The Reborn Witch Princess

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More Furious Than Her

“Ugh...I can’t breathe...” Rara groaned.

Prince Xavier heard it and loosened his hold on her, “Sorry...” his eyes travelled from her head to her toe to make sure she was fine.

Rara look at her surroundings and frowned, “Where are we?”

“My mom’s palace,” he answered with a solemn look on his face.

Rara was stunned when she heard this. She looked at the maids and servants as well as the soldiers walking back and forth outside the castle.

“Where’s the queen?” she asked when she didn’t see her.

Prince Xavier holds her hand and said, “She’s inside. Let’s go.”

They walk towards the palace entrance and went in. Queen Lustia was talking to a few maid and servant, asking them to clean up the bedroom first on the second floor.

As for the soldiers, some were guarding the back and front entrance of the palace and some were helping the servant to remove the dust and rubbish. They also light up the candle place along the corridors as the sky was turning dark.

“Mom.” Prince Xavier called out softly.

The queen ushered the maids and servants to go back to work before turning around.

“Hara, you’re finally awake. How are you feeling?” she approached them and took Rara’s hands.

Rara smiled, “I’m fine. Oh, right. How long did I sleep?”

“A week.” the queen answered with a low voice.

Seeing the queen haggard expression, Rara felt that something was wrong, “What’s wrong? Where’s the king?”

Prince Xavier cleared his throat and said to his mom, “Mom, we’ve travelled so far today. Why don’t we eat before we take a rest?”

The queen nodded silently and went to the dining room. The servants had just finished clearing the table and chairs as well as the cutlery when they came in.

“Your highness.” both of them bowed down.

Queen Lustia saw the tired expression on the servant and sighed in her heart, “Eat and rest first. You can continue tomorrow.”

The servants nodded obediently and went out leaving the three of them inside the dining room.

Prince Xavier opened the transparent bag that contained food boxes and took out one food box for each of them. After that, they sat down and eat before they went upstairs to take a rest.

The queen turn left and enter the room at the end of the corridor while Rara and Prince Xavier turn right and enter the room at the other end.

The servant unexpectedly prepared their room next to each other.


A faint light seeped out from the curtain.

Rara was woken up by the noise of people talking and moving things downstairs. She yawned and step out of the bed and move to the bathroom.

She grimaced at the green moss and dirt staining the wall and floor of the bathroom. She wanted to take a shower but thinking of how the water could be dirty made her body shivered.

She didn’t want to waste her energy by using magic in the morning but the sweat on her body made her felt sticky and uncomfortable.

She raised her hand and use her magic to get rid of the moss and dirt and push them down the drain. She just hoped that the drain wouldn’t be clogged up by the dirt.

After making sure that the bathroom is now clear and safe to shower, she went back to the bedroom and found a bag at the end of the bed.

It should be the clothes and necessity that the maids packed up for her.

She opens the bag and took out a dress and put it on the bed. She took a towel and bathroom necessity before going back to the bathroom to clean up.

Thankfully, the water was not as dirty as she expected. Maybe the servants had checked it yesterday when they cleaned the room.

After she finished showering, she dried herself off and wear the dress before she walked towards the window and opened the curtain.

Bright light seeped into the room and Rara couldn’t resist opening the window as well. The fresh air from the forest behind the palace swarmed inside her room and a satisfied look appeared on Rara’s face.

She looks at the horizon and stared into the distance for a while before she turned back around and look around her room.

It was the same size as the room she had at the Haguar Kingdom. A question float inside her mind. Where are they? What is the name of this place?

Why did the queen go back here all of a sudden?

A strange feeling appeared in her heart. This place...looks familiar. No matter how Rara thinks about it, she couldn’t figure out the familiar feeling in her heart.

Sighing, Rara raise her hand now and then to clear the dirt staining the ceiling, walls and floor.

Even though the servants would come up later to finished their work yesterday, Rara didn’t want to bother them with the things she could do on her own.

Soon, the room was clean, bright and spotless. Rara put the pile of rubbish beside the door so the servant could see it when they came in.

The bed, sofa, carpet and almost every piece of furniture inside the room was old and some were torn up. Rara sighed and said in her heart, ‘At least, I wouldn’t have to choke on dust.’

The furniture still could be use and the lamp on the ceiling is still function though it was unknown whether it will last till when.

After everything was sorted out, she didn’t pack up the things in her bag. She wanted to change all of the furniture first.

Then, she got out of the room and hummed as she walks towards the queen’s room. She didn’t know how the queen was doing. After all, she’s not used to living in a house in poor condition.

Knock! Knock!

It didn’t take long before the queen opened the door with a tired look on her face. It seems like she had just woken up.

Seeing this, Rara asked with a guilty expression on her face, “Your highness, did I disturb your sleep?”

The queen smiled and shake her head, “No, I’m already up for a while. Come in.” she opened the door wider and let Rara through before closing the door.

Rara looks at the room and noticed that the window was opened. So, the queen had indeed woke up but haven’t washed up yet.

Rara turned around and look at the queen, “Your highness, I can clean the room for you.”

Immediately after, the queen shakes her head, “No, it’s fine. The servants can do it. Don’t exhaust yourself.” there was a hint of concern on her face and tone.

Rara was curious as to why the queen was worried about her, “Your highness, why did we come here?”

The queen was silent for a while before she took Rara to sit on her bed, “To find a healer.”

“A healer? Your highness, what’s wrong? Are you injured?” Rara asked in concern as she scrutinized the queen.

Except looking tired and haggard, Queen Lustia didn’t seem to be hurt.

The queen looked at the concern on Rara’s face and couldn’t help poking her head and joked, “Silly girl. I’m talking about you.” she said with a small smile on her face.

Rara was puzzled, “Ah? Me? What’s wrong with me?”

The queen shook her head and sighed helplessly, “Your internal injuries strike up again and you didn’t wake up for a week. What if you didn’t wake up a month later? It’s better to seek the cure as soon as possible.”

Rara was stunned. She didn’t expect the queen to take such a measure just to get a healer for her.

She lowered her head and ponder over the queen’s words. Looking at her sad eyes, she might be missing the king.

But, why is the king not here?

A thought appeared on Rara’s mind. The king must have heard that the queen wanted to find a healer for her so they must quarrel because of this.

The king was a human and the top reigner of all kings. If he wanted to keep this position, the first condition is to avoid any contact with the paranormal world.

The king had already broken this rule when he married Queen Lustia, a descendant of a vampire.

After that, she gave birth to Prince Xavier, the descendant of a vampire and a witch.

Other than that, the origin of Prince Ariel also seems suspicious.

Rara gritted her teeth and there was dissatisfaction in her face, “How could dad argue with you about this? What’s wrong with having contact with people like us?”

The queen was stunned when she heard this. She looks at Rara’s dissatisfied look and was speechless for a moment.

Why did it look like Rara was more furious than her?

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