The Reborn Witch Princess

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Poison Witch

"Well...I heard that he stayed in a Snake Mountain a few months ago. Several people had tried breaking in to see him and none of them had returned until now."

Rara's mouth twitches and she sighed, 'This man still hasn't changed his habit at all. I can't believe he was called as the legendary poison witch.'

Patrick Lano saw her expression and was a bit confused when he saw that Rara didn't have any fear in her eyes at all.

However, even if he was curious, he could only bite his tongue and follow silently behind her for fear that she will do something to him.

"Let's go and meet him then." Rara smiled with joy on her face and walk towards the palace entrance.

The people brought by the queen was efficient. They have arrived for two days but the entire palace was more lively than when they first arrived.

Pots of flowers have been changed. Rotten equipment has been thrown out and destroyed. Wild grass around the palace has also been cleaned.

Rara look at the palace slightly old interior and sighed. She didn't know why this place brought a lot of nostalgia to her. A thought flashed in her mind.

Could this place have any relations with her burned palace centuries ago?

Rara had just lifted the door of the magic barrier when she heard a voice behind her.

"Where are you going?"

Rara turned around and saw a cold eye staring at her. There were slight chills on her back when he kept staring at her.

She looks away and felt that she was caught doing something wrong. She glanced and him and said, "Well, I'm going out to buy something-"

"I'll go with you!" then the man strode out before her not before throwing a murderous look at Patrick beside her.

When Patrick saw him again, he recalls how Prince Xavier lost controlled yesterday and felt as if his soul is about to separate from his body again.

His face was pale with fear and his legs were turning soft.

Rara frowned. She doesn't want Prince Xavier to mess with her plan later. Plus, if he follows her to Snake Mountain to meet the poison witch, her secret might be exposed.

"Let's go." she glimpsed at Patrick Lano who was sweating and suddenly had an idea.

"Toughen up!" she patted Patrick's shoulder and transfer 5% of her magic to him.

Patrick felt his body burned hot with flames for a second before he felt it enter his veins. He felt as if his power had improved a little bit and the fear in his heart was also diminished.

Prince Xavier saw what she had done and shake his head. He wonders what tricks she wanted to do with this middle-aged man.

They travel a few miles away before they enter a City Market. City Market had various kind of business and many people were either selling or buying things inside it.

Rara first went into furniture shops and ordered everything the palace now needed.

When the shop manager saw them, his expression changed and a flattering smile appeared on his face. He greeted them politely and noted everything that they wanted to buy carefully.

Seeing the quantity and quality of the furniture she was ordering, Prince Xavier stand aside and wondered if she had the money to pay for it.

Looking at her thoughtful expression and the type of furniture she ordered, Prince Xavier knows that she had planned everything before she came here.

After making the order, it was time to make a payment. Prince Xavier was leisurely looking at the street with his body leaning on the door.

Some girls who were passing by couldn't help staring and admiring him from afar and some even wanted to come over to greet them.

He was still enjoying the attention when a pair of soft arm and fragrant perfume enveloped him.

Not only that, but a soft voice also appeared beside his ear, "Husband..."

Rara intentionally called him loudly. When the girls heard this, they were disappointed and immediately walked away.

When Prince Xavier heard her calling him with that tone, his body couldn't help stiffened and turned hot. His ears turn red in shyness.

Moreover, he also felt the soft body behind him, "Hara, what...what are you doing?"

Rara turned him around and leaned on his chest with a playful smile on her lips, "Husband, it's time to pay the bills..."

Prince Xavier's mind was disturbed and he couldn't think rationally for a second and said, "Oh...okay..."

In a daze, he had pulled out his wallet and take out his black card and gave it to the shopkeeper.

"Thank you, husband..." Rara saw his red face and couldn't help feeling funny in her heart.

"Send all of this furniture to this address..." Rara spoke a few more words with the shopkeeper before they walked out of the shop.

"Husband, what's wrong?" Rara hooked his arms with hers and smile enchantingly.

Prince Xavier felt that his heart was about to jump out from his chest when he saw Rara looking at him with a gentle gaze.

"Ah...Hara, I...I need to go somewhere. can wait here first..." without wasting time, he walks away from them at a fast pace.

Patrick who was looking at the show felt that Prince Xavier was truly pitiful when Rara makes a move on him.

When Prince Xavier was finally gone, Rara looks at Patrick Lano, "Tell me the exact location of Snake Mountain and you wait here for him. Tell him not to worry and I'll come back to the palace after I get the antidote before dawn."

Patrick Lano wanted to refute at first but seeing that Rara was confident, he finally relented, "You just have to keep moving west and cross Lotus Lake before you arrive there."

Rara walks away quickly with her magic and move towards the west and finally stopped when she reached the Snake Mountain.

She looks up at the cave above her head and shouted, "Lazy witch! Are you still alive? Give me back my hairpin! I'm not going to marry you ever!"

"Who dares to kill me a lazy witch?! You're seeking death!" a roar rang out from the cave.

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