The Reborn Witch Princess

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Let's Divorce!

A week went by, and the palace returned to its original shape and the soldiers who died in the battle were buried.

The injured soldiers were still recuperating in the military hospital. Luckily, they only lose a few soldiers on the battlefield and still had the power to defend themselves from any oncoming attack.

At the same time, Rara was still unconscious. Dr Fred didn’t know anything about magic. Furthermore, no one in the kingdom should have such a kind of power for the fear of being persecuted by the country.

However, they couldn’t avoid fate. The Gods chose a witch for them. Since the witch was from the Haguar kingdom, who was at the top of the world, rumours had been spreading around, saying that the Haguar Kingdom brought bad luck.

Of course, that was not the case. They were just jealous and afraid of the Haguar Kingdom becoming more powerful and would reign over them for a lifetime.

In this case, Dr Fred could only give Rara a supplement. He had long given up on the injuries caused by magic inside her.

Even though Dr Fred was the famous doctor sought by many people, his ability was limited to what a human could do. So, no one could blame him for this.

“Where is she?!”

At the gate of the palace, Prince Xavier who just returned from his hiding heard that Rara was unconscious. He grabbed the soldier’s shoulder and asked with anxiousness.

“My...My Excellency...She’s resting in her palace...” the soldier gasped when Prince Xavier let go of him and run towards Rara’s palace.

Prince Xavier was anxious and felt guilty for leaving her a week ago. He just left her with Prince Ariel and never checked her condition carefully.

He was blaming himself for longing for her blood and for neglecting her. He should have been by her side to take care of her.

But, regret is regret. No one could go back to the past. Now, it’s up to him whether he could help her or not.


Inside Rara’s palace...

Dr Fred checked Rara’s pulse and sighed. He turned around and said, “It’s still the same. Her pulse is weak. The physical injuries have healed. It’s been a week and she should be awake by now.”

Queen Lustia wiped her tears as she leaned into the king’s embrace. King Magdon sighed and said, “Don’t worry. She’ll be fine. Let her rest more. Let’s go.”

Dr Fred and his assistant leave the room first.

Queen Lustia shakes her head, “No, you go first. I’ll stay here and take care of her.”

The king sighed again, “You’ve been here for a week. You haven’t had a rest since then. Until when are you gonna keep this up? The maid and servant can take care of her.”

“It’s not the same. It’s been a week since she falls unconscious. Last time, she woke up a few days after her fever gone down. I’m afraid, her condition will get worse because of her internal injuries.” the queen’s eyes had turned red from crying for so many days.

She wanted a daughter very much. Rara just happened to enter her eyes from the first day she called her “mom”. That day, her heart soared up and she felt very touched.

She had decided to take her as her daughter. Now that her daughter is sick, she was the most devastated.

Rara’s parents were outside the palace and they wanted to bring them to the palace and live together with Rara. However, Rara objected, saying that it would be safer for her parents to be outside the capital.

For example, the battle that happened in the palace a few weeks ago. The palace is dangerous with much-hidden danger where no one could predict it.

She also asked a favour to conceal her parent’s identities to prevent her enemies to use them against her.

The king did not only agree, he also sent a few guards to keep an eye on her parents to protect them, considering it was also in his favour. If Rara was blackmailed, it would do no good to him and the kingdom.

“My queen, it’s time for you to take a rest. I understand your concern. However, you have to take care of your health too.”

The queen wiped her tears and suddenly move away from his embrace, “Rest, rest, rest! All you know is rest! You never cared about Rara! I saw her as my daughter! She’s in pain and I don’t feel good! I wanted to make her pain go away, but I don’t know how!”

Her tears rolled down her face even fiercer after her outbursts. She had been holding this back from when Rara had her fever.

The king frowned and was a little bit irritated. He liked Rara’s presence in the palace since he had no daughter. Of course, he cared about her.

The Chosen Lady is sick and if words go out, it would do him no good. However, if someone knows that he went out to seek out a witch from that ‘world’ to help them, that would be more fatal.

It was as if baring your neck to your enemy. The human world had been peaceful ever since the paranormal was pushed into a corner. They were no longer afraid of being intimidated by their power.

If they know that he, a king of the Haguar Kingdom went to seek the paranormal, he and his kingdom will be finished.

At that time, the other four kingdoms would certainly join hands to defeat them and crushed them to the ground.

“Lustia Heiden! You are the queen of the Haguar Kingdom. Do you know the consequences of making a connection with people of that world? Have you forgotten what happened to your kingdom? To your family?”

The queen was stunned. The king’s words sting her heart as if an arrow had just pierced her heart.

The king realized that he had hurt her by saying it. However, it was too late when the words burst out from his mouth.

“What did you say?”

The king walks forward and wanted to comfort her. He panicked when he saw her stepping back with grief in her eyes.

“Wife...I...I didn’t mean it that way...I...”

“You finally said it. After more than 30 years staying finally said it...ha...hahaha...” the queen laughed in a self-mocking way.

The king was anxious and he wanted to apologize. However, it was as if there was a heavy stone on top of his feet and his tongue was numb. There was heartache and regret in his heart. But, the damage has been done.

“You must have been disgusted whenever you saw me. That’s fine too. I’m not suitable to be the queen of your perfect world! I’ll take Rara away and find a healer myself!”

“No, Rara is the Chosen Lady of Haguar Kingdom. You can’t take her out and you can’t leave the castle.”

“Chosen Lady of Haguar Kingdom? Huh! Don’t overestimate yourself too much! She’s the Chosen Lady for every kingdom as well as the kingdom of that ‘world’!”

“No way! You can’t go. You are the queen, it won’t be good for the kingdom and people of Haguar.”

“Queen? I’m sorry. I don’t like this title anymore. A creature like me sitting on the throne together with you, I’m afraid it would hurt your eyes.” there was determination in her eyes.

The king’s heart was pounding and cold sweat runs down his back. There was a bad premonition in his heart.

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s divorce!”

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