The Reborn Witch Princess

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Library & Dinner

Rara spent her time reading the story of Haguar’s Kingdom, the country currently ruled by King Magdon.

So far, Rara found out that other than the great Haguar, another four great countries were currently in line with Haguar’s power.

No 5: That being Kaca’s Kingdom which is ruled by King Sudu Noops.

He was a man in his sixties with five wives.

The first wife is his military commander, Queen Pir Retaw. She gave him a son, Prince Ing Sudu.

Prince Ing then married a lady from a middle-class Kingdom named Duchnie Blea Gin, Duke Gin Agu’s daughter, Ginira’s Kingdom ruler.

Duchnie Blea gave birth to Princess Bliss Ing.

The second wife is a spoiled beauty princess from the Mon Kingdom, a middle-class Kingdom, Consort Ney Yemon.

She gave him a daughter, Princess Liney Sudu, which disappoints him. So, she decided to give up her beauty and gave him a son, Prince Coi Sudu.

The third, fourth and fifth five was a Clan Lady that he met when he was travelling.

The third wife, Lady Vell Loth, gave him a son and a daughter, Prince Yello Sudu and Princess Pipi Sudu.

The fourth wife, Lady Pong Abel, gave him two sons, Prince Allu Sudu and Prince Asie Sudu.

The last wife, Lady Fin Raksh, gave him a son, Prince Kong Sudu.

No 4: the Ropok Kingdom which is ruled by King Locetag Lidu.

He too was in his forties but with one wife.

There was a rumour saying that King Locetag was hiding a beauty inside his harem. However, no one has ever seen him going out with another woman.

Thus, he was given the name; Loyal King, Loyal Husband.

His wife, Queen Rose Pose, was the daughter of the third great kingdom’s king.

She gave him a twin child, a daughter and a son, Princess Devura Locetag and Prince Char Locetag.

No 3: the Sitaga Kingdom which is ruled by King Pose Napo.

He was in his sixties and had two wives.

His first wife, Queen Alise Pragai, was General Pragai’s daughter, the General Commander of Sitaga Kingdom.

Queen Alise gave him three sons, Prince Paray Pose, Prince Prang Pose and Prince Pangaman Pose.

Prince Paray fell in love with Clan Lady Cohung Dihum and married her despite his parent’s objection.

On the other hand, Prince Prang was the opposite. He obediently married Princess Nokis Iyak from the middle-class kingdom.

The second wife, Consort Saruy Kiap, gave him a son a daughter, Prince Roney Pose and Princess Rose Pose.

No 2: the Bohung Kingdom which is ruled by King Sarun Purak.

He was in his thirties, and he had two wives as well.

The first wife, Queen Devura Locetag, is the king of the fourth great kingdom’s daughter.

Queen Devura gave him a son, Prince Liron Sarun.

His second wife, Consort Yepon Moth, was a daughter of a commoner.

She gave him a daughter and two sons, Princess Polo Sarun, Prince Lait Sarun and Prince Dadam Sarun.

No 1: Haguar Kindom which is ruled by King Magdon Lamata.

King Magdon has three wives.

First, Queen Lustia Bynet is the daughter of a fallen kingdom, Grumu Kingdom.

She gave him a son, Prince Xavier Magdon.

The second wife is Consort Watelonu Evac, the daughter of a middle-class kingdom.

She gave him a son, Prince Ariel.

Lastly, Concubine Beanilda is the daughter of a commoner. She has just recently married King Magdon.

Knock! Knock!

Rara put the book in her hand on the table and walk towards the door.

She opened the door, “Yes?”

A maid stood outside the door and bowed when she saw Rara, “My lady, the prince asked me to fetch you for dinner.”

Rara nodded and closed the library’s door before she followed the maid to the dining room.

When they were about to reach the dining room, Rara could feel the tensed air inside as she stood outside the door.

She wiped the sweat on her hand with her gown.

The guards beside the door open the dining room, and she sucked in a breath.

Stepping in, she saw a long table with chairs around it.

Her eyes swept past the table until she saw a familiar face.

Prince Ariel.

She was about to step towards him when she recalled that there were other persons inside the room.

She stepped back and lowered her head when she felt five pairs of eyes on her.

Seeing her, Prince Ariel beamed in delight.

“Hara! Come here!” he patted the seat beside him.

Hara didn’t dare to disobey him. She sat beside him in a flash with a lowered head like a little lamb.

King Magdon sat at the head of the table, and Queen Lustia sat on his left. There was an empty seat beside her.

On his right was Consort Watelonu, and Prince Ariel sat beside her. Beside Rara was Concubine Beanilda.

“Serve the dinner.” King Magdon ordered the butler behind him.

The butler bowed at him and waved his hand at the servant beside the door.

The servant opened the door, and two maids immediately pushed the trolley of food inside.

They served the food carefully and meticulously without any fault at all.

It seems like they have been trained to do it for years.

The king picked his spoon and fork before digging in, followed by the rest.

Rara felt like she was sitting on pins and needles.

It was such a rare chance for her to live in a castle and have a taste of their luxuries.

Anyway, she doesn’t care anymore.

If this is how she needs to act to live in the palace, she’d rather go back home, eat her mother’s food and annoy the hell of her father.

Right! Home!

Rara palmed her forehead and the steak on her fork, which she forgot to put down, slammed mercilessly on her delicate face.

Rara awkwardly lowered her hand and was about to put the steak back onto the plate when someone stopped her.


Rara halted her fork mid-air and glanced at the queen who was glaring at her.

The fierce look on Queen Lustia’s face immediately made Rara lowered her head in fright.

Her face burned red, feeling embarrassed and wronged.

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