The Reborn Witch Princess

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She's Special

“Your highness, please forgive her!” sensing that the situation was about to get worse, Prince Ariel immediately stood up and bowed towards the queen.

Consort Watelonu’s face turned ugly for a second, seeing her son bowing to the queen.

Her eyes flickered towards Rara in contempt for a second, revealing a look of anger and hatred.

Rara bit her lips and kept her head lowered, not daring to look up and face those accusing eyes.

‘It’s your fault! Why did you remind me of home?!’

<It’s not me. It’s you! You’re the one controlling my body! Look at the mess you made! My god! Can we still go home now?...>

Hara jumped around anxiously inside the space as she nagged and nagged.


<Oh my god! We’re gonna die...>


<Are we going to be executed in front of the public? (gasp) Perhaps they want to hang us and fed us to the wild dog they kept behind the castle?...>

“I said, stop!” Rara stood up and threw the fork on her hands back to her plate.

The loud reverberating sound that her forks made echoed around the dining room.

Prince Ariel turned towards her with a frightened look on his face.

Concubine Beanilda stood up to avoid the splatter of food coming towards her but failed. She looks at her newly made dress in sadness and distressed.

The Golden Blue Starry dress had now turned into a Green Sticky Cabbage dress.

It would be okay if the dress was bought by her. But, the dress was made, especially for her by the King!

She lowered her head and glanced at the King with a wronged look on her face. Her eyes gradually turn misty, but she didn’t dare to utter a word. Only waiting for the King to seek justice for her.

Consort Watelonu looked at Rara with a look of shock on her face. She didn’t expect the little girl was actually so daring as to stand up and shout loudly.

This...isn’t this disrespecting the queen and the King?

Moreover, the concubine was actually...humiliated by her?

Consort Watelonu looked at her with interest glittering in her eyes. A plot of scheme immediately appeared in her mind.

Queen Lustia was enraged. She was about to let go of her when Prince Ariel begged her.

But now, it seems like she needs to put this girl in her place.

Queen Lustia stood up, and King Magdon followed.

King Magdon was boiling with anger at Rara’s poor manner. Not only was he angry at her for shouting, but he was also mad at her for dirtying the concubine’s dress!

If words were to get out of the palace that a girl with no mannered had entered the palace and disrespected the King and his family, where would he put his face?

The top ruler of the five great kingdoms was humiliated by a poor-mannered girl!

What a shame it would be!

The butler and the servant inside the dining room could only shake their head at Rara.

What a pity.

The ‘Queen of the day’ or the chosen lady was actually a poor-mannered girl.

< down, right now! Quickly! We could still beg for forgiveness and ask them to let us go.>

Rara stood frozen like a statue when she realized what she had done.

She repeatedly cursed in her heart.

‘This is not me. Hara, I know you don’t like me taking over your body. it! I’m not a poor-mannered girl!’

<It’s not me! It’s you!>


Upon hearing the King’s voice, the guards outside the door immediately strode inside the room with the guns on their hand.

Rara looked at the guards and shook her head disappointedly.

The guards wore a long dark-blue shirt with black pants and black boots. There was a nametag on their left chest above the breast pocket.

The three persons in front of the other guards were the most eye-catching. Other than their good looks and figure, there was also a pendant tied on their belt.

On the right side, the cute looking guard had a white pendant, and the left one had a green pendant.

The one in front had a red pendant on his belt. It seems like he was the head guards.

‘Not cool. Not cool at all! You all are supposed to hold a spear and wore a soldier’s hat!’

<Stop your nonsense! Go and beg the King to keep you!>

‘What do you mean? You want the King to keep me? Are you insane?’

<Shut up! Do you want to live or not?>

‘Of course, I want to live! But, I definitely won’t beg the King!’

<You...fine! When you die, I will properly settle this matter with you along with the universe, hmph!>

Rara took a deep breath and walked towards the guards.

She let them cuffed her before she turned towards the King and queen, “I’m not a poor-mannered girl!” she said before sticking her tongue out playfully at them.

The King and queen’s face turned ugly and uglier.

What do you mean by not a poor-mannered girl?

Sticking her tongue out like that, isn’t it the proof that she had a poor-manner?

The King and queen lose their appetite and walk back to their palace to take a rest.

Concubine Beanilda also left the room in large strides, wanting to escape as she walks past the servants and guards in extreme shames.

Consort Watelonu was in a good mood. She sipped her wine slowly as she recalled the scene just now repeatedly in her mind.

What a good show!

It seems like the palace will not be so boring for the next few days.

“Mama?” Ariel looked at his mom in confusion.

He had a feeling that his mother was in an extremely good mood. It could be seen through the ripples in her moon-like eyes and the slight rise of her red mouth.

“Mn...Ariel, you and that girl are close, right? What do you think of her?”

Ariel crossed his arms and thought of Chihara. They weren’t close, but they quite understand each other.

She was different from other girls.

Everyone who saw the scene just now would think the same.

Usually, people would tremble if they were about to be punished by their King.

However, Chihara didn’t break a sweat at all!

She didn’t even try to escape but willingly let herself be cuffed without the slightest resistant.

“We’re not that close, but I think...she’s special.”

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