The Reborn Witch Princess

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Chief Lisun is Back!

“What are you doing?!” Assistant Bear stepped forward, ready to pulled Rara back from healing Prince Coi.

“Move back!” Rara swept her hand and use her magic to push Assistant Bear away from them.

“He’s a prisoner! He injured Prince Ariel! Why do you want to save him?” Assistant Bear gritted his teeth.

He had been trained to kill those against the Haguar Kingdom. How could he stand by when his enemy was about to revive his strength?

Rara closed her eyes and put a protective barrier around her and Prince Coi before concentrating all her magic into both of her palms.

Green orb light appeared between her palms, growing bigger and bigger before she opened her eyes and pushed the orb into Prince Coi’s chest.

Prince Coi could only see a beautiful face with her hair striped red and blue before he fell into a coma.

The green light kept spreading from his chest to his whole body, reshaping his bones faster than a healer.

After a few minutes, the green light disappeared into his body and his complexion had become much better.

Rara breathed out in exhaustion before she stood up.

“The prisoner has answered the question. Move him to a guest room. If you are worried that he would escape, sent a few soldiers to guard him. When he wakes up, inform me immediately.”

“But, My Lady...he’s...a prisoner...” the dungeon guard hesitated.

Rara waved her hand and walk towards the door, “Just do as I say. I’ll be responsible for this matter.”

The dungeon guard looked at Assistant Bear with a pleading look. Assistant Bear could only sigh and shakes his head before he nodded, “Do as she says.”

Assistant Bear walk out of the dungeon and jogged to catch up with Rara who was already a few meters away.

They are now walking back towards Rara’s palace when Rara stopped all of a sudden and almost made Assistant Bear bumped into her.

“Hey! Why did you-My Lady!”


Rara grasped her chest as blood spill out from her mouth onto the ground.

“My Lady, what’s wrong with you?” Assistant Bear asked with panic in his voice.

Rara straighten her body before wiping her mouth with her sleeves and waved at Assistant Bear, “I’m fine...”

She took a step forward but found that the whole world was blur and spinning.

“My Lady!” Assistant Bear was about to catch her when someone else beat him to it.

“What’s wrong with her?”

Assistant Bear’s eyes lit up in joy when he saw Chief Lisun, “Chief! Hurry up and check her!”

Chief Lisun glared at him before he carried Rara bridal style, “Am I a doctor?”

“Ah? Oh! I’ll call the doctor now!” Assistant Bear immediately ran to search for the doctor.

Chief Lisun looked at the hagard woman in his arms. How long has it been since they last talked to each other?

It seems like a lot had happened since they last saw each other. Sighing, he strode towards Rara’s palace.

He hasn’t got the chance to meet her but he still heard gossips from his soldiers about Rara. That’s why he knows that she was now staying at the palace next to Prince Xavier.

At the space...

“Rara!” Hara called out worriedly when Rara’s spirit landed on the floor of the white box.

Old man-Bun Kukkinos didn’t waste time. He helped Rara sat up before he uses his magic to treat her injuries.

An hour pass by in silence before the old man withdrew his hands and breathed heavily as sweat rolled down his cheeks.

He stood up and walked back and forth in silence as Rara try to recover her strength. When he was treating her with his magic, he could feel strong evil magic in Rara’s body.

He had never seen this kind of evil magic since hundreds of decade ago when they were still in the Magissa Kingdom.

Could it be?


Her Highness and her whole family were burned to the ground with fire. There’s no way anyone would have the time to assassinate her.

Then, how did she get injured? How did she get this evil magic inside her?

“Old man!”

“Ah?” Bun Kukkinos came back to his senses when Hara shouted in front of him with a displeased look on her face.

“Old man, how long has it been since you cleaned your ears? My voice hurt from calling you repeatedly.”

He scratched his head awkwardly, “I’m sorry, little girl. What’s the matter?”

Hara pursed her lips, “Stop walking. My head is spinning.” she walked towards Rara and sat a few meters away from her.

Rara who had recovered her strength felt someone gaze on her and opened her eyes. She breathed out and stood up to stretch herself.

“Old man. Not bad. Your skill has gotten better.” she turned around and curled her mouth when she saw him snoring at the corner of the room.

“Hara, what are you thinking about? Why are you staring at me?” she changes her attention towards the girl who was sitting on the ground with her palm supporting her face.

Hara pursed her lips, “I’m bored. Aside from the old man and this white room, there’s nothing much to see here.”

Rara scratch her chin and nodded in agreement, “Right. It’s too dull here. Although, this is much better than the darkness I’ve endured for decades. I didn’t know that a white house would appear when the old man came.”

She sighed, “This space...I’ve never known that this kind of thing exists in my brain. Strange if this is inside my head, why didn’t I see my brain?” she pondered thoughtfully.

“This is my head!” Hara pouted.

Rara’s lips curled up, “Not anymore.”

“You-!” Hara stood up and stomped her foot.

Rara’s laughter rang up inside the space, “Okay, okay. Well, it’s too dull in here. Let me see if I could add some colour here.”

Rara opened her palms and a burst of colour flow from her hands towards the four-walled house.

“Make a room, make a room!” Hara looked at the scene before her in excitement.

Three-room appeared along with beds.

“I want a shelf full of books!”

Rara chuckles and created a shelf full of books along the wall.

Rara pondered for a while before adding a small living room with sofas and a table.

She also made a door and window on the small house.

“Do you feel hungry when you’re in the space?” Rara asked when she thought of making a kitchen.

Hara laughed, “Nope. I always felt full. There was no light but the white walls were so bright, it becomes our light. We saw what you saw and heard what you heard.”

“This space is very silent when you fell asleep. Sometimes, we would not sleep and talk for hours without getting tired. We could sleep whenever we want and we don’t need a bathroom either.”

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