Becoming Queen

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I think it must have been about three to four days of starving myself in this cell. He comes to check up on me every day, he comes to beg me to stop, beg me to come back home with him, but i cant. I have a mission and i need to make him understand, even if it causes me to feel this miserable, even if it causes my life. *flash back* "BUT YOU CAN'T DO THIS. YOU NEED TO RELEASE THEM." I shouted at my mate that has done nothing but hurting me from the day we met. "I AM THE ALPHA KING, YOU DONT GET TO TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO OR CANT." He yelled back at me. Wow, that hurt! "I'm No one to you then? All these people addressing me as their Queen is just an act and holds no power for me, i am nothing compared to you." I said, hurt evident in my eyes and voice. He knows how deeply i care about equality and yet... "I didn't mean that." He said, walking to me to hold me but i moved back. "Dont." I said and he stopped, knowing too well to not try to touch or comfort me right now. "You wont let all these innocents out of this place, would you?"i asked and he shook his head. "Then arrest me too." I said to the guard and looked back at him. "I did disobey you a month ago, remember?" *end of flashback* * Make sure to check out my other COMPLETE book called Becoming Luna...

Fantasy / Romance
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A knock on my door awakes me from my sleep. Last night was the worst sleep i ever got after almost ten years, after losing my parents in the hands of the creatures that are now the main part of my life.
I was ten years old when it happened, when i saw those big brown wolves come to us, when i saw them taking away my normal life as a human.
It was in the middle of the night and me and my parents were camping in the woods when it happened, i remember how happy and content we were in that day, we joked around and laughed a lot, if it didn’t end the way it did, i could’ve called it the best day I’ve had in my life, but it did. We were all wrapped up in a blanket next to our fire, looking at the stars above when we heard the sound of wood snapping, it didn’t take too long for the sound to be replaced by maniac growls though. I can still remember how terrified we all were and that we had no idea what to do and what was to come, the only means of protection that we had was a single knife in the hands of my dad.
We looked around for a while to find the source of the growls but found nothing, “Let’s get out of here.” my dad whispered after a couple of minutes that passed. Me and my mom only nodded our heads in response and got up. We were putting our dishes and blankets into the car when we heard those voices again, but this time they were coming from behind me, i turned around consciously and was greeted by a massive brown creature snarling at me and baring its teeth my way.
I froze on my spot and didn’t make a move, i was terrified to no end. When the creature started taking steps towards me i let out a gasp and that turned my dad’s attention to where i was stiffly standing. Without any hesitation he ran towards me, trying to shield me from the animal infront of me that could swallow my petite body whole without any difficulty.

Long story short, that was when i got involved in the world of werewolves and lycans and god knows what else.

That night, i lost my parents, and was about to lose my life too if it wasn’t for Alpha Alexander and his wolves. He rescued me that night and even somehow adopted me too. From that day on, ive been living with his pack and he raised me like a daughter he never had. I was the only human in this place and they all treated me like a piece of jewelry that is too precious and fragile to even look at in a wrong way.

“Hey, Aella you need to get up, sleeping beauty!” It was Hades, the son of alpha Alexander, or i better say the former alpha Alexander, because he passed his title to Hades about a year ago and now Hades is the alpha of the crescent moon pack. He’s basically my brother and i love him too much it hurts!

“Go away!” i grunted and pulled my face into the stack of pillows more.

“What did you say? Come in? If you insist, little sister. ” he responded and welcomed himself in my room. I, on the other hand, pulled up my middle finger in the air towards the door. He laughed at my reaction and held my hand.

“Come on, get up, we’ve got guests for tonight.” he said. At the mention of “guests” my body got ragged. they were talking about having the alpha of the lycansthrope coming to our pack for weeks now. Apparently the title that he held was not enough for him cause he wanted the werewolves too, which are basically the same creatures but slightly smaller with less heightened senses compared to lycans. I turned around to look at him in the eyes, to see if he’s lying or not but right after i turned back the emotion in his eyes turned into worry and sadness in an instant.

“Did you have nightmares again?” He asked and i just nodded, looking everywhere but at him.

