The Reborn Witch Princess

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Fogs of Punishment

Rara waited and waited for the old man to come back in vain.

A few hours after the old man was dragged away, Assistant Panda came to fetch her from the prison.

Rara was surprised at this and felt a little bit suspicious.

Why did they let her out?


Are the king and queen really that kind to let an unknown girl like her escape from punishment?


However, she couldn’t help but felt a bad premonition in her heart.

Could it be...something happened to the old man?

She hasn’t asked what happened to him!

Assistant Panda brought her out of the mansion and into the waiting black car outside the palace gate.

“Where are we going?” Rara asked as she tried to look out of the window.

“We’re going to watch a show.” Assistant Panda answered coldly.

Rara curled her lips in dissatisfaction.

What show is so important that she has to be present along with them?

An hour later, they arrive in front of a thick forest.

Rara walked out of the car and followed Assistant Panda and his subordinates to walk into the forest.

“Why are we going to the forest?” Rara asked him once again as she looked around in confusion.

Assistant Panda didn’t answer her and kept walking further into the forest.

By now, all kind of scenario was forming inside her brain, multiplied by Hara’s own form of imagination.

Do they want to kill her inside the forest?


...Shoot her?

...Feed her to the wolves?

...Bury her alive?

...Execute her?

...Hang her to the tree?

...Put her in the coffin?

Rara peeked at Panda and the subordinates behind them. How to escape?

Without further thinking, Rara pulled Panda’s wrist towards her and bit fiercely.

Panda roared and shouted in fright as he tried to move her away from him.

“What are you standing there for?! Go and pull her away! Hurry up! Crazy woman! Are you a dog?! You bit everyone you meet!”

The subordinates succeeded in pulling her away from him. Panda sighed in relief but was stunned when Rara’s eyes rolled back into her skull before she fainted.

“Gosh! What a weird woman! Biting people out of nowhere and fainting anywhere you like! Pull her up and move on!” Panda ordered as one of the subordinate bandaged his bleeding wrists.

The subordinates obeyed him and carried Rara’s by her hands and legs.

The deeper they went, the thicker the fog inside the forest.

Some of them thought they’re about to go blind from seeing so much fog when they suddenly step into a clear area.


Looking around, they saw that the big field was surrounded by a thick fog.

Inside the clearing area, a few people had arrived before ahead of them.

There were Chief Lisun and some of his subordinates.

Assistant Panda brought the knock out Rara towards Chief Lisun and looked around as if searching for someone.

“No need to look around. I left Assistant Bear to take care of the palace.” Chief Lisun explained.

He looked at Assistant Panda’s bandaged wrist, “What happened to your wrist?”

Assistant Panda immediately complained as he pointed his fingers at Rara, “Who else would do this? Of course, this crazy woman is the one who bit me! I don’t know what her problem is! After she bit me, she fainted on the spot!” his voice was loud.

The few people around faintly picked what he had said.

Chief Lisun looked at the frail woman on the ground and shook his head.

He squatted before he reached out to pinched her nose.

Assistant Panda was shocked.

“Chief, you...what are you doing?” he asked lowly as he bent down and looked around in panic.

Chief Lisun didn’t say anything as he waited.

Not long after, Rara who felt that she couldn’t breathe properly finally woke up and push Chief Lisun away.

She coughed for a few times before she stood up and glared at him.

“Chief, be careful. Lest you get bitten by her next.” Assistant Panda leaned over and whispered in his ears.

Rara rolled her eyes, “Why did you bring me here? What kind of place is this?” she asked as she looked around.

“Fogs of Punishment. Ever heard of that?”

Rara shook her head.

“A prisoner who committed the biggest offence will be punished here and witnessed by the courts. The prisoner would be tied over that big stone in the middle of the field, and the family who serve the fogs fairies will perform their prayers to her.”

“After that, fogs of fire, water, earth and wind would appear from four directions and surrounded the tied prisoner until he dies. All that’s left of him is dust.”

Rara shivered as she looks around but saw nothing other than the thick fogs and the people in the clearing.

Her brows furrowed for a moment before her eyes went wide, “You...are you talking about me? You’re gonna tied me to that stone?” she asked in disbelief.

She was just an unknown poor-mannered girl. What offence did she make?!

Assistant Panda curled his lips, “Humph! I would be glad if it were you. Who knows if the Fogs of Punishment would suddenly choose you?”

“You-! You’re talking nonsense! You just want to scare me!”

“Enough. You’re lucky that the king and queen let you go so easily. As for what Panda says, the Fogs of Punishment is unpredictable. So, just pray that you wouldn’t be chosen.”

“Eh? The king and queen let me go? So easy?” Rara’s eyes lit up.

Assistant Panda curled his lips and rolled his eyes, “Humph! If it wasn’t that the court asked them to let you go, you would have rot inside the prison.”

Rara clenched her fist as she gave Assistant Panda a piercing gaze.

“Ah! Chief! Look at her! She’s going to bit people again!” Assistant Panda shouted as he hid behind the Chief.

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