The Reborn Witch Princess

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Voice From Space

A chuckle escaped from the queen’s mouth. Seeing Rara’s dissatisfied look amused her. She couldn’t help but sighed in her heart, ‘If only Rara was her biological daughter, how great would that be?’

Seeing the queen’s smile, Rara pouted, “Mom, why are you laughing? Am I wrong?” she was complaining but deep down, she was relieved.

It’s great seeing the queen smile again. Whenever she was down, it was as if the whole world had withered.

“No, you’re right.” the queen chuckle again when she saw Rara huffing and puffing with her hands on her hips.

“Mom!” Rara stomped her foot.

The queen wanted to stop laughing at her but she couldn’t help herself when seeing Rara’s disgruntled look.

In the end, Rara helped her clean the place with her magic before the both of them went down for breakfast.

They bumped into Prince Xavier who was giving orders to the soldiers and servants before the three of them went into the kitchen for breakfast.

“Hara, how did you sleep last night?” Prince Xavier asked.

Rara bit onto the bread and sipped on her coffee before answering, “It’s quite good. What about you?”

The response she got was his silence. The queen turned her head to look at Prince Xavier and finally noticed his dark circles as well as a few red spots on his face and neck.

“Puff!” she immediately covered her mouth when her son glared at her.

Sensing the weird atmosphere, Rara look up and saw Prince Xavier’s gloomy face as well as the dark circles and red spot on his face and neck.

“Puff!” the same sound came out from her mouth and she immediately covered her mouth when she saw his sharp glare.

She and the queen exchange glances before guffawing, almost choking on the bread in their mouth.

“Stop laughing! It’s not funny!” his face turned darker and darker when seeing the two woman who couldn’t stop laughing at him.

The breakfast ended with a grin from both woman and a snarl from Prince Xavier.

“Your Highness, is there any furniture shop nearby?” Rara and the queen walked outside and sat on the old table and bench outside.

“It’s been a long time since I came back. I didn’t know if the shop around the palace still exists.” the queen sighed.

Rara pondered before asking, “Then, can I go out to look for it? We need to change the furniture inside the house.”

The queen immediately went alert, “No!” the answer was decisive enough that made Rara’s heart jumped for a second.

Seeing Rara’s stunning look, the queen regained her composure and said, “It’s too dangerous for you to go outside right now. Furthermore, we don’t have enough manpower to protect ourselves. The peoples who live here is not the same as the people in five great kingdoms.”

Rara’s eyes flashed with understanding. Right now, the people outside the palace have extraordinary power.

Apart from Queen Lustia, Prince Xavier, Assistant Panda and her, the people who came with them were all ordinary people.

Assistant Panda is a vampire found by Prince Xavier on his war trip along with Assistant Bear. They’re highly experienced but fighting with other species, it was still unknown whether they could win.

The queen saw that Rara was still running her brain to solve this problem and felt helpless. If she tried to stop her, the girl probably would escape in the middle of the night.

Then, she remembered the man yesterday.

“Ah! I almost forgot! Let’s go!” she stood up and Rara immediately followed.

“Your Highness, where are we going?”

“To the dungeon!”

Rara was shocked, “Dungeon? Why are we going there?”

“Yesterday, we caught a witch inside the palace. It’s unknown whether he just arrived or he had lived inside the palace all this time.”

Rara’s eyes flashed with interest, “A witch?”

They walk to the backyard and Rara saw another building a few kilometres away behind the palace.

Two bodyguards were standing guard at the door.

The queen halted before they walked inside the dungeon, “Hara, I know that he and you are the same people but we still need to be cautious.”

Rara nodded, “Your Highness, don’t worry. I know.”

The queen nodded in satisfaction before stepping inside. They walk along the corridor before the queen opened one of the metal doors on their left and went inside.

Along the way, Rara’s heightened senses could smell the rotten corpses centuries ago inside the dungeon. She couldn’t see any skeleton along the corridor and felt that there must be plenty on the other side of each metal doors.

Sure enough. When the queen pushed the door open, a rotten smell entered their nostrils. Both of them covered their nose with their sleeves.

The metal room was large and have almost sixty cells lined up on the walls. There was a skeleton inside each cell with cobwebs spreading from the top of the cells towards the floor.

There were no windows and the only light of the dungeon was the dim ceiling light.

“Hahaha! You finally came to see me! I almost thought you’ve forgotten me!”

Rara’s eyes rested on one of the cells where a man was sitting on the ground with a leisure manner. Not like a prisoner at all.

“Who are you?” she asked.

He was dressed like a noble person. Although, his hair and clothes were now unkempt. He was at most in his thirties.

“What? Are you gonna torture me if I don’t answer?” the man taunted.

Rara’s eyes flashed with a dangerous light, “You can try.”

“It’s no use for you to know my name. After all, my help will come sooner or later.”

“Oh? Why don’t we bet on the speed of your help and the speed of your death?”

“Huh! Why don’t we fight and see who would die faster?”

Rara was about to answer him when the queen spoke, “Enough! Why did you come to this crushed palace?”

“What I’m doing here is my business.”

“Presumptuous!” Rara swept her hand and crushed the cell’s lock.

The man hasn’t had the chance to escape when he felt his throat closing up. Rara holds him up from the ground with one hand.

Sensing the pressure coming from Rara, fear gripped the man’s heart as sweat slides down her back.

“Speak! What are you doing here?!”

“I’ll speak! I’ll speak!”

Rara let go of him and the man crumpled onto the ground as he coughed. He backed away in fear when he saw Rara’s ferocious look.

“I was ordered to check out the palace and see if it could be developed.”

Rara and the queen exchanged a look, “Who sent you?”

The man shakes his head, “I...I can’t say it...they will kill me if they find out...”

Rara smirked and raised her hand, “Then, let’s see if you will die under my hands or their hands.”

Fire and lightning crackled on her palms. The man saw this and felt terrified. He had never seen anyone with such power before.

“Who...Who are you?!”


<Wait!> a voice from the space on her head halted her action.

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