The Reborn Witch Princess

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Patrick Lano

The queen sighed in relief when Rara halted her action. Although she doesn't want anyone to mess up her palace, she still wanted to ask him about the matters concerning this palace.

She didn't know why Rara stopped. She was looking at the man on the ground with questioning eyes. It seems as if she was studying him.

But, why?

Rara frowned and asked the old man in her space, 'Why did you stop me?'

<<Ask him if he knows Darsh Lano.>>

'Old man, do you know something?'

<<Aiya, stop wasting time! Ask him quickly!>>

Rara rolled her eyes and ask, "Do you know Darsh Lano?"

The man heard this and was shocked for a moment before he looks at her warily, "Who are you? Why do you know my father's name?"

<<Hahaha! I know it! That dumb Darsh finally got married and have a child!>> the old man in the space laughed with joy.

'Old man, you know this Darsh person?' Rara asked with confusion.

<<Yes, I met him once and we travelled the world for a few years together. What a pity! He met a beautiful wife and decided to settle down. If only I could meet him again, that would be great!>> the old man sighed.

Rara's mouth twitch, 'I haven't forgotten that you are also good looking back then. What happened old man? No one is interested in you? Aiya, what a pity!'

<<Hmph! What do you know? In my youth, I met many beautiful companions. Who says no one is interested in me?>> the old man was displeased.

'Oh, really? Now, Darsh already has a wife and a child. What about you? You are still a single old man...' Rara teased.

The space was silent for a moment.

<<Ah, Rara...he's throwing things around!>> Hara screamed.

Rara's mouth curled up. That old man must be pissed to death.

The queen and the man on the ground saw Rara's face changed from one expression to another with confusion in their eyes.

This is the sight that came into Rara's eyes when she came back to the real world.

Rara coughed before she looks at the man, "Your father is my grandfather's friend."


Rara could imagine the explosion happening in her space.

The man frowned, "I don't believe you!"

"Your father and my grandfather travel the world together for a few years. Don't tell me your father didn't tell you about this?"

The man went silent. His father indeed told him that he travelled the world together with an old friend.

"Since our elders know each other, can you let me go?"

Rara raised her eyebrows, "Impossible."


Rara smirked, "But if you tell me about the person who wanted to investigate this palace, I will consider it."

"Then, why did you bother mentioning my father's name?" the man was enraged.

Rara tsked, "Aiya, my grandfather risked her life to save your father once. Isn't it time to repay it?"

<<How did you know this?>> the old man suddenly spoke.

Rara was surprised, 'Ah, old man. I just mentioned it casually. Did you really risked your life to save his father?'

The old man was silent.

The man was silent when he heard this. He had heard about these stories a hundred times. He was grateful that his father was still alive to support him and his mother. If not, they would have died under their enemy's attack.

However, his father was poisoned and the black-masked man said that if he could do something for him, he would save his father. That's why he was here.

Even if he goes back now, it was still uncertain whether the black-masked man would let his family go. Looking at the woman in front of him, she was no ordinary person. If he could get her help...

The man got up from the ground, "Fine. I'll say it. However, I hope that you could help me as well."

Rara frowned, "Help you?"

The man nodded, "My name is Patrick Luno. My father is a war general in this country. He went back home a few days ago and was poisoned by his enemy. A black-masked man asked me to investigate this palace in exchange for the antidote."

"Although, I am a witch, my power has been on a first level ever since I was born."

Rara thought about this and felt that it could be done. She looked at the queen, "Your Highness, what do you think?"

The queen was in dilemma, after all, they are not proficient enough in medicine. How could they help?

"What is the type of poison your father consumed?" she asked in a worried tone.

"Grass Snake poison."


The queen went pale. This type of poison, other than poison practitioner, no one knows the antidote for this poison.

"Hara, this..." the queen's eyes flickered.

Anyway, the matter has been settled. They already got their answer. Why don't just end it here?

Rara knows what the queen means. However, Patrick's father was the old man friend. She couldn't just stand by and do nothing.

"Your Highness, don't worry. I know what to do." Rara gave her a reassuring smile.

"Hara, you can't-you also need to be treated." the queen was worry.

Rara felt warm. It felt good to know someone cared about her, "Your Highness, I'll take care of myself. I'm the Chosen Lady. The gods wouldn't want me to die so easily."

Her words finally reassured the queen.

After the queen left, Patrick followed Rara out of the dungeon. He heard what the queen said and felt curious, "You are injured?"

Rara glanced at him and Patrick immediately look away. It's better to turn a blind eye and pretend he didn't hear anything.

This woman is not simple.

"Say, where could you find the antidote for this poison?" Rara asked.

Patrick pondered for a moment, "Grass Snake is a flower that grows with snakes poison's help. Other than the poison witch, no one could have the antidote for this poison."

Rara's mouth curled up, "And where is this poison witch staying at?"

Patrick was shocked, "You want to meet her? Are you crazy? That witch planted many traps and poisonous insects around his house. It's impossible to enter."

"You don't want to save your father anymore?"

Patrick went silent, "I...I want to. But, poison witch is very dangerous."

"If you take me to see him, I'll help you step into the second level of your witch power. What do you think?"

Patrick frowned, "Are you sure you can defeat him?"

Rara chuckled and when it landed on Patrick's ear, it made his hair stand straight as chills run down his back.

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