“Why didn’t you come to me? I told you to-” he started to say, looking angry at me but i interrupted and said “You have a mate now Hades, i can’t just come and sleep next to you because i have nightmares for gods sake.” He opened his mouth to disagree but i beat him to it, “i also am about 20 years now, fully grown with lady parts, it would be weird to come and cuddle up in bed with you.” I said and started laughing when he blushed at the mention of lady parts and after that. After i sobered up, he took a deep breath and came closer, planting a kiss on my temple.

“Promise me you’ll come to me next time. I don’t think Kayla would have a problem with that.” He said with a smile and i just nodded holding back the feelings that were about to overwhelm me again.

Speaking of the devil..

“Don’t wake the poor girl up now, she never comes to greet the guests anyways, that little hussy only shows up when there is food on the table.” Kayla said, making her way in my room with a big smile and sat on Hades’ lap.

“Oh, bitch pleeeeeeease, i come for midday snacks too.” I answered and we all chuckled.

“But, all jokes aside, is this “guest” that you are talking about, the lycan guy that ive been hearing legends about lately?”

“They are not legends, they’re all true stories.” Hades said.

“But that would only make sense if he was hundreds of years old.” I said, looking at him like he’s crazy, but he just raised his eyebrow up at me.“HOLY SHITTTTTTTTT, Are lycans immortal too??” My eyes were about to pop out at that very moment.

“No, they age slower than us but they’re not immortal, however, their alpha is, hes at least 150 years old.”

“WOAW, you know what? Ima gon’ get ready bitches! I cannot wait to meet that fossil you guys call king of the lycans!” I said jumping out of the bed and made my way towards my bathroom to brush my hair but when i came back i was greeted with the sight of my brother and his mate eating each other’s faces off and grinding on each other. “UGH, get out, youre disturbing my innocent eyes.”

They both rolled their eyes at me and left the room, closing the door behind them.

Right when I heard the door click, a wave of emotion came to me, a wave of loneliness, no matter how good they treated me, i just couldn’t forget about my own blood, my parents and the fact that i dont have them by my side, it also made it harder to not feel in a certain way about the people around me too. It was hard to see them all having mates out there for themselves and be happy with a person that completes them and knowing you’d never have such a bond with someone.

Trying my best to forget about all of these, i showered and made myself look decent with a little bit of makeup and braided my hair from my temples to the back of my head. I decided to wear an over sized burgundy hoodie with black jeans and black combat boots as well.

“Aella, come now if you want to greet our guests.” Kayla said from behind the door and i was about to get out of my room when i hear her laugh with Hades About something somewhere in the hallway And that’s all it took for those feelings to come back to me again and i made my way back to my bed right away, deciding to stay here instead of downstairs and get my feelings in check before showing up in front of our guests.


“Honey, the dinner is ready.” Hannah called from the door, i was fast sleep after crying a little bit when she came and said that.
I cried and slept with makeup on my face earlier, i must look like a creep now.
After fixing my makeup, I look at myself in the mirror and hope that they dont notice my puffy eyes downstairs, i did my best to hide it under makeup but its still noticable a little bit.

When i was making my way downstairs, my heart started beating out of my chest, and the closer i went to the dinning hall the faster it beat.

I don’t remember how i made it to the dinning hall’s door this fast but it seemed like my feet are in a mission of some sort.

I shook my head to get rid of these feelings and behaviors and opened the door, “Great honey, youre just in time. But let me introduce you first.” Alexander said and motioned for me to go and stand next to him, he was sitting next to someone that his back was turned to me and he seemed so tense. The poor guy is probably thinking ‘what the heck is a human doing here.’
I made my way towards Alexander faster, i was eager to see the face of the guy next to him, but i noticed some other new and unfamiliar faces too when i was on my way, but none of them catched my eye and curiosity like that man.

“Alpha king, this is my daughter, Aella. ” Alexander said, oh so this is the fossil guy!

When i was next to Alexander he put his hand around my shoulder and looked at me lovingly but a little worried as to saying ‘why is he not turning back?!’

I shrugged my shoulders and kind of said ‘who gives a fuck?!’ To Alexander and went to hug and kiss him, but i failed to do so.
The stranger Alpha had me pinned in his arms in no time and growled lowly at Alexander, in between his growls i heard him sayin “MATE” and my eyes went wide, i looked at the guy they call alpha king but he was busy burning holes in my step dad’s forehead so i looked at the others and found the same reaction as mine on their faces.

