The Reborn Witch Princess

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Going Back to The Ruins of Heiden

“We’re here.” the soldier’s voice on the front seat woke Prince Xavier from his nap.

He opened the car’s door and stared at the forsaken palace in front of them. Even when it was ruined, the magic barrier of the palace was still there.


He turns his head and saw his mother, Queen Lustia stepping out of the car behind him.


The queen’s complexion was pale and there was still a trace of sadness in her eyes.

Yesterday, he bumped into the scene of his mother and father quarrelling inside Rara’s room. His mom wanted a divorce but his father didn’t agree.

Prince Xavier seldom saw his parent’s arguing but from what he saw yesterday, it was their hugest fight ever.

Queen Lustia then arrange for a few people who she recruited into the palace on her own and set off to go back to this forgotten palace.

He was worried that his mom would act recklessly outside the palace and encountered a problem so he made a tacit agreement with his father to follow his mom.

In the morning, they set off and finally arrive before night comes. They stopped for a few minutes on the road to take a rest and lunch.

Other than the queen, Prince Xavier and Rara, Assistant Panda came along with six maids, six servants and twenty soldiers.

“Mom, why are you coming back here?” Prince Xavier asked with hesitation in his voice.

Queen Lustia look at the palace and said, “This place had been abandoned for too long. Even if the barrier is protecting it, some people would still be able to enter this place.”

He frowned when he heard this, “So, we would encounter enemies inside this barrier?”

The queen shook her head, “Don’t say that. Not everyone is born evil. Maybe, they just want to seek protection by hiding inside the palace.”

Prince Xavier was about to retort when his mom walks towards the barrier and touch it with her hand.

As if recognizing its owners, the barrier light up and almost blinded everyone in the scene as the ground shook.

Everyone close their eyes and waited for the light to dim out before opening their eyes.

They watch in astonishment when the barrier opens up an entrance big enough to let the 9 cars go through.

Prince Xavier motioned to the soldiers who were driving the cars to enter the palace.

The barrier went back down when all of them was inside the palace. The cars drive for a few more meters before stopping in front of the palace.

“Secure the place!” Assistant Panda leads the soldiers to check the palace, leaving the rest to wait in front of the palace.

Prince Xavier look around and used his senses to detect if any enemies are lurking out.

“Mom, why did the barrier protect the palace but not the whole kingdom?”

The queen was lost in her thought and only came back to her senses when she heard Prince Xavier’s question.

“It used to protect the whole kingdom before it was ruined. The core of the barrier is placed inside the palace. It was barely enough to prevent invaders from coming through the barrier.”

He nodded and was lost in thought for a while, “Mom, have you ever thought about recovering the kingdom?”

The queen was stunned before a bitter smile appeared on her face, “What can I do? I have no resources to repair the building and I have no workers to build it for me. Furthermore...” she drew a breath, “...what’s the use of recovering this building when there are no more people living in it?”

Prince Xavier thought it was logical but didn’t give up, “But, you said people are hiding in here...”

The queen throws him a look and Prince Xavier immediately shut his mouth with a sheepish look on his face.

“Why are you so interested in recovering this place? Do you have resources? Do you have people? Do you have money?”

Prince Xavier pursed his lips when the queen glared at him.


The stalemate ended when they heard shouts coming inside the palace.

They entered the door at the same time a soldier’s body was thrown out.

The soldier landed beside their feet and coughed out blood. It wasn’t long before another soldier was thrown out beside him.

“Who are you?!” Prince Xavier growled.

The room was dim and there wasn’t enough light to see through the darkness. But, Prince Xavier and Queen Lustia did not have this problem for they have night vision.

The man in the darkness chuckle, “Someone you shouldn’t offend.”

Prince Xavier’s eyes flashed and he dashed towards the person at high speed. Unexpectedly, the person avoided him and caused Prince Xavier’s punch to land on the wall.

The person was surprised at first before his lips curled up into a smirk, “Interesting.”

Prince Xavier did not give up. He continues to attack the person, testing him. However, the person keeps on avoiding his attack and he was as nimble as a snake which irritates him.

His eyes flash red before he disappeared. The person was startled and his eyes darted around him, trying to figure out Prince Xavier’s position.

He was not aware of the danger’s coming above him. Once he noticed it, he was too late as Prince Xavier’s palm touched his head and there was terror in his eyes when he felt like his soul was being absorbed out from his body.

It was Prince Xavier’s witch essence. It would absorb one’s souls until that person died and become a skeleton.

“I lost!” sensing that he was about to die, the person tremble in fear and immediately surrender.

Prince Xavier was still in a haze as his body was full of delight from absorbing such a delicious soul.

Queen Lustia saw this and know that Prince Xavier hasn’t got the hang of controlling his power. She was anxious and wanted to stop him from killing the man however she didn’t know-how.

At the same time, a servant rushed in and shouted, “Lady Chihara woke up!”

Hearing this, Prince Xavier’s body freeze and he let go of the man before dashing outside the door.

The man landed on the floor with a thud and lost his consciousness.

Excitement and anxiousness flashed in his eyes when he saw Rara coming out of the car with her hand on her head.

There was a frown on her face.

“Hara! You’re awake!” he reached out and hugged her.

Queen Lustia saw this scene and was stunned for a while before a smile appeared on her face.

It seems like, Rara can wake him up from his haze.

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