Becoming Queen

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I woke up in my own room with someone’s head on my hand, probably sleeping, there’s one blood bag next to my bed, but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

Looking back at the person laying over my hand, i figured its my so called mate.
Why cant i feel anything though? Kayla told me that whenever she touches Hades she gets goosebumps all over her body because of the sparks that she feels, she told me that she feels safe with him and she can calm down easily whenever he’s around.

Well, so far, i feel No sparks, No goosebumps, No feelings of safty and i also don’t feel at ease when he’s around. As far as im concerned, im shit scared of this guy and want to be as far away as possible from him, afterall, he treats me like a freaking object, squeezing me everytime i piss him off and giving me commands about where i have to be by tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, what time is it? For how long have i been out cold? And why don’t i feel anything? Im not complaining for not feeling any pain, but why? Uhhhhh, was it just a minor cut that i overreacted to?! Great, I just want to face palm myself now.
But it couldn’t be, right? Cause i did faint and that has never happened to me.
Oh god, he was furious before i fainted, all i can remember is faint voices of others and a lot of growling from him at his betta, gamma and Hades. Oh god.. Hades.. what should i do if i find out he has hurt my family because of me? What can i-

“Shhhh, calm down.” Alpha king said all of a sudden while taking my face into his hands, i pushed him away and tried to take out the IV needle, i needed to make sure everyone was alright. “Stop it. you’ll hurt yourself. ” he said again with the same tone, acting like he really cares about me.

“Where’s Hades? Where’s everyone? Did you hurt them? Oh my god i swear to god if yo-”

“No i didn’t.” He said with a growl and i visibly calmed down.

“I want to see them.”

“And you will. but first, tell me, does anything hurt? Your head or anywhere in your body?”
If i tell him it doesn’t then he’ll take me away to god knows where, i should say yes, “Yes.” I finally said and he raised an eyebrow at me and looked quizzical and also worried again. “Where?” He asked.

Uhhh where should it be hurting after someone faints?? Oh my godddd i dont feel any pain in my body, what should i say?
Aha! “My waist, it still hurts.”

After staring at me for a while, he huffed and rolled his eyes, getting out of my room. oh great! i think he knows i lied.

In less than a second after that, my whole family was in my room. Hannah and Kayla had puffy eyes like they’ve recently cried and Alexander and Hades’ eyes had deep black eye bags with slightly pink noses. They all looked exhausted in different kind of ways.

Taking another look at them all, i saw that they were holding each others hands, supporting each other, comforting their mate. why cant i have that?

“We’re sorry, Aella. ” Hannah said and started crying again and buried her head in Alexander’s chest. Guess i know what that means, he’s going to take me soon, even after all that has happened.

“When?” I asked, feeling defeated for the first time in a while, i didn’t want to push that monster anymore, at least not when the people i love might get hurt in the way.

“Soon. Right after the pack doctor’s check up is done.” Hades answered with tears silently running down his cheeks. Tears also blurred my vision seeing them look broken and helpless. I want to take their pain away, i want to tell them that I’ll be okay, but nothing comes out except for tears out of my eyes, i cant even stop myself from hurting right now, how am i supposed to stop theirs?

There was a knock on the door and then it opened and my head shut to where the door is, the pack doctor, he came in and looked at all of us apologetically, behind him was the fucking alpha king himself standing. When our eyes connected i saw true hurt in them, he looked just as broken as i was. doctor said something and my head shut to where he was, but returned my eyes back to where alpha king was immediately, and the hallway was empty now, he was gone.

I exhaled and answered the doctor’s questions.

“Alpha king notified me that you are in pain. May i know where exactly?” The doctor asked and everyone tensed at his words.

I put my head down and shook my head, “I’m not in pain. But how?”

Looking up at the doctor, i noticed him smiling at me. “He healed your wounds.” Said Hades.

I chuckled and joked, “He’s a doctor now? He didn’t heal my wounds he caused them in case you’ve forgotten. ”

“Alpha king’s salvia has healing abilities, my Queen. ” The doc said and gained my attention with that.

I looked at him with narrowed eyes and tried to figure out what he was getting at.

“He closed youre wounds with it.” Continued the doctor and my eyes widened.

“You put his salvia on my open wounds?” I asked, looking disgusted but then it hit me. He must’ve licked my wounds or something. How barbaric.

I closed my eyes, trying not to show any feelings about what i just realized and took some deep breaths.

After the doctor made sure im okay he left the room.

We all huged each other after and i decided that it’s time to at least act tough.
“Im going to be okay, you know..” i said sternly.

Hades went to say something but was caught in the middle when alpha king came inside my room again.

“Its time to go.” He said. his face and voice void of any emotion. I nodded in response and got off the bed.

After saying goodbye i went to get in the car that he was holding its door open for me and i hopped in, trying to look strong but i could feel my heart aching once again, aching like im losing a part of it, once again. when i sat down i whispered “Thank you.” to them, to my family, to my beloved ones, knowing they could hear me even from this distance between us.

Looking at them through the window, i saw Hannah sobbing in Alexander’s hold with her back to me. She treated me like more than a mother, she was my best friend, she was the keeper of the secrets that i couldn’t share with Hades, she was the one that i talked about my crushes to.

Alexander looked better than all of them, he did look sad a little, but he was holding back his emotions, he was always a master in doing that, but i knew he was just as broken as all of us right now, as worried as all of us.

The car weighed down and alpha king came to sit next to me, on the other side of the car. he told the driver to start the car and we started moving immediately. It was my last chance to look at Hades, my brother, my friend, my everything, but i knew im going to break down after seeing him and not knowing whether I’m going to see him again or not.

Finally, i made up the courage to look at him, with a crying Kayla in his arms. He looked absolutely broken, i wanted to go to him, i wanted to comfort him just like the way he did to me all these years but.. but now i couldn’t even see him anymore, they were out of view now.

I broke down in tears almost immediately and put my face in my palms sobbing hard. my throat burned, my eyes ached and my head felt like someone is squeezing it, i tried so hard to stop, tried so hard to stay strong but i couldn’t, my heart was bleeding, it was shattering into pieces, i lost yet another family.

I started shaking my legs, what i always do to stop myself from crying, trying to take deep breaths, it was extremely hard to stop but i did, now i was left with hiccups, “Im sorry.” I heard from the other side, i turned to look at him and saw a single tear rolling down his eye, he dried it immediately. Tears started streaming down my cheeks once again, while we were staring at each other. he must be feeling my intense feelings through the bond.
i unbuckled my seatbelt, looking at him intently. i moved my head towards his lap, i was exhausted, everything in my body hurt, turning my body towards the back of the seats, i put my head on his lap, he stiffened for a second but i didn’t pay much attention to it, my face was towards his belly and tears were still floating down my eyes, i hugged myself tightly and closed my eyes, desperately trying to calm myself down.

He put one hand in my hair, and the other on my arms that were folded infront of my chest. He started making slow lazy circles on my arm and moved his fingers on my sculpt. It felt good, but i couldn’t shake the feeling that reminded me of the fact that he is the reason behind all of these, off my chest.

After a while, i was welcoming the darkness to my world and drifted off to sleep right after, still crying slowly on his lap.


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