The Reborn Witch Princess

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Winfred Perez

A handsome young man who was in his twenties appeared in front of her in an instant. His face was red and Rara could imagine the hot puff of smoke coming out of his ears.

“Puff! Ha, ha, ha! Winfred Perez, I didn’t know you had this kind of hobby!” she couldn’t help bursting out a laugh when she saw his appearance.

Winfred frowned and felt unhappy when he saw an unknown woman laughing at him.

“Stop laughing! Who are you?! My hobby is none of your business!”

Rara tsked and shakes her head, “Lazy Witch, I’m truly sad that you’ve forgotten me. In that case, give me my Peach Hairpin back!”

Winfred was startled. He had heard her word when she shouted just now. But, he didn’t believe it was her. How could it be her?

Her existence was supposed to have ceased to exist decades ago!

However, in this world, there was only one person who dared to call his name directly or call him a lazy witch. Not only that, he was once a person who fell deeply in love with ‘that person’.

As a love token, he made a Peach Hairpin for her. However, she refused his love for she loved someone else. What a pity.

The person she loves was the one who brought her the greatest pain in the century.

Looking at the woman in front of him now, he could see some resemblance of the ‘that person.’

He hesitated for a moment before asking in a doubtful tone, “How do I believe that you’re not a fake?”

Rara chuckled and looked at the Cloud-Blossom trees surrounding the mountains.

“We met under the Cloud Blossom trees, dance in front of the Lotus Lake, ate and drink in a cave of diamonds and watch the sunrise in the east,” she said all this while recalling their memories back then with a tone full of nostalgia.

She was surprised and extremely touched that she was given a chance to reborn and met acquaintance after acquaintance.

<Why is he here?!> a voice in the space roared.

Rara was startled, ‘Old man, why are you so angry?’

<Your Highness, he...he’s not a good person. It’s been decades. Why is his face still young and never changed?> the old man actually wanted to say something else but decided not to.

Rara didn't notice this and only rolled her eyes, 'Old man, you're jealous.'

She was given a silent treatment from the space.

Meanwhile, Winfred who heard her answer was high in excitement. He did not even notice the rapid change of expression on her face.

He strides forward and grabbed Rara's shoulders tightly, "Rara, you remember, you remember! Ha, ha, ha! You still remember!"

He was extremely happy and there was a slight redness in his eyes. The love of his life was still alive!

Rara shakes her head in helplessness at his excitement. She mentally slapped the back of her head. Why did she remember these romantic scenes?

She feels that she was truly fishing for troubles.

"Rara, let's talk inside. You can stay here. There are many rooms available inside and it has been cleaned by the servants." he led her inside while holding her hand like a young lad in love.

Inside the space, a certain old man was gritting his teeth in anger and Hara carefully slipped into her room when she felt the hot atmosphere in the living room.

Rara's mouth twitched when she heard him mention 'servants'.

"Lazy Witch, did you kidnap some people again?" she asked with helplessness.

Winfred rubbed his nose in awkwardness as his face blushed, "Rara, am I that bad as to kidnap these people? They went to cause trouble to me first and it's only fair that I kept them here for a while." he added, "I also don't need to trouble myself to look after this place on my own."

Rara had expected his answer and could only sigh. Keeping people for a while? More like a lifetime.

She had known this habit of him could never change. Keeping people without their consent was not good for their family would suffer at home.

"Fine, fine. Whatever you say. It's been decades and you still cannot let go of this habit of yours." Rara could only sympathize with the fate of these detained people.

Moreover, she knows that Winfred would not treat them badly.

They arrived at a big dining room where rows of food were laid on the long table.

Looks like his life was quite lavish. The decoration inside the cave was good. Glimmers of diamond appeared on every corner and she couldn't help but feel that she had entered a palace instead of a cave.

"Did you decorate this by yourself?" she asked and sat on his right side.

Winfred, "You arrived at the right time. It's time for lunch." he put a few pieces of meat on her plate.

Rara pursed her lips but decided not to argue and ate the delicious meal on the table.

After lunch, they move to the living room as the servants move to take away their plates.

"Someone else decorated this place. I found her doing some decoration in her room and asked her to decorate this place," he answers her question.

Rara's ears perked up in interest. A woman?

She studied his face and found that there was a rare tenderness in his eyes. This made her breathe in relief.

At least, he was not thinking of her anymore. But, why was there a Cloud-Blossom tree and Lotus Lake outside the cave? and the diamonds?

She was quite puzzled but cast her thought aside when she remembers her real intention.

"Lazy Witch, are you still making poison?" she asked.

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"Then, do you have an antidote for Grass Snake Poison?"

He was startled when he heard this, "Why do you want this antidote?"

"A friend of mine was poisoned with Grass Snake Poison. It has been delayed for several days. I'm afraid that he couldn't hold on."

Winfred was a bit shaken. Could it be the same poison he gave to someone last time?

He was contemplating in his heart, "Well, I can give it to you but..."

Rara pursed her lips, "Fine. What's the price?"

Winfred looked at her and blushed, "Well, it's not much. Just stay with me for a while."

Rara was amused, "Lazy Witch, you also want me to keep me here?"

"Don't misunderstand. It's just that...we've been separated for decades and're still alone. Why don't you give me a chance now?"

Rara was stunned and shakes her head, "Winfred, I'm afraid I can't promise you this. Well, I know you love rare herbs. Why don't I exchange the antidote with this?"

Rara took out a golden flower from her sleeves.

Winfred's expression was gloomy at first but when he saw the golden flower, his expression immediately lit up. Between a person and herbs, he would obviously choose the herbs.

He gritted his teeth and looked at the Rara with some loss in his eyes, "Deal!"

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