The Reborn Witch Princess

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Old Man - Bun Kokkinos

Rara gritted her teeth when once again, the cute looking guard who had a white pendant tied to his belt-pushed her.

“You-! Don’t go too far! It’s already good for you that I’m willing to be cuffed! There’s no need to push me around! I know how to walk!” Rara’s cheeks were puffed like a Bubble Eye fish.

“Stupid woman...” the green pendant guard muttered under his breath, but his words still reached Rara’s eyes.

Rara stopped and turned towards him as she looked at him with anger. What happened next was too unexpected.

“Ahhhh!” a roar shook the castle awake.

“Assistant Bear!” the guards looked at the frighten green pendant guy in shock.

“Assistant Panda...Chief me...”

The two people who were still in a dazed immediately reacted after hearing their names called out.

Panda tried to pull Rara away from Bear by her hands while Chief Lisun hold onto Rara’s jaw and tried his best to remove her mouth that was biting hard on Bear’s right wrist.

Bear leaned onto the walls as sweat formed on his head.

He looked down at Rara, who was biting deep into his bones with a fearful expression on his face.

It would be alright if she bit his hands but...she actually bit his wrists!

He watched as blood trickled down his hands when Panda and Chief Lisun finally pulled Rara away from him.

He could still feel her teeth inside his flesh!

“Go and help Assistant Bear to treat his injury.” Chief Lisun ordered one of the subordinates behind them.

Bear turned around and was about to leave the dungeon with the subordinate when he heard a thud behind him.

He turned around and was shocked seeing Rara who had fainted on the floor. Her face had turned pale, and the blood on her mouth was now more prominent than ever.

“This...what happened to her?” Panda looked down at her in shock.

Chief Lisun squatted and put his index finger below her nose.

She’s breathing.

He frowned. In fact, this is also his first time seeing a person who fainted after biting people.

“Pull her up and throw her into the dungeon.” Chief Lisun stood up and ordered the subordinates behind him.

“Yes, chief!”

Chief Lisun watched as they threw her inside one of the dungeon cells, uncuffing her before leaving.


The person who was imprisoned beside Rara’s dungeon cell finally move when the guards left.

He moved towards the cell’s bar and called out, “Little girl...wake up...”

After receiving no response from her, the old man who had messy hair and rugged appearance looked around him before opening his palms.

A small light-purple ball appeared on his hand!

He suddenly turned his palm towards Rara, and the ball shoots out towards her head.

Rara was originally floating on air in the space on her head, with a nagging Hara beside her.

But, she was forcefully thrown back into the body and woke up with a slight pain on her head.

She sat up and grumbled as she touched the back of her head.

Strange, she didn’t remember bumping her head just now.

“Little girl! You’re finally awake!”

Shocked, Rara turned around and immediately after, her scream rang out through the whole dungeon, waking up the sleeping prisoners.

“Ahhhh! Ghost! Ghost! Please help me! I’m going to be eaten by a ghost! Help me! Ahhhh...”

“I’m not...Little up, first!...I...” the old man covered his ears as he tried to stop the little girl from screaming her lungs out.

After screaming for so long and saw that nobody was coming to save her, Rara finally gave up as she moved far away from the old man and leaned her back onto the walls behind her.

She coughed a few times and raised her hands to cover her mouth as she coughed. Her throat was sore, and her tongue was numb.

She was about to lower her hands when she saw blood on her hands.

Her eyes widen in shock for a second before her eyes turned sad, and her mouth curled down gloomily.

“Heh! It looks like the universe is playing on me. I’m dying, and I haven’t got my revenge yet...”

Hara and the old man was dumbfounded as they looked at her with a black line on their forehead.

What do you mean dying? It’s not your blood!

<You dumbo! You’re not dying. That’s Assistant Bear’s blood...>

Rara stilled and recalled the event before she fainted, and a big smile appeared on her face.

Recalling Bear’s frighten face when she bit him, her mood was lifted.

“Little girl-”

“Who are you calling little girl?! I’m not little! I’m a grown woman!” Rara snapped and coughed at the end of her sentence.

“Then, what should I call you?” the old man looked at her with a wronged expression.

“I’m Chihara.”

“Chihara...” the old man’s eyes flashed as he gripped the cell’s bar in glee.

“Your Highness, this lowly subordinate pay his respect to you!” the old man moved back a few meters away from the bar before he bowed towards Rara.

“You-what are you doing?” Rara stood up in shock upon seeing the old man’s behaviour.

“Your Highness, I knew you didn’t die! Everyone says that you died in the fire, but I don’t believe it! Now, if they know you’re alive-” the old man’s voice was getting higher and higher in excitement.

“Old man, calm down first!” Rara walked towards the old man and sat on the ground.

She looked around and was slightly relieved that their cells were a bit far from the others.

“Old man, you know me?” she turned her attention back to him.

The old man nodded, “Your Highness, you’ve forgotten me?” seeing that Rara was still looking at him with a blank look on her face, the old man sighed, “I’m the Bun child you rescued.”

Rara’s eyes flashed for a second, “I don’t believe you.”

Her mind went back to the tragedy hundred-decades ago.

Everyone was trapped inside, how could a small child like him escape?

“Your Highness, I’m Bun Kokkinos.” the old man said and showed his palm to her.

Seeing the drawing of a scarlet maple leaf glowing on his palm, Rara was immediately agitated.

She grabbed the old man’s collar, “Who are you?! Why do you have this mark?!”

“Your Highness, it’s really me! That night, you asked me to go and buy hundreds of sour fruit...At that time, I’m still a child and can’t hold a sack of sour fruit by myself. So, I rested a few times on the road...when I come back-” Bun Kokkinos sniffed.

Rara was stunned. She let go of him and slumped down on the ground with a blank look on her face.

He was right.

That night, she wanted to eat a sour fruit after dinner and was mad at Bun Kokkinos for hitting Bun Portokali who wins in Bun games.

So, she asked him to buy hundreds of sour fruit for her as punishment.

Who knows that punishment actually saved him!

“I hid in the dark until the fire dies down and didn’t expect them to come in the morning!”

“Them? Who are you talking about?”

“It’s those pretentious people! They wailed and cried pretentiously when they saw the burned palace. They even held a mourning event for the dead people inside the palace!”

Rara’s ears perk up at this.

The only people who could agitate the Bun children’s would be those four families!

“The four families?”

The old man was about to answer her when they heard footsteps coming towards the dungeon.

Not long after, Chief Lisun appeared with his subordinates.

Bun Kokkinos grabbed onto Rara’s shoulder and forced her to lean on the cell’s bar.

Rara shouted as she struggled to push the old man away from her.

Seeing this, Chief Lisun immediately ordered his subordinates to pull them away from each other.

Rara could only watch as the old man was dragged out by them and recalled what he said when he grabbed her just now.

‘No magic!’

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