Becoming Queen

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I now get what all the fuss was about! lycans indeed were faster than werewolves. He was so damn fast that everything moves in a blur around me.

After a while he slows down and it still, seems faster than the other wolves that ive seen before.
Now that i can see the trees around me, i think i know where he is heading. Hes heading towards the lake. We had a really beautiful lake in our territory that we come to and swim into every once in a while, or at least others do.

He stops at the end of the woods but doesn’t lay down so i can get down. I run my hands around his neck and place my head on the back of his head, “don’t you wanna put me down?” He growls softly as if telling me no and i dont budge, enjoying the intimacy.

“Okay, its enough, youre so warm and its killing me. put me down.” I said sounding annoyed after a while, i hate warmth and his body heat is like sitting next to a fire in the middle of summer.
He huffed and eventually layed down.

When i climbed down i came to stand next to him and started massaging the place behind his ear, but in a matter of seconds and in a swift move the big nice wolf was replaced with a still big but bad man. I moved my hand once or twice more before realizing what just happened!
I looked at him shocked and pulled my hand back, he just gave me a smirk and started walking towards the water.

Wow, lets talk about a nice tush!!

Without hesitation he jumped into the water and i made my way towards the stone next to the lake that i always occupy.
When he came up on the surface of the water he moved his head from side to side like animals and water splashed everywhere, then in a really sexy move, he put his hand in it and pulled it up. I, on the other side, put my chin on my hand and drooled over the view!! *Joking!

He looked my way and motioned for me to get closer, i took off my boots and rolled my jeans up to my knees and walked to the edge.
I sat down and put my feet in the water, appreciating the cold sensation.
He stalked towards me and wrapped his hands around my ankles. “Why don’t you get in?” He asked and moved his hands up and down on the back of my leg.

“Im scared of water, and i also still hold my nose which everyone laughs at me for.” I said, trying to look cool eventhough i felt like i wanted to jump on this guy. He growled lowly and closed his eyes for a little while.

“I would never laugh at you.” He said with a slightly huskier voice, “and I’ll kill whomever dares to do so. Now, come, i got you.”

“Nup, I’ve heard that before, but at some point they all let go for a second or two.” I said shaking my head.

“You’ve came here with others before?” He boomed and growled at me. I just raised my eyebrows and looked at him unfazed by his action. He came impossibly closer and inhaled my scent deeply, then looked at me again, “Come, i wont let go, not even for a second.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and decided not to push more, so i pulled my pinky out and said “Promise?” And gave him a toothy smile.
His eyes widened but when he saw my playful face he chuckled and pinky promised me, “promise. “.

I stood up and moved my hands to the hem of my hoodie, i was staring at him and he was staring right back, not looking away from my eyes.
I pulled my hoodie up and put it on the dry spot next to me then moved my hands to my jeans and unbuttoned it and took it off too.
When i straighten my figure, i was just standing infront of him with my bra and underwear, a set of black lacy underwear which didn’t hide much but It was better than nothing. His eyes now traveled on my body, taking all the details in, he then growled lowly and made his way back to the edge, i sat on the edge again and he put his hands on my waist and pulled me into the water, my breath quickened at the cold water and also the naked body that was pressed to me now, im not sure which one had the most effect but lets just say it wasnt the water!

He pressed my body to his with one arm around my waist and moved towards the middle, i tensed visibly and held on to his neck tighter, this time though, my breath quickened even more and it was caused by fear.

“I’ve got you, little one. I won’t let go.” I dont think he was just talking about the current situation, it seemed like hes talking about a life time and that scared me even more. He said he’s going to take me with him tomorrow and i don’t think im ready for that, after all, im only human and it doesn’t come with instinct for me, i dont feel like i need to follow him everywhere. Besides, They’ve treated me so good in here that i dont think i could ever leave them without giving my dues.

“What is in your mind?” He asked, looking down at me.

“I can’t leave here with you tomorrow-” he growled like he’s threatening me, “im not ready yet.” I continued, pleading with my glossy eyes.

“I am your alpha and you’ll do as i say.” He said matter of factly and irritated.

“I am not a werewolf, i dont have to obey your every comman-” I started to say but he started diging his now claws in to my sides and flashed his canines in a way like he is snarling at me.

I let out a gasp out of pain and fear but he didn’t let go.

“LET GO OF ME!” i yelled in his face and pushed him back at the same time. He looked in pain and let go so i made my way to the edge painfully and got out of the water with difficulty, my eyes widened at the sight of the water beneath me, it was filled with my blood.
I cried out in pain when i felt a cool breeze blow on my body, then picked up my clothes and wore my boots as fast as i could, my blood was running down my thighs and i felt like im about to swoon soon.

I heard the water move and my heart dropped. he was coming.
It took less than a second for me to feel his arms wrap around me. “Let me-” he started to say but got interrupted by me.


He was about to continue but started growling at something behind me.
“Aella what happened??”
It was Hades, i heard more voices coming from behind him but i couldn’t care less, my tears were floating down and i had only one mission. to get to Hades, to safety.
I turned around and started lazily stumbling towards him, Alpha king growled viciously at us and i thought I would never make it to Hades’ embrace but i felt fast shades of two people moving past me and towards him.
Right after that, I made it to Hades and broke down in his embrace.

“Aella let me see what happened. ” he said and moved to look at my sides and back.
I whimpered When I felt another breeze on my body and whispered “It hurts.”

The growling sound from behind me never stopped but it changed into a whimper right after i did the same.

“Give me your clothes so i can put pressure on it.” Hades said and took my clothes out of my grasp. “We need to take you to the pack doctor, you’ve lost a lot of blood.” And I felt us starting to move away but before we could take even one step away, i felt more dizzy and was nearly fainting.

“DONT YOU DARE TAKING HER AWAY FROM ME! I CAN HEAL HER.” Was the last thing i heard before i lost consciousness.

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