, he planned to attack her when she released him from the chain, who knows that she was faster than him.

Rara slammed him on the wall and the floor repeatedly. He felt like a toy being dragged on the cold granite ground.

It was extremely painful and excruciating.

“That would be much better. I haven’t had fun for ages. Don’t just bring your father. Bring your whole country together. Let’s say who is the trash one here then.” Rara sneered.

“You’re...courting...death...” Prince Coi was angry but he could only listen to her with gritted teeth.

“Oh? I wonder which of us would enter the gate of hell first. After all, you don’t have bones anymore. You’ve lost a lot of blood. You can’t even move any part of your body except your tongue.”

Prince Coi felt distressed when he heard this. He was still young but now he was just a disabled person. Forget about becoming a War General, even being a prince is not acceptable at all.

If he went back to Kaca’s Kingdom now, he would only bring humiliation to his family.

“However, if you give me the right answer, I would consider repairing your bones,” Rara smirked.

Prince Coi gritted his teeth. He was extremely unwilling in his heart. Either tell the truth and have his bones repaired or his disabled body would be sent back as a humiliation to his family.


“I’m a Chosen Lady not only for Haguar’s Kingdom but for the whole world! Assistant Bear and the soldiers behind would be a witness to my words!”

Prince Coi closed his eyes before he answered, “Agreed...”

Rara nodded, “Why did you attack Haguar’s Kingdom?”

Rara waved at Assistant Bear and signalled him to take note and he immediately took a small notebook tucked on his uniform.


“How did you get the sword?”

“A friend...gifted it to me...”

“You’re human. How could you hold the sword with your bare hands?”

“I had...a glove...that resist...magic...”

Rara look at his bare hands with a puzzled look.

“Where is your glove?”

“Prince Ariel...took it...”

Rara stiffened, she looked at the disabled Prince Coi with narrowed eyes, “Did you tell him about the glove?”


Rara sighed in relief.

It’s good if Prince Ariel didn’t know about this. If he knows, he would be a suspect himself. Not to mention, he didn’t disappear when he was hit by the sword.

It’s either he wore a cloth that resists magic or...he wasn’t human himself.

“The friend you mentioned, is he the same person who told you to wear this glove? What’s his name?”

Prince Coi felt bitter in his heart. He doesn’t want to sell out his friend but he didn’t want to live in humiliation either.

“Yes, I only know...that him...Gideon...”

Rara nodded, “Where is he now?”

Prince Coi gritted his teeth and close his eyes, “Kaca’s Kingdom.”

“One last question. Today’s attack, did you do it on your own or King Sudu ordered you to attack us?”

Prince Coi went silent for a moment. The order was from his father. However, how could he betray his father?

Rara saw that he was hesitating and persuade him, “If it’s you, you would be detained to work as a slave in Haguar’s Kingdom forever. But, if it is an order from King Sudu, you would become the next in line to the throne.”

Assistant Bear was greatly shaken when he heard this. What the hell was Rara doing? Did she even want to meddle in other people’s affairs? Is she aware of how dangerous this is?

Not to mention, Prince Coi’s soldiers kill a few of the Haguar’s Soldiers and injured Prince Ariel.

What if he said it was his father who ordered him to do it? Wouldn’t that mean that he was forgiven just like that?

Prince Coi gritted his teeth, he recalled how her mother and sister was sneered upon by the other family members. He recalled how his father never looked at him neither praise him, “My father...ordered it...”

Rara nodded, satisfied.

She kneeled on the ground, spread out her palm and press it on Prince Coi’s chest. Closing her eyes, she began to repair Prince Coi’s bones, starting from his ribs.

A human who didn’t die after 5 minutes of broken bones, he had the heart of a warrior.

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