I tried to get out of his grip but he tightened it and i got bolder with my attempts to get away in return but he again, tightened his grip and it almost felt like my ribs were about to break, “YOU. ARE. MINE” He growled in my face this time making me go from confused to angry.

How dare he growl in my fucking face and saying that too? He really is old as fuck i guess!
His eyes went wide and he loosened his hold on me but didn’t let go.
“You’re human.” He said as if reminding himself of that.

“No shit, sherlock, of course I’m human, so let me go, you got the wrong person.”

“NO.” He said firmly, looking more pissed than i am. We started a glare contest after and when i saw it was going nowhere i averted my eyes to my so called family that were silent and only watching us.

Hades got the point and stepped forward “Alpha king, i think you’ve mistaken, Aella is indeed human so there is no way she could-” he was saying but got cut when the alpha next to me took me off the ground with one arm around me, like the way you pick up a doll, and put the other on Hades’ neck, “Finish that sentence and I’ll finish your life.” He said while glaring at him.

Hades was struggling with his hold and couldn’t get himself out of it, I’ve never seen Hades look this powerless, he was the strongest guy ive known so far and now...

Hades’ face was changing colors and i had to do something, i looked at the alpha king guy and saw his eyes blacker than before, it meant that his wolf is in full control now, i only had one option, “Hey hey hey, look at me.” I said to him but he growled and i put my hands on his face forcing him to look my way, i knew im walking on thin ice but i had to give it a try.
When he looked at me, i smiled at him and let my hands stay there on his cheeks, “please let my brother go-” I tried to say but he growled, saying “YOU ARE MY MATE.” And went to go back to look at Hades but i didn’t allow it, “I know i am. Now please, mate, let him go, you’re choking him,” he seemed reluctant to oblige so i had to push it more, i tried to reach his ears but my body was literally tied! I was fairly near his ear and so was Hades to dying, “let him go and hug me, your mate, i want to be in your arms, alpha.” I said trying not to flinch at my own words and put my face next to his, our cheeks on each other and almost instantly, i heard Hades breathing again and felt the Alpha’s other arm wrap around me.

I sighed in both relief and content, i was so small in his hold and he was so big in mine, i freaking loved the feeling.
He pulled his face away from my cheek and put it in the crook of my neck inhaling deeply and growling a little , then he put a kiss on my neck and i almost jumped at the feeling, he tensed with my reaction and i laughed at how ridiculous my reaction was. While i was laughing my chest was moving and I’m pretty sure he felt it cause he let out a low growl which i knew exactly what it meant cause ive heard it from other male and female wolves too. I also didn’t have to have so much information cause i could already feel something poking at my thighs too. I cleared my throat in a sign of ‘okay its enough let me go.’ But he didn’t and said “Just a little more.”
This time his voice was a little different, i think he was in control of his wolf now so I did stay a little longer in his hold cause i also had no other option! i was hanging on in his arms and my feet were off the ground for God’s sake!

He huffed after a while and put me down on the ground and the first thing i did was to look for Hades and see if he was okay, and he looked fine now, but he had a big black-purple bruise on his neck. I looked at him apologetically but he smiled at me worriedly in return. I knew exactly what he must be thinking about and i was about to wet my pants too, myself.

Two big guys came infront of me blocking my view and then got down on their knees. “Alpha Queen.” They both said.

I was beyond shocked, i looked around me to see if they are talking to someone else behind me, but no one was there, i looked at the king with wide eyes and he smiled at me, crouching down to my height and whispered in my ear “You have to tell them to get up.”

“What??!!” I asked bewildered and he jerked his eyes towards those two guys infront of me.

“Um.. stand up?!” I said, which sounded more like a question. they didn’t move a muscle though, but i could see that one of them was smiling, probably at my dumbness to be exact.

The king chuckled lowly and said “You may rise.” And they got up, but the smile that i thought is teasingly was more like a genuine smile, or maybe even an adoringly one!

“I’m betta Tobias, My Queen and this is Gamma Damien. ”

“Its an honor to finally meet you, My-” the gamma started to say but i interrupted “Aella, Call me Aella.” I said but was greeted with another growl coming from the king, i rolled my eyes at that and the gamma gave me a toothy smile.

The doors suddenly opened and servants came inside with the main course but their eyes widened at the sight and realized we haven’t even sat on the table, yet.

“We should eat, you’re too thin and feeble already.” The asshole king said to me and before i could react he pulled me up again and walked towards the table, sitting on a chair at the round table, he put me on his lap and made me blush ferociously.

“Um.. i should sit on-” i started but he grunted and said “You should sit right here, you belong to my embrace. ”
-Wow there is something fundamentally wrong with this guy!!- i thought.

“But im not comfortable like this.” I said, glaring at him and he glared back, holding me impossibly tighter than before.

“It’s in our culture my Queen. The male wolf carries the female everywhere and sits her on his lap untill they’re fully mated.” Damien, the gamma said.

My heart started beating faster at the mention of mating, and my neck started to heat and it traveled up to my cheeks and my whole face.
I never thought about how weird it is that right after you find your mate you’re expected to have sex with each other, it came so easy and natural when they used to talk about it that it made me consider it normal too. But now, it was nowhere near normal to me, it seemed so far away and savage.

“W-well, im no she-wolf and your ‘ways’ sounds weird to me.” I said, Air quoting the [ways]. “Now, would you do me a favor and let go?” turning to tell him face to face.
He growled and said “NEVER.” but this time he made me gasp at the pressure he put on my body and the pain that it caused me, he stoped immediately when he saw my reaction.

“Would you STOP HURTING HER??” Alexander half growled the words from the other side of the table and king’s eyes moved immediately to him and he growled so loud that it felt like my brain just moved inside my head!

“DON’T YOU DARE DICTATE MY WAYS WITH MY MATE.” He said it furiously, “This meeting is over. We will take our leave tomorrow and i expect you to sign the papers and hand them to me before then.
Bring our food to your queen’s room and assign someone to pack her belongings.” He said and again stood up and took me with him out the door in an instant. I was too shocked and cought up in the moment that i couldn’t register what just happened back there.
He stepped outside of the house and looked like he is trying so hard to calm himself down.

Wow, he’s got anger issues, thank you moon goddess for giving me a mate like him, hope you note the sarcasm in my voice though.

“Come and run with me.” He finally said to me.

“Um.. im human, remember?! There’s no way I could keep up with you.” I responded looking directly at his eyes.

He smiled at me but you could see the hurt in his eyes somewhere deep down there, “Who said you’d have to run ??” He said with amusement and started taking off his clothes.

There is NO WAY hes gonna let me ride him. NO FUCKING WAY. From what I’ve heard before, letting someone ride your wolf means submission and if he let me do that, then it means he’s submitting to me.

I was lost in my thoughts when i heard the noise of snapping bones, i dont think id ever stop cringing when i hear that sick noise if I’m being honest.

My eyes were closed and my eyebrows frowned till i felt a big tongue on my face.
I backed away immediately and opened my eyes, seeing a humongous black wolf infront of me. “Ewww, dont do that.” I said, looking slightly disgusted but when i saw the wolf putting his ears back down, showing sadness i chuckled and patted its head.

“You’re big!” I said and went to his side, his tail was literally whiplashing from side to side and it was almost audible.

He moved his head towards me, only being able to look at me with one of his eyes.
I ran my fingers in the fur on his side for a little more and made my way towards his head again.
“Wow, you really are my mate, aren’t you?!” I said and he was looking at me intently while licking my face again, saying yes i guess!

He pulled his head to my side and pushed me to his, then laid down on his stomach and
Motioned for me to climb up. I didn’t say anything and tried my best to climb on his back but failed miserably. Only once, Hades let me get on his back and even with his much smaller wolf, it took me a lot of attempts to get on his back.
We both huffed at the same time looking defeated. He got up and started moving towards something, i was about to turn on my heels and let him go on and run alone when i heard some noises from where he went. My curiosity got the best of me and i moved towards where he went earlier and saw that he was moving one of the chairs that were on the terrace.

He then turned around so now his face was infront of me instead of his butt, and laid on his belly once more, right next to the chair.

I smiled at him, getting the massage.
It was easier to get on his back using the chair now. He slowly got up after that, making sure i was holding tight and made his way toward the woods.